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General Information


Appears in: 204 Race Against Danger, 208 Nemesis, 219 The Bangalore Falcon, 224 Night of the Zinja, 225 The Robot Spies

Dr. Zin is the Quests' longtime nemesis, descended from the Mongolian Khans and first seen in the classic series. Dark Horse issue 7, featuring a story about Zin's classic Race double, renders his name as "Xin". An apparent megalomaniac obsessed with world domination and absolute power, he's also a brilliant scientist whose abilities and intellect rival Dr. Quest's. He challenged the Quests four times during the classic series, afterwards going underground until the events of Nemesis; he'd previously been seen in a flashback buying nerve gas from Lucius Kreed in Race Against Danger. He used a Mylenesian shuttle launch powered by Dr. Quest's technology to put a satellite laser-weapon in space, demanding $5 billion in gold from the western world. The event marked the first time he met Dr. Quest. The Quests brought down the plan and Zin was grazed by a stray bullet, prompting him to send his two daughters, Anaya and Melana, to do his further bidding; both had been groomed as his successors.

They first tried to take the water of eternal life from Shambala in The Bangalore Falcon, but were foiled by Hadji Singh and his friends. Dr. Zin then faked his death, sending his daughters to develop androids in Japan for clandestine purposes; the Quests discovered them while visiting Tokyo and disrupted this plan as well. Dr. Zin then fell upon a trusted old design, sending robot spies to destroy the Quest Compound and using his agent Mr. Henry, whom Jezebel Jade had worked with for some time, to lure the Quests to his lair in an underground Egyptian city. There, he desired to use a special gauntlet with the Scepter of Osiris to pit the Quests against one another to his delight, but Bandit knocked the Scepter out of his hand, causing chaos. Dr. Quest followed him into another chamber and fought him; eventually, Dr. Zin activated a mechanism to fill the room with sand, intending to trap both there for eternity. Dr. Quest hotwired a robot spy to escape, and Dr. Zin's fate is left unknown.

Lance Falk Dialogue

The only recurring villain of old was Dr. Zin. But he’s a special case for two reasons:

1. He never met the Quest team face-to-face. He delegated.
2. The delegated agents of Zin WOULD die.

When we did our 26, we made a big deal out of the fact that they met for the first time. Also, we purposely did four Zin episodes and two Jade episodes, echoing the classic series.



  • Dr. Zin - But as you know, I'm interested in more global entertainment. Leaders of the western world, this is Dr. Zin. You'll seen witness proof that I'm in control of a satellite that can destroy anything on earth I choose. I demand $5 billion dollars in gold bullion delivered in 48 hours, or there will be dire consequences. You have been warned.


  • Dr. Zin - "The Zin dynasty cannot be stopped!"

The Robot Spies

  • Estella - "You are insane!"
  • Dr. Zin - "So seem all visionaries to the unenlightened masses."



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