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General Information


The Quest Compound is the home and base of operations of the Quest clan, located on the coast of Maine. The compound consists of a lighthouse with Questworld and computer hook-ups; a laboratory with a meeting place for Dr. Quest's clients; a garage for certain Quest vehicles; and the main mansion, with living quarters and a gym for each member of the family. The compound is maintained by a maid named Mrs. Evans, and is equipped with infrastructural computer technology—such as voice recognized locking, scroll-down imagining screens over laboratory windows (Manhattan Maneater), and a laser alarm defense system (Assault on Questworld). The game Cover-Up At Roswell provided in-depth details about the Quest Compound, including a map of the different rooms:

Presumably, the bedrooms of the others are also upstairs as Jonny's room is. The courtyard has a small garden in the center and enough stone for vehicles to drop off and pick up passengers from the entrance. Jonny's room features a telescope near his window and a lock box at the foot of his bed, as well as an enclave for a computer and a model ship directly above it. The spacious living room contains two marble busts. The main hall has a staircase to the upper level and a grand piano, as well as seats for guests in the entryway. The study occupies both floors with a wall of books and several reading areas below with lamps. The laboratory is marked with a central meeting table in its circular structure; on one side of the room is a computer terminal with equipment, and on the other, several tribal masks from around the world hang from a large board. The lighthouse's first level is filled with Questworld and computer equipment, and sports a jukebox. The floor supports Questworld seating, with a wall of sixteen monitors directly behind. The upper level houses a sofa for viewing and a drumset on which Jonny practices. The Quest Compound is destroyed by Dr. Zin in The Robot Spies.


The location of the Quest Compound is never clearly established in the course of the show, though named the general area "Lighthouse Point, Maine". Several coordinates are given:

Glenn Leopold Writer's Bible

Note: Though this is taken from the Glenn Leopold Writer's Bible, it seems free of edits from Peter Lawrence's original draft (our copy is sadly missing this section at present).



THE NEW JONNY QUEST does not rely on a range of props, vehicles and gimmicks for its drama - but it does have some cool stuff! What follows describes some of it, but we should not be limited in what we can dream up for this show.


is on the Maine coast, a sprawling compound of houses, barns and workshops. Please refer to the Design Sheets.

Areas of note include the Conservatory, a half-oval building attached to the main house and perched on its own rocky outcrop. The rocks "grow" up through its floor and it features a central fireplace. The room, whose windows flare red and gold with the setting sun, is often the place where an adventure starts—where a stranger will inveigle the Quests into an investigation.

There is a huge, old fashioned library complete with rolling ladder. This room reflects Dr. Quest's hunger for knowledge, his eclectic tastes and the groups respect for the written word.

In addition to his bedroom, Jonny has a workshop/den which is his own private place. There's always a half-dismantled motorcycle, an antique shotgun in restoration or some similar project on a bench.

Hadji uses the smaller house's lookout as his retreat. This is where he meditates and studies to be a yogin. It has a spectacular 360 degree view.

Jessie has her own den which reflects a modern approach to the acquisition of knowledge: she surrounds herself with the latest in personal computer systems.

There is a dojo/gym, which is where you'll usually find Race and, often, Jonny. Jessie works out here too but she's not obsessive about it.

There is a huge barn, in which an up-to-the-minute lab and has been installed, along with a well equipped workshop. The workshop is open to a row of horse stalls, so that curious horses' heads are often visible in background while any of the group uses the workshop.



Cover-Up At Roswell

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