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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
Episode no. H00616-94022
Airdate December 20, 1996
Chief locations Malaysia 102.56E, 4.33S (13,308 miles)
Vehicle(s) Quest Chinook
Questcat Snow Caterpillar
Writer(s) Glenn Leopold
Guest roles John de Lancie (Screaming Guard)
Quinton Flynn (Screaming Guard)
Rob Paulsen (Techie #2)
Frank Welker (Water Buffalo / Dispatcher)
Robert Ito (President Horkarno / Controller)
Clyde Kusatsu (Dr. Zin)
Soon-Tek Oh (General Yala)
Peter Strauss (Lab Guard)
Brian Tochi (Techi #1 / Terrorist Pilot)
Episode sequence Undersea Urgency <--> DNA Doomsday
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The launch of Mylenesia's first telecommunications satellite with Quest-enabled technology is darkened by an apparent military coup; Dr. Zin amplifies the threat when he reveals the satellite is a vicious space-based weapon.

Plot Summary


Satellite rocket

At a launch site in the jungles of Malaysia, Dr. Quest checks a component in a rocket that will launch Malaysia's first telecommunications satellite. The Quests then leave the site to watch the launch, but Bandit jumps out of the jeep carrying Jonny and Hadji. The two overhear two thugs above on the rocket infrastructure; the thugs replace Dr. Quest's blackbox with their own device. The thugs see them, and chase them into the pit beneath the rocket's thrusters.

Act One

The laser strikes

In mission control, Dr. Quest wonders where the boys are, and the general turns off the CCTV showing them crying for help. Bandit finds them in the pit, and Jonny lures him to the edge of the ladder, causing it to fall back in. They climb out and dive into a nearby pond to avoid the launch blast, then run to the control center to warn Dr. Quest. There, masked thugs burst in with rifles; Race almost averts their attacks, but the general betrays him and knocks him out with the butt of his gun. The general tells the president of Malaysia that a military coup and "so much more" is in progress; Dr. Zin then appears for the first time in years on screens at mission control, taunting the Quests. The general boasts that with a partner like Dr. Zin, his country doesn't need democratic elections, and that most military commanders support him. The screens show the satellite firing a massive laser with three beams upon a military base, completely destroying it and leaving a mushroom cloud. A small group of tanks heads towards the control complex; Jonny and Hadji jump on the back of a tank to catch a ride. The laser then decimates them; the tank with Jonny and Hadji crashes into a pond.

Dr. Zin then goes global to address "leaders of the western world" and demand $5 billion on gold bullion, destroying a US air force base in Hawaii and cutting off the Statue of Liberty's head to make his point. The broadcast is also watched by Alena Stasny and Grandpa Doug. Jonny and Hadji afterwards recover the tank they were riding and start for the base. Zin notes that governments are scrambling missiles to destroy the launch complex, and has Dr. Quest abducted with Race left behind to die. The escaping helicopter carrying the general and Zin's agents sees Jonny and Hadji's tank, and fires a missile, disabling it. Jonny and Hadji flee to the water to escape the explosion. Hadji finds water buffalo nearby, and uses them to burst into the launch complex and rescue Race and the president. All four and Bandit jump down a drain pipe to avoid the explosion. Dr. Zin meanwhile reveals himself face-to-face to Dr. Quest, and the general plays footage of the launch showing Jonny and Hadji trapped beneath the rocket. Believing them dead, Dr. Quest cries.

Act Two

Dr. Quest tries to disable the satellite

Race, Jonny, and Hadji track Dr. Zin to a freighter in a nearby city. Race subdues a guard and steals his clothing, but is discovered when his hat is knocked off by a run-in with a crate. Race flees to the water; Jonny and Hadji have meanwhile rigged a jeep to drive autonomously into many of the crates and barrels. They sneak onto the ship in the chaos, using their holographic wristwatch locators to find Benton. They untie him after blasting two guards with a water hose, but Dr. Zin and the general enter, having caught the president and Bandit. As Zin grants permission to the general to kill them, Race bursts in and blasts the guards with a water hose, engaging in physical combat with the general. A rogue bullet grazes Zin in the arm; he retreats to escape in a motor boat. Another bullet breaks the computer's screen, and after the soldiers are subdued, Dr. Quest disables the satellite with one second to go. The Quests and president swim to safety as the ship explodes; the general follows, but the president disables him with a strong punch. The sky is illuminated with the explosion of the satellite thanks to a Dr. Quest failsafe. The Quests depart the next day in the Dragonfly, but Zin warns that he'll return.



The Quest team unite on the beach
Zin makes his return
  • Dr. Zin - Very impressive visual acuity, too.


  • Dr. Zin - But as you know, I'm interested in more global entertainment. Leaders of the western world, this is Dr. Zin. You'll seen witness proof that I'm in control of a satellite that can destroy anything on earth I choose. I demand $5 billion dollars in gold bullion delivered in 48 hours, or there will be dire consequences. You have been warned.


  • Jonny - "We gotta move, Hadji!"
  • Hadji - "How do you know how to drive one of these?"
  • Jonny - "Tank Leader 2! Highest score every recorded."


  • Hadji - "Time to play by my rules."


  • Hadji - "Jonny, this was..."
  • Jonny - "Another rotten idea? Whew."


  • Dr. Zin - "The Zin dynasty cannot be stopped!"


  • Dr. Quest - "Zin is not going to destroy half the world using MY technology!"


  • Jonny - "What's that?"
  • Dr. Quest - "Empirical evidence that Zin did not remove my self-destruct failsafe."


  • The itinerary screen says Malaysia, but the country in the plot is Mylenesia, probably a fictional invention to avoid offending Malaysians.
  • Dr. Zin appears on the Dragonfly's screen to contextually interrupt Jonny, but how did he know what Jonny was saying before teleconferencing had been established? Perhaps the Quests should check for a bug...
  • The "d" in "de Lancie" is capitalized in the credits.
  • "Techie" is misspelled for Brian Tochi's credit, probably because the full word couldn't fit.


  • Jessie does not appear at all in this episode.
  • This episode's Quest Byte features Questworld pets.
  • Cels from the episode were later put up for auction on Ebay:

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