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The Quests are supported by several people from all arenas of life who share their ideals.


Multiple episodes

Commander Bennett

Appears in: 102 Escape to Questworld, 104 Rage's Burning Wheel, 110 Alien in Washington

Commander Bennett is a top officer in the United States armed forces with mutual respect for Race Bannon, whom he sometimes calls upon for help with crisis situations. He enlists Race to stop Jeremiah Surd's nerve gas in Escape to Questworld, sends him to Russia to borrow a rocket to stop Ezekiel Rage in Rage's Burning Wheel, and supports the deactivation of a space-based defense program in Alien in Washington. At the end of the latter, he's promoted to Acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also appears in the Real Adventures Play-a-Sound book.

Jezebel Jade Kenyon

Appears in: 220 Diamonds and Jade, 225 The Robot Spies

Jezebel is a Eurasian woman and an old acquaintance and flame of Race Bannon. She met the Quest family several years before the present, and makes a living through whatever jobs her clients request—mercenary, saboteur, espionage agent, rescuer, or thief. She meets the Quests again when they arrive in Indonesia to visit her; she claims she's been hired by Courtney's of London to find a missing jewel. She tries to buy it from the murderous duo operating shadow puppets, and they retaliate her set-up with the police by destroying her home. Jessie is also resistant to her, but soon opens up. After the Quests overcome the pair, Jonny learns that Jade wasn't working for Courtney's, and kept the jewel for herself. The team later run into her while searching for Jonny, abducted by Dr. Zin after his destruction of the Quest Compound. She helps the group ascertain Zin's location by asking Stephano DePace, then steals the Scepter of Osiris from him, endangering the Quests by raising the alarm in the process. After Mr. Henry gases the group, she falls under the control of Dr. Zin, who's using the Scepter with a special gauntlet. Bandit disrupts the control by attacking Zin, and after the Quest team flee to safety, they regroup at Jade's local haunt, "Jade of the East". There, she reveals that she kept the Scepter of Osiris.

Lance Falk's notes on Jade:

  • I took the Jade from the Classic series. (Ignore the TV movie Jade. IT IS WRONG ABOUT HER). Jade's new voice was Tasia Valenzia. She knocked out all us poor, helpless males by exuding feminine grace. Kris Zimmerman, our fantastic voice director noticed this and kept teasing us about it through the recording ("Getting a little warm in here boys? You're all sweating") Tasia was incredibly good and we were happy to bring her back as Jade for "The Robot Spies".
  • There was a cut line about Jade having some old run in with the local law. (That's why Mantjur is a bit rude with her at first.)
  • Jade was NEVER engaged to Race. She was lying to Jessie as a way of tricking the girl into liking her and into doing the job at hand. Jessie's very smart, but Jade is a master manipulator. Race's line at the end "Stepdad?" confirms this, but it's rather subtle.

Pasha Peddler

Appears in: 203 Bloodlines, 219 The Bangalore Falcon

Pasha Peddler is an Indian man hired by royal Bangalore family member Deepak to kill Hadji in his childhood so that Deepak's son, Vikram, could ascend to the throne. Pasha couldn't go through with the murder, and fled with Hadji, raising him as his own son as he traveled place to place as a merchant of all trades. Pasha was known for his American accent and happy-go-lucky nature. He met a visiting Dr. Quest and Jonny at some point, and procured adoption papers for Dr. Quest. He operated his own store for a few years in Calcutta, until Neela Singh found him, and Vikram's thugs abducted both soon immediately. Hadji's earliest memories of Pasha's unfulfilled murder attempt prompted a trip to India to learn the truth in Bloodlines; the Quests found Pasha and Neela, and thwarted Vikram, allowing Hadji to become Sultan of Bangalore. In The Bangalore Falcon, he flies the Quests around the local mountains, where they spot the titular falcon. He's captured by the Zin Twins, but escapes with the other Quests and keeps Dr. Zin's holographic projector.

A quote summing up his joking personality:

  • Hadji - "The Shambala falcon has not been seen for five hundred years. It was thought to be extinct!"
  • Pasha - "It will fetch a fabulous price in Calcutta."
  • All - "Pasha!!"

The President

Appears in: 213 Without a Trace, 224 Night of the Zinja

The President of the United States was once a Congressman who cut funding to Jeremiah Surd's programs, leading him to develop nerve gas for ransom in Chicago—an event which left him paralyzed when Race Bannon's SWAT team jumped the gun and shot him. Surd tortures the President after hijacking Airforce One, but after the Quests overcome Surd's plan, the President commends the family and reassigns the government agent who arrested Dr. Quest and Race to a freezing research station. Jonny meets him again in Night of the Zinja, and the President helps Jonny deal with the Dr. Zin's android.

Neela Singh

Appears in: 203 Bloodlines, 219 The Bangalore Falcon

Neela is Hadji's mother. When Deepak hired Pasha Peddler to kill Hadji at a young age (resulting in Pasha's fleeing with Hadji), Neela began searching for her son, narrowly missing him each time Pasha and Hadji moved to a different city. When Vikram became Sultan, he demanded she stop, but let her continue anyway for fear citizens would revolt if he forced her to abandon the search. After she found Pasha, Vikram's thugs detained both. In Vikram's prison, she reunited Hadji and the other Quests, and once they defeated Vikram, she became acting Sultan while Hadji was away with the Quest team. She next appeared in The Bangalore Falcon as host to the visiting Quests.

Alice Starseer

Appears in: 111 Return of the Anasazi, 113 Trouble on the Colorado

Alice Starseer was born to a long line of Anasazi shamans who periodically were contacted by an alien race. She was present as a toddler for the Roswell incident, and met Dr. Quest twenty years later at an archaeological site. They split ways after a short time together; in the meantime, she came to possess the beacon used to contact the aliens in Return of the Anasazi. When she tried to use it to establish contact in the present, Men in Black who used technology recovered from the alien crash pursued her, so she mailed the artifact to Dr. Quest and asked for his help. The Quests went to her location and were nearly captured by the Men in Black, but Alice succeeds in summoning the aliens, who save them. Her grandfather is aboard, and the two embark on an interstellar journey. She returns in Trouble on the Colorado to lay her grandfather to rest, and is accosted by Surd, who tries to recover alien technology and information. Race and the others thwart his plans, and Alice is allowed to bury her grandfather.

Alena Stasny

Appears in: 202 Rock of Rages, 208 Nemesis, 222 The Haunted Sonata

Alena Stasny is the President of the Czech Republic and a longtime friend of Dr. Quest's. She greets the Quests when they arrive to investigate the Golden Scriv in Rock of Rages, and awards them the Czech Republic's highest honor for their help in repelling Vostok. She's next shown expressing horror at Dr. Zin's ultimatum in Nemesis. Her final appearance comes in The Haunted Sonata, in which she's invited the Quests for a recital of a famous composer's work.

Lance Falk's commentary on the character:

  • Alena Stasny gets her last name from a friend of mine who was actually born and raised in Prague and was an invaluable source of information when I wrote the show.
  • Alena Stasny went to college here in the States. She was best friends with Rachel Wildey (Jonny's mom to be). She also had some real feelings for the young and oblivious Benton but kept them to herself for Rachel's sake. You can see a hint of her feelings for him when they meet at the Prague airport.

Estella Velasquez

Appears in: 201 The Mummies of Malenque, 225 The Robot Spies

Estella Velasquez is Jessie Bannon's mother and ex-wife of Race Bannon. Specializing in South American archaeology, she conducts field work, sometimes with her daughter assisting. She's first seen in The Mummies of Malenque, in which she's studying ruins of the Malenque civilization; she helps translate a pendant found by the kids. She next appears in The Robot Spies being shown around the Quest Compound by her daughter when the robot spies of Dr. Zin attack. She accompanies the Quest clan on their resulting quest, eventually meeting Dr. Zin face to face and helping the Quests escape his pyramidal lair.

Lance Falk revealed more about her background in a post on AOL's Quest boards (thanks to Ina-chan):

  • Q. I also would like to know more about Estella Velasquez. I know that she is Hispanic, archeologist, Jessica Bannon's mother, Race's ex-wife and that she is from South America. However, I would like to know MORE about her. What country is she from? Do you have anything else on her that the fans do not know about her? PLEASE tell me.
  • LANCE: I am to serve. There isn't much about Estella other than the episodes reveal. She's Colombian. She was a top code breaker for the Intelligence One for a while and met Race while teaching a class in cryptography methods. She's a brilliant translator and has a mind for unraveling codes and glyphs. She's a few years older than Race (he was one of her students). The marriage didn't work out because their respective jobs kept them apart for months at a time and it was too much to deal with. They have always remained friends (sometimes more than that) but it is doubtful that they will get back together because of their conflicting lifestyles (and we want to keep him single for story reasons for the same reason James Bond is)!
  • Q: What do Jonny and Hadji call her; Estella, Ms. Velasquez?
  • LANCE: Only in a formal setting. She likes to be called by her first name among friends, "Mom" by Jessie, and "Professor" by colleagues. (And maybe other things by her Ex!)

Iris the Computer

Appears in: 110 Alien in Washington, 122 Expedition to Khumbu, 124 Future Rage, 214 Village of the Doomed, 216 Other Space, 217 Digital Doublecross, 221 The Edge of Yesterday, 222 The Haunted Sonata, and other uncredited appearances

Iris the Computer is the voice and personality of Questworld. Though very straightforward and matter-of-factly, she is capable of humor and often taunts Jonny Quest as he plays games. She's damaged in Digital Doublecross when brainwashed Jessie drives the Queststream through the Quest Compound's walls, and presumably destroyed with the Quest Compound in The Robot Spies (possibly living on in other Quest computer systems).

Iris also appeared to narrate the Quest World Adventure contest promotional spot.

101 The Darkest Fathoms

Mr. Lacey

Mr. Lacey is a manager for oil exploration diving whose trip near Bermuda is attacked by the Black Jack Lee Impostor, lest he find the wreck of the Ivory Web. He survives the attack and provides Dr. Quest with information that leads to an investigation.

103 In the Realm of the Condor

Native Boy

A native boy from El Dorado attracts Jonny's attention when he's attacked by a huge snake. He later helps the Quests escape, and Jonny rescues him again when Estella Scheele uses him as a hostage. Professor Scheele later claims that he's his son.

Professor Scheele

Professor Scheele, an ornithologist, found El Dorado years before the episode's events while searching for a new species of condor. Condemned by the villagers, he became their leader by treating the condors, which they depended on for travel and culture. He wore a large gold headdress that obscured his face after becoming chief, and revealed his identity to the Quests after Jonny dispatched Estella Scheele. He denied that she was his granddaughter, claiming the native boy is his son.

104 Rage's Burning Wheel

Dr. Natasha Rostova

Natasha Rostova is an agent of Russia who encountered Race twice in his past—at Trieste and Kabul. They possibly share a romantic past, and Natasha helps Race secure a Russian rocket to help fight Ezekiel Rage. She accompanies him on the mission.

Natasha Rostova is a character in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace.

Captain Spencer

Captain Spencer is a shuttle pilot who led a mission with Dr. Quest, Hadji, and unknowingly, Ezekiel Rage.

105 Ndovu's Last Journey


The Masai is an old African man who appears mysteriously around Ndovu and commands Jonny to follow the elephant to its resting place as companion. After Ndovu dies, he's seen appearing again to wave goodbye to the Quests. It's suggested that he's the spirit of the elephant Ndovu. Since he espouses reincarnation, the elephant may have been his latest form.


Ndovu is a huge African elephant who confronts Jonny at first with violent intent on the Serengeti, but comes to recognize Jonny as a kindred spirit. Through the Masai, Ndovu communicates that Jonny should accompany him on his way to the elephant's graveyard. He saves the Quests at this location by killing Gottlos and Hawkins.


The Tanzanian border patrol officer finds Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji as they track Ndovu. In Cover-Up At Roswell, he plays a game of Mancala with them.

106 Manhattan Maneater


Karl and his friends seemed to be common thugs at first, hindering the Quests as they tried to collect the bounty for the tiger. However, Karl suffered a crisis of conscience when the hunter readied the kill, and stood in front of the tiger with Jonny and his friends to protect it. The Quests took Karl and his friends to India to release the beast.

108 Assault on Questworld


Prasad is a fellow phenomenologist and colleague of Dr. Quest; the two meet to compare notes in Nepal. When Jeremiah Surd threatens Questworld, Prasad telepathically wakes up Hadji to help fight Surd's presence.

109 Ezekiel Rage

Dr. Hugo Smallwood

Dr. Hugo Smallwood is a biologist who retired to the desert for solitude and contacted Dr. Quest after reporting a strange bat creature. The creature was Ezekiel Rage, who kidnapped the biologist to capture the Quests and keep them out of his plan to unleash nerve gas and nuclear waste upon the world. The Quests were able to escape and save him.

110 Alien in Washington

The Vice President

The Vice President was an alien in human form who entered American politics to help promote policy friendly to his home race in Gamma Centauri. He clashed with General Tyler over a space-based defense program that his home race did not want created. His race issued an ultimatum, but his communicator malfunctioned shortly after, requiring help from the Quests to transmit messages to his home planet. With their help, he was able to shelve the program, but was discovered to be an alien. He subdued General Tyler and his men, wiping their memories, and departed for his home planet. Commander Bennett was also present, and kept the secret.

111 Return of the Anasazi

Ms. Evans

Ms. Evans is the Quest Compound's housekeeper. She files a police report after the Quest Compound is broken into by the Men in Black.

112 The Alchemist

Old Woman

The old woman is the spirit of the Philosopher's Stone, also able to take the form of an eagle (or many). She appears Jonny to guide him to Montegue's laboratory, where he finds him producing gold. She later attacks Montegue in the eagle form, allowing the Quests to escape.

113 Trouble on the Colorado

Old Indian Couple

The old Indian couple live near the Colorado River, where Alice Starseer is set to lay her grandfather to rest. They help Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji find their fathers and Jeremiah Surd, and later help distract Julia and Lorenzo long enough for Race to recover.

115 AMOK

Orde Wingate

Major Orde Wingate was an officer in the British army during World War II who disappeared after his plane crashed in northeast India. He survived, and made his way to Borneo, where he shepherded a local village and fathered a son. He maintained good health and proficiency in hand to hand combat, and also approved of Swain's masquerading as the AMOK creature to keep trespassers away. He meets the Quests while they're on an archaeological visit, and bests Mitchell Stramm in hand to hand combat. Dr. Quest gives him a check-up afterward, stating he's in good health.

Orde Wingate II

Wingate II is Orde Wingate's son; a middle-aged but very healthy and robust man, he greets the Quests when they find his village.


Swain dresses up as the AMOK creature to ward off trespassers from the village. Wingate addresses him with the title "sergeant".

116 Besieged in Paradise

Captain Havell

Having survived the events of East of Zanzibar, Captain Havell returns help the Quests stop Jeremiah Surd's plans to use cetaceans for ill will. He locates Surd's barge and sinks it with a single torpedo.

119 The Ballad of Belle Bonnet


Ames is a Native American operating an Indian school that's fallen on hard times. The descendant of Kate Runningstar, he too faces school closure over taxes. He's broken when Rawlings burns down the school, but is delighted when Dr. Quest donates the reward money for finding Belle Bonnet's gold to the building of a new school.

Belle Bonnet

Belle Bonnet was a woman living in the Old West and friend of Kate Runningstar, a Native American woman struggling to maintain a school. When government representatives threatened to shut the school down over taxes, Belle Bonnet planned a stagecoach robbery. Before she could rob the coach she was riding in, two other robbers appeared, leading to a shootout and chase through Dead Horse Canyon. Belle and the gold fall into a sinkhole; the gold sank to the bottom of an underground pond, while Belle crawled out and died of her wounds. She helps the Quests by appearing as a ghost and killing Rawlings, who wants the gold for himself. In her parting vision, she reminds Jonny that the gold should be used for the school.

120 In the Darkness of the Moon

Marie Metier

Metier is a humanitarian doctor who took her practice to the Yukon to much acclaim. Descendant of a family reportedly cursed by male werewolves, she disbelieved the superstition until Professor Metier attacked her in werewolf form. She worked together with Dr. Quest to produce a serum from his notes that healed the professor, and also shared a romantic lark with Race Bannon.


Tuk is a family man living in the Yukon who takes his son to be healed by Marie Metier. After the visit, he witnesses the werewolf attack Marie, and resolves to hunt it down. Much later, Tuk rescues Professor Metier after the serum reverts him to human from werewolf permanently.

122 Expedition to Khumbu

High Lama

The High Lama oversees a monastery in Khumbu that holds the hand of yeti in its inner sanctum. He faces insurrection from his own monks and Professor Kyle, who want to steal the artifacts. With the Quests, he is able to overturn these adversaries, and explains to Dr. Quest that yeti are descendants of neanderthals. As Dr. Quest swears secrecy, he takes back a book given as proof, revealing that he is a yeti as well.

123 Ice Will Burn

Gustavo Arollo

Gustavo Arollo was a pilot for Quest Enterprises assigned to fly Jessie to an icy station. When both fuel lines in the Quest Jet freeze, he crash-lands the jet on ice, which gives way to the "inner world" and kills him on impact.


Kazrina is a member of the inner world who finds Jessie Bannon and teachers her about the history of her people. She comes to Jessie's aid when Jessie protests the child sacrifices for the volcano, and later helps Jessie build a dirigible to escape the inner world before reuniting with a co-descendant of her ancestors.

124 Future Rage


The Eskimo watches the Aurora Borealis and tells Hadji that the two children throwing a ball back and forth represent spirits ascending to the heavens, and that only young spirits who have gone before their time such as the children appear on brilliant nights as that. He then warns that a brilliant Aurora can also forecast war or disease. His mystical dialogue foreshadows the Aurora's help in making Rage see Jessie as his daughter, Karla.


Agent Torgeson works for the United States government, and is sent by the operations controller to deal with Ezekiel Rage near the north pole. He arrives shortly before Dr. Quest disarms the Big Baby Two nuke.

125 Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings


Leif is a member of the Viking clan dwelling in the Florida Everglades. Like the other Vikings, he's initially an adversary to Jonny, but reconciles and helps lead a night raid against Avary at the pumping station. His father is killed, and he becomes chief; Jonny retrieves his sword for him. The next day, Leif uses an alligator call to safety fetch Bandit from the water.

204 Race Against Danger

Phil Corbin

Phil Corbin is Race's old spymaster at Intelligence One. He doesn't actually appear in the episode, but is simulated by the island's cloaking technology.

205 The Dark Mountain


The child Bigfoot is an alien and part of the group that crashed on earth centuries before the modern era. He gets caught by a trap set by Deke and Kane, but Jonny and Jessie free him. This show of generosity is repaid when the child tells alien guards at Mt. Washington that Jonny and Jessie are not a threat.


Tala is an alien and part of the group that crashed on earth centuries before the modern era, storing the ship within Mt. Washington. Tala explains the story to Dr. Quest, and later thanks him for his help.

207 Undersea Urgency

Dr. Simone Duval

Dr. Duval is a brilliant marine biologist in command of the Verne Research Laboratory, which was on track to finish before schedule and under-budget. Defensive about Dr. Quest's visit at first, she grows to respect him, and tries to survive with the others after the amphibian creatures attack. She's killed when she attempts to retrieve an unconscious monster's body; the creature wakens and devours her.

Alan Zegler

Zegler is a worker at the Verne Research Laboratory who shows Jessie and Jonny around at the beginning of the episode. Zegler is eaten when blasters uncover the hive of amphibian monsters.

208 Nemesis

President Horkarno

President of Mylenesia, Horkarno meets the Quests through a joint project with Dr. Quest to launch the country's first telecommunications satellite. He's captured by Zin's forces and betrayed by General Yala after launch, but escapes with Jonny's help. He strangely decides to accompany the Quests' assault on Zin's satellite control ship; once it's disabled, he swims to a nearby island for safety with the Quests and knocks out General Yala, who followed them.

209 DNA Doomsday

General Axton

General Axton is a general in the United States army overseeing Fort Latimer, a secret base in the Solomon Islands. He was Race Bannon's CO in Bannon's enlisted days, during which he was only a colonel. He greets the Quests when they arrive to see Dr. Karel's biological computer, but is subdued by the monster midway through the episode.

Dr. Karel

Dr. Karel is a brilliant expert in computing who designed a biological computer (called a genoprocessor) for the United States military. An acquaintance of Dr. Quest, he's subdued by the monster at the beginning of the episode.

210 Ghost Quest

Paul Mornay

Mornay is the inheritor of a haunted mansion on a mysterious island off the coast of Canada. He explains the story of Jean Leger and Lady Caroline to Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie. When the Quests successfully reconcile the two ghosts, Mornay reveals that he's Caroline's descendant, and that he can finally rest now that the heartbreak has been healed. The entire island then disappears.

211 Nuclear Netherworld

Doug Wildey

Doug is Jonny's grandfather on his mother's side, and owner of a large ranch in New Mexico; he can also fly helicopters. He's first seen briefly in Nemesis watching Dr. Zin's ultimatum to the world. Shortly before a visit by Jonny and Hadji in the present day, Doug noticed water contamination and linked it to an ecological dome project run by the Von Romme corporation. He sent a ranch hand to gather photos; the hand was killed, and when Doug, Jonny, and Hadji went to the hand's crash site, they were detained by agents of the corporation. Thanks to Jonny's resourcefulness, all three escaped, and Doug told Jonny to tell Dr. Quest that he had done a good job raising the boy.

Doug Wildey is named after the creator of Jonny Quest, the real-life Doug Wildey. Lance Falk offers more in his episode commentary for Nuclear Netherworld:

  • When I got this job, I knew that I wanted to somehow tribute the Late, great Doug Wildey, who, of course created the Jonny Quest show way back when. Doug was also the producer, art director, and primary story plotter as well. (talented guy). I had the pleasure of knowing Doug for the last few years of his life and am proud to consider him a friend. Dave Stevens' "The Rocketeer" comic stories feature Doug's likeness and personality in the character of "Peevy" so I thought, I should put Doug in a show he created. I really envy Dave. He use to work for Doug. His widow, the incredibly sweet Ellen Wildey, gave me her blessing to use him.
  • Doug was a real fan of the old west, so I made "Grandpa Doug" a modern day cowboy. His ranch logo is a variation of the Wildey signature.
  • The character model was designed by master comic book artist and good friend Steve Rude (who was also Doug's pal).
  • Doug's voice was Harve Presnell. Some of you more mature viewers may know him as the grumpy, wealthy dad from "Fargo" (my best picture hopeful). Harve was called in to play a helicopter flying, cattle rancher. So, knowing NOTHING about the character, he comes to recording wearing a flightsuit. He says something like "Well, I just flew in from my ranch". Davis and I looked to Donna, our casting director and asked "Where do you find these guys?" Born for the part, Harve did one the best voice jobs of the series. His line that begins "Von Romme, I hold you personally responsible for what happened to my grandson..." was amazing. His voice was actually cracking with rage and grief. It was on his face. Incredible.
  • Some "cut for violence" bits include: Doug grabbing the flamethrower from a dead guard's hand while saying "That's for Felipe, you rat". Originally, there were THREE jetpack guys sent after Jonny and Co. Doug blasted the first one. Couldn't do that. A "Mystery of the Lizardmen"-like downshot of Von Romme's men covering up their faces as the cave collapses. Actually, we got away with a lot in this show, mostly in dialogue. "Plenty of chores where you're going, Hank". Heh heh.....
  • Doug "rides into the sunset."

Some of Doug's quotes include:

  • Von Romme - First off, it's important to understand that I'm not a nice guy.
  • Doug - Not too bright either from where I'm sitting.


  • Doug - They won't shoot the elevators!
  • Mr. Corey launches missiles
  • Doug - Forget what I just said.


  • Doug - I wouldn't waste that, even on him.


  • Doug - You tell that egghead dad of yours I think he did a pretty swell job raising you.


Felipe was a ranch hand at Doug Wildey's ranch sent to take pictures of the Von Romme ecological dome project. He was killed after being run off the road by Von Romme's henchmen.

212 Eclipse


Arnaud is a menacing gray-haired man with a cane first seen attacking Elise Lenoir by Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji. Police attention drives him away, and he's next seen trying to approach Jessie, who flees. He finally makes contact with the Quest team when he saved Jonny from being trampled; he explains that Elise is a demon who drains the life of others to stay alive, and that she did so to his sister Celeste years ago—leaving him to seek revenge ever since. When the Quests confront Elise, Arnaud's sword decisively brings the demon down after he gives it to Hadji, who hurls it like a javelin. Convinced Elise has been killed, Arnaud tearily expresses thanks that Celeste can rest and casts a picture of her into a canal.

215 Dark Sentinel


Ngama is a boy from a tribe in Cameroon that uses nearby tree sap for curative powers. He's also the holder of the village guardian, a monstrous entity that's dwelled within tribesmen from time to time to protect from hardships. The price of holding the monster inside is physical strain that inevitably leads to death. Ngama meets Jonny and Hadji when Dr. Quest arrives to help Tigari study the sap; around the same time, the village shaman begins unlocking the monster to battle loggers who threaten the sap supply. Each episode sends Ngama into shock. The Quests are concerned for the boy, and in a Questworld application allowing access to Ngama's mind, Jonny tricks the monster into breaking the door through which it's unleashed, sealing it from further use. Ngama is saved and can presumably lead a normal life.


Tigari is a scientist from a tribe in Cameroon devoted to studying the curative powers of sap from the tribe's nearby forests. He asks for help from Dr. Quest, and both become embroiled in conflict as a logging company threatens to destroy the sap supply. He later explains that the tribe's guardian lives in Ngama.

216 Other Space

Dr. Diana Cruz

Diana Cruz is a leading scientist at Project Gateway, a United States installation for the research of faster than light travel and other esoteric concepts. She's an old flame and bodyguard assignee of Race, and credits Dr. Quest for theories that helped her open up a gateway to another dimension. Fascinated by the light beings that appear from her gateway at first, she realizes they pose a threat and agrees that the installation must be destroyed. She survives and escapes with the Quests.

Colenel William Marcus

Colonel William Marcus is the United States armed force's liaison at Project Gateway. When the project produces three otherworldly visitors, Marcus feels that self-destruction of the facility is the only safe option. He fights Race, who disagrees, and is able to force Professor Otsuki to enter the self-destruct sequence, pressing the button himself soon after. He's saved with the others, and reconciles with Race.

Professor Ken Otsuki

Professor Otsuki worked with Diana Cruz at Project Gateway. He creates a visualization showing how much of the surrounding area an explosion from the reactor's core would destroy, and is forced by Colonel Marcus at gunpoint to enter the self-destruct sequence. He survives and escapes with the Quests.

219 The Bangalore Falcon

The Keeper

The keeper is an Asian monk who maintains Shambala, a monastery and plot of mountain land with water granting eternal life and home to many examples of extinct species. The Zin Twins tie him up as part of their plan to steal the immortal water. The Quests free him, and he allows the Bangalore falcon to follow them out of Shambala before it disappears again for another several centuries.

220 Diamonds and Jade

Inspector Mantjur

Inspector Mantjur helps the Quests at Jade's house, then arrests the Mukharno brothers after the Quests foil their shadow puppetry.

222 The Haunted Sonata

Irina Kafka

Irina is a budding Czech pianist who performs a recital of the Prague Sonata on his 200th anniversary for a large crowd including the Quests. The ghost of Anna Kafka, possibly her ancestor, disrupts the recital and later leads Jonny and Jessie to find her lost sonata. She's captured by Miloš and Jozef and nearly executed with Jonny and Jessie, but her ghost stops the two. Later, she performs the lost sonata, and the ghost appears again to finish the work.

223 General Winter

Professor Gunter Erikson

Professor Erikson is a longtime colleague of Dr. Quest who invented an anti-gravity process called Erikon several years before the present. General Vostok captured him and forced him to pioneer his Bifrost Effect into a superweapon. Erikson refuses, and Vostok kills him, hoping Dr. Quest will make his desired weapon.

Lance Falk's notes:

  • Professor Erikson was taken from the Classic JQ episode "House of the Seven Gargoyles" There he invented an anti-gravity process called "Erikon". I figure if he's smart enough to beat gravity, he's smart enough to invent quantum freeze technology. Erikon is an expensive and unstable process and therefore not in wide use in the Quest universe. It's how their hoverboards work, in case you were wondering.
  • Yep. I killed poor Erikson off. As in "Rock of Rages", Vostok was given a dart gun (arrgghhhhh!) But you'll notice that the Quest family didn't bring him with them when they abandoned the base did they? If Vostok used a dart gun, you can bet it was a POISON dart gun.
  • The Freeze effect is called "The Bifrost Effect". A reference to both Norse mythology and Gunter Erikson's Norwegian origins. It works by sending out a wave effect which instantly halts all molecular motion to absolute zero. Objects become so cold that a layer of ice forms due to condensation. (yeah, I actually think this stuff through)

Captain Rossanov

Captain Rossanov is a submarine captain in the Russian navy whose submarine is hijacked by General Vostok. He's kept prisoner during the events of the episode, and helps the Quests escape the submarine base. Thought an acquaintance of Vostok, he now considers him a terrorist.

Lance Falk's note:

  • Character actor Gregg Burger voiced Captain Rossanov. I had Jonathan Frakes in mind when I wrote it, but was delighted with Gregg's work. He really got into it.

224 Night of the Zinja

The Prime Minister of Japan

The Prime Minister meets with the President of the United States during the events of the episode. The Zin Twins send one of their robots masked as Race to kill them both, but Jonny arrives and holds it off. The Prime Minister and President help Jonny by distracting it.

225 The Robot Spies

Stephano DePace

Though a notorious arms dealer, DePace helps the Quests by telling them where Dr. Zin's hideout is located and arriving to their aid as the hideout collapses. Jade steals the Scepter of Osiris from his safe, necessitating reimbursement from the Quest family.

226 More Than Zero

Jacobi Sporaci

Jacobi Sporaci lived 200 years ago as the only heir to a wealthy family in Venice that held a mansion on an island. His family dove for pearls, and he solicited help from a man named Frederico to find some. Frederico found a black pearl, cursed and full of evil; he used it to gain massive power and haunt the mansion, condemning Jacobi to eternal life without eternal youth. Sporaci warned people of the island, including the Quests, who arrived to investigate the haunting with a pair of French scientists. He later appeared to tell Dr. Quest and Jonny the story of his family, and after the entity was crushed, he faded into dust after thanking the Quests.

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