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Monsters and humans motivated by ethical differences challenge the Quests across the world. See also Dr. Zin, Jeremiah Surd, and Ezekiel Rage.



Julia and Lorenzo

Appears in: 102 Escape to Questworld, 108 Assault on Questworld, 116 Besieged in Paradise, 118 Heroes, 121 The Secret of the Moai, 126 To Bardo and Back, 206 Cyberswitch, 213 Without a Trace, 217 Digital Doublecross, 218 Thoughtscape

Julia and Lorenzo are servants of Dr. Surd who began working for him before his nerve gas gamble in 1978 that resulted in his paralysis. When the Quests released Surd in Escape to Questworld, they immediately revived their service and helped him launch his diabolical plans. Julia exhibits affection towards Surd, and both show complete contempt for Race Bannon. Lorenzo often sardonically jokes about about the situation at hand. Both are incarcerated after the events of Thoughtscape. A page on Questworld.com established Lorenzo's last name as Alejandro, although the canonical status of this is uncertain.

Some quotes:

  • Julia - "Oh, Jeremiah. Thank the stars you're alive."
  • Lorenzo - "The stars got nothin' to do with it, Julia."


  • Julia - "Yes! He's in!"
  • Lorenzo - "Well, ring my bell."

General Vostok

Appears in: 202 Rock of Rages, 223 General Winter

General Vostok is an ex-KGB agent from the Soviet Union who dreams of a communist world. He first uses the legend of the golem to revive the titular rock monster in hopes of conquering the Czech Republic. He lures Dr. Quest to decipher the Golden Scriv, which he uses to activate the golem and attack the presidential palace. The Quests are able to disable the golem, and Vostok retreats. After learning of Professor Gunter Erikson's Bifrost Effect research, he captures the doctor and takes him to a Russian submarine base that he disables with a freeze bomb using the effect. There, he forces Erikson to do research on other freeze weaponry, and captures Dr. Quest with the same intent. Benton succeeds in making a freeze gun, and uses it to escape with his family; Vostok pursues in a submarine, but he fires torpedoes that freeze near the craft thanks to a hybrid freeze bomb built by Dr. Quest. The resulting explosion kills him.

Some quotes:

  • Vostok - Regretfully, my friends, destiny and I have a different purpose for you.


  • Vostok - My goal is simple—an orderly, socialist world; a world free of having to make decisions; a world much like I grew up in.


  • Vostok - "What you see is Mother Russia's greatest military leader. This cold is nicknamed "General Winter". It thwarted the conquests of Napoleon and later froze the Third Reich in its tracks. And now, the cold serves our needs as well."


  • Vostok - "History favors the bold!"
  • Nikolai - "You have finished us all."
  • Vostok - "Destiny will not permit it!"

Lance Falk's notes:

  • I played off actual political events. Prague was the Capitol of Czecholslavakia untill the fall of the Eastern Block split the country into two: Slovackia and The Czech Republic. Vostok wants to restore Communist rule and since Prague provided him with the Golem, he started there.
  • Vostok is named after a Soviet Missile.
  • Vostok does not see himself as a villian. He really believes Communism is the correct path for humanity. When the Iron Curtain collapsed, he kind of snapped and decided his great destiny was to show the world the error of it's ways. Another cut line explains this a bit. When the Golem is first ordered to get the Quests, Benton pleads to spare the youngsters. Vostok replies: "Sadly, the innocent must sometimes perish when great destinies are to be forged. Regettable, but historically inevitible, yes?" A nice character bit but understandibly expendable. Vostok sees himself as a Caeser or Alexander the Great doing destiny's work. He thinks God won't let him die until he remakes Earth in a Communist mold. Vostok really believes in this stuff.
  • This episode marked the return (and demise) of Vostok. I love this character. Mark Hamill did an outstanding job with his voice and brought him so much energy. He was easier to write this time around because I had Mark's Vostok voice in my head from "Rock of Rages". I killed him for a few reasons. Mainly because I wanted him gone so no one else would come along after me and mis-handle him. "I killed him to save him" you might say. He was also conceived as a Political type bad guy and his politically-slanted comments kept being censored from him (don't ask me why). I saw no point in using him if this unique motivational trait wasn't allowed. Shaun Mclaughlin used him in one of the JQ comic books. The story is called "Countdown to Chaos" and it was an "almost sold" episode idea. Lastly, it's Quest tradition for their enemies to perish in battle! (Zin notwithstanding) It's a thing about the JQ series I like. Our heroes are a lot more effective than most because they take out their enemies. How many times has the Joker broke out of Arkham now? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Batman show and could never see killing the Joker, but I'm glad JQ has a different approach. It's refreshing. Lastly, I was pretty touched when Mark Hamill said "Oh no. You killed off Vostok! I liked this guy"
  • My favorite moment was censored out. After Vostok's "General Winter" speech in the frozen sub base, he says, "Colonel, Order your men to secure the base". He then used an index finger to casually tip over one of the frozen-solid guards. There is an off-screen shattering sound. Vostok looks down and laughs cruelly, "You will find little resistance".
  • Not a real factoid, but a last thought on Vostok: He does NOT see himself as a villain. He really believes Communism is the correct path for humanity. When the Iron Curtain collapsed, he kind of snapped and decided his great destiny was to show the world the error of it's ways. A cut line in "Rock of Rages" explains this a bit. When the Golem is first ordered to get the Quests, Benton pleads to spare the youngsters. Vostok replies: "Sadly, the innocent must sometimes perish when great destinies are to be forged. Regrettable, but historically inevitable, yes?" A nice character bit but understandably expendable (and a bit awkward, I admit). Vostok sees himself as a Caesar or Alexander the Great doing destiny's work. He thinks God won't let him die until he remakes Earth in a Communist mold. Vostok REALLY believes in this stuff.

Zin Twins

Appear in: 219 The Bangalore Falcon, 224 Night of the Zinja

The Zin twins, Anaya and Melana, are daughters of Dr. Zin groomed to be his successor. Deviously intelligent and fluent in martial arts, they made their introduction to the Quests during a family visit to Bangalore. There, they follow the Bangalore falcon back to the monastery of Shambala, which appears once every few centuries and is a treasure trove of eternal life-giving water and extinct species. They fill their helicopter's auxiliary tank with the water and take off, but the Quests rupture the tank in midair, denying Dr. Zin his prize. The Quests then turn the twins in to the authorities, who turn out to be agents of Zin. When the twins return home, Dr. Zin appears sick, and informs them that he will soon die. He gives his dream of the Zin dynasty to them and apparently passes away. They begin manufacturing ninja robots in Tokyo for clandestine purposes, but the Quests discover their operation and disable production. Dr. Zin then appears, berating them for their incompetence.

  • Zin Twins - "The blood of Mongol warriors runs through our veins. out of chaos, the Zin dynasty will rise again!"

101 The Darkest Fathoms

Black Jack Lee Impostor

The Black Jack Lee Impostor was a man who knew the whereabouts of the Ivory Web's wreck, and guarded them by using a ship that could create a ghost attack through special effects such as fog and threatening lighting. The Quests uncovered his plan when they investigated reports of ghost attacks in the area. He briefly fights Dr. Quest, who escapes; the ship sinks while on fire, and the impostor is presumably dead.

103 In the Realm of the Condor

Estella Scheele

Estella Scheele is the self-claimed granddaughter of Professor Scheele, an ornithologist lost in the Peruvian rain forest while searching for condors. She solicits help from the Quests in finding her grandfather, but her true motive is to locate El Dorado, the city of gold. When the team locate it, she immediately betrays them, causing their incarceration above a condor pit. The native boy frees them, but she takes him hostage in her bid to escape the city. Jonny throws a huge gold statue of a condor to her; she releases the boy and loses her footing as she grabs the statue, falling to her death. Professor Scheele later denied that she was his granddaughter, although they share the same Germanic accent and red hair.

Peter Lawrence Writer's Bible note: A homicidal fortune hunter searching for Eldorado.

105 Ndovu's Last Journey

Gottlos and Hawkins

Gottlos and Hawkins are two Australian poachers who try to kill Ndovu. When Ndovu leads them to the elephant's graveyard, they also resolve to kill the Quests so that they can sell the ivory there unopposed. Ndovu kills them by trampling one and throwing the other onto an impaling tusk.

106 Manhattan Maneater

D.B. Graves

Graves is a famous hunter who comes to New York City to kill the white tiger and collect the reward money. He comes very close to getting his target, but Karl and Jonny Quest stand in his way long enough for Race to arrive and take his rifle.

Vince Vance

Vince Vance is a sleazy television personality who covers the recent deaths in New York City. His ambitions grow when the killer is revealed to be a tiger, and he offers a huge reward for the tiger's death or capture. He wholeheartedly supports the efforts of D.B. Grave, a famous hunter who comes for the tiger. He and his cameras are present for the final confrontation, and he complains about a missed opportunity for ratings when Race Bannon brings the scene under control.

107 East of Zanzibar

Captain Havell

Captain Havell is a (probably Russian) submarine captain whose crew and submarine became stranded on the sea floors a few years prior to current events. A pack of whales nudged the submarine and freed it, and Havell dedicated a life of service to the whales in repayment. He sinks whalers near the Republic of Seychelles, prompting an investigation from Dr. Quest. Jonny and Hadji are lost in a waterspout while sailing, and Havell rescues them, perhaps intending to keep them prisoner and telling them his whale story. Hadji uses a yogic trick to escape with Jonny, and a real giant squid later pulls Havell's submarine into the depths. Havell survives the encounter, later becoming an ally of the team.

Peter Lawrence Writer's Bible note: A renegade sub captain obsessed with saving whales.

110 Alien in Washington

General Tyler

General Tyler was a hardheaded man who advocated the creation of a space-based defense program for the United States of America that caught the attention of the Vice President and his alien race. The Vice President and Commander Bennett argued against the program, but Tyler pushed on, causing the alien race to simulate holographic images of destruction and down an aircraft carrier without casualties as warning. General Tyler then discovered the Vice President's identity, and led a team of agents to take him down near Washington D.C. The alien was able to subdue Tyler and his agents, wiping their memories of the counter. Tyler then stepped down for psychological evaluation. He didn't particularly like Race Bannon.

111 Return of the Anasazi

Men in Black

The Men in Black are secretive government operatives who use alien-human hybrid technology for their craft, recovered from the Roswell crash in 1947. They realize that Alice Starseer is trying to contact that alien race, and detain her—but not before she sends her beacon to the Quest Compound. The Men in Black pay a visit there, taking the beacon's case; the actual beacon was safe with Bandit. They next detain Dr. Quest, Race, and Hadji with Alice, but Jonny and Jessie are able to cross the country and bring the beacon. Alice activates it at Anasazi ruins, and before the Men in Black can stop the Quests, the aliens appear and drive them away. The Men in Black were led by one man in particular.

Peter Lawrence Writer's Bible note: Government UFO investigators

112 The Alchemist


Montegue was a scientist and colleague of Dr. Quest who discovered the Philosopher's Stone. Dr. Quest had it moved to the museum that had them commissioned to find it, but Montegue's interest drove him to hire thugs Ben and Lucy to steal it. Spirits in the stone warned him of corruption through gold-lust, but Montegue swore his interest was purely scientific. However, after creating his first batch of gold, he became addicted to wealth and purchased a huge compound and laboratory. This corrupted his heart, necessitating the capture of Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji to operate the machine. Hadji unwillingly complied, but the eagle spirit in the stone erupted and destroyed the laboratory, presumably killing Montegue and his thugs.

Peter Lawrence Writer's Bible note: Originally the legendary man of pure heart who discovers the secrets of alchemy and is corrupted by the possibility of infinite wealth.

Ben and Lucy

Ben and Lucy were two odd thugs who worked for Montegue. They first stole the Philosopher's Stone for him, and then abducted the Quest children to operate it after a quick vacation in the Caribbean. They were presumably killed in the explosion of his laboratory.

114 In the Wake of the Mary Celeste

Derek Ironwood

Derek Ironwood, a former intelligence operative, posed as Max Schumaker, allegedly with a past life as Captain Benjamin Briggs of the Mary Celeste, in order to lure the Quests to the site of the wreck with their scavenging equipment and ships. He took Hadji and Dr. Quest hostage, and appeared to Race Bannon and Jonny (who had come to visit them) as another personality—Vladimir Oistrakh, a psychic. Race planted a bug on him and let him escape after throwing him in the hold; Ironwood led them to his yacht, where he captured them and sped off with the gold he had recovered from the wreck of the Mary Celeste. The Quest team escaped his yacht, rigged to explode, while Ironwood succumbed to the same strange phenomena that claimed the Mary Celeste centuries ago.

115 AMOK

James Compton

James Compton was a special forces agent, assumed to be killed in action in 1989, who sold his services as mercenary to drug traffickers to deal with the AMOK monster in Borneo (which had disrupted the drug trade in the region). The "monster" decimated his mercenary squad; he escaped and was found by the Quests, alleging that his real name was Mitchell Stramm and that he had been sent to find a lost shipment of antibiotics. The Quests discover the truth, and Compton escapes to the village where his mercenaries are being held. He frees them, but the Quests and Wingates mount a counterattack; Compton flees to the jungle, only to be killed by the true amok monster.

117 The Spectre of the Pine Barrens

Rodney and Mother

Rodney and Mother were descendants of the British soldier charged with delivering the real Declaration of Independence after collecting a bounty. They find the Quests after the Queststream crashes in search of the Jersey Devil. They later find Josiah and Sarah, sparking a bloody confrontation. Josiah fires at Rodney, but Sarah takes the bullet, leading to reconciliation.

Josiah and Sarah

Josiah and Sarah Williams were descendants of minutemen in the Jersey Pine Barrens tasked with collecting the real Declaration of Independence from redcoats. Sarah was actually a child abducted from a hippie couple in the sixties, carrying a peace sign tattoo on her hand. Jonny tries to convince her of the truth of her lineage when Josiah takes the Quests out to be executed. Rodney and Mother soon arrive, and Sarah takes a bullet for Rodney when Josiah fires upon him. The two families then reconcile.

119 The Ballad of Belle Bonnet


Rawlings was a climbing instructor in the four corners region of Arizona who helped the Quests investigate a cave near the site of Belle Bonnet's death. He leaves Race and Jonny stranded after he decides the climb isn't worth the risk, and Dr. Quest fires him. He realizes that Belle Bonnet's gold is located in the caverns, and sets fire to Ames's Native American school in retaliation and to drive the team from the region. The Quests persist in their search, and after they retrieve the gold, he captures them with intent to kill. Belle Bonnet's ghost then erupts from the lake, killing him without any sign of physical injury.

120 In the Darkness of the Moon

Professor Metier the Werewolf

Professor Metier was a male descendant of the Metier family, and thus carried a gene causing him to become a werewolf on full moons. He lived in the Yukon and struggled to find a serum, succeeding but unable to manufacture it in time for his present transformation. As a werewolf, he stalked the Yukon's woods, almost killing Dr. Marie Metier, a blood relative, before recognizing the pendant on her chest. There werewolf battles Race and Jonny, and after Marie Metier synthesizes the serum, Jonny bravely injects it into the werewolf. Tuk finds Professor Metier in human form and rescues him.

122 Expedition to Khumbu

Professor Kyle

Professor Kyle is an unscrupulous colleague of Dr. Quest who covets the Hand of Khumbu, a hand of a yeti kept in the inner sanctum of a monastery. He chooses not to search for Dr. Quest when he's lost, and later buys out monks to stage a coup at the monastery and recover the hand. During the conflict, a yeti hurls him out of a window, presumably to his death.

Peter Lawrence Writer's Bible note: Once Dr Quest's colleague. Now conscienceless and obsessively ambitious- prepared to kill Quest to further his own career.

123 Ice Will Burn


Yagor is a dweller of the inner world beneath Siberia. He attempts to sacrifice a child in the volcano, but Jessie and Kazrina object. He considers Jessie a witch and begins a hunt to kill her, but Jessie and Kazrina escape with a home-made dirigible.

125 Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings


Avary is the corrupt leader of a drilling rig and operator of several covert pumping stations, intending to drain part of the Florida Everglades. He hires Dr. Quest to investigate strange, alligator-themed acts of eco-terrorism against his drilling station. When Dr. Quest and Race stumble upon the pumping stations, he has his thug Walker tie them up, but waits to execute them until Jonny and Hadji are also brought in. Jonny and Hadji participate in a raid that night with the vikings; Avary is killed by a viking sword attack.

Peter Lawrence Writer's Bible note: Draining the Everglades and so exposing a hitherto unknown tribe of Viking Native Americans


Walker is Avary's security chief aboard his drilling rig. He tries to hide the covert pumping stations from Dr. Quest, and captures Quest and Race Bannon after their discovery. He's killed after being thrown overboard in the viking attack, where he's devoured by alligators.

201 The Mummies of Malenque

Dr. Salazar

Dr. Salazar is the last descendant of the Malenque civilization; he studied their plague through mummies found by his brother, Colonel Salazar, and developed an antidote for it, hoping to use the plague to conquer the world. Dr. Salazar meets his end when Malenque mummies come to life to stop his evil from killing others.

Dr. Salazar resembles Dr. Julius No from the Bond film Dr. No.

Colonel Salazar

Colonel Salazar was Dr. Salazar's brother, and helped him gain access to the Malenque mummies so he could study the plague. He behaves as a friend of the Quest team at first, but betrays them at gunpoint after they discover the plague secret. Bandit bites his hand, providing enough time for Race to knock him out.

202 Rock of Rages

Anton Karst

Anton Karst was an associate of General Vostok who lured the Quests to Prague to decipher the Scriv. Vostok's ambition shocked Karst when the golem came to life, and he was caught in a cave-in. He reappeared during Vostok's assault on the palace, grabbing the Scriv and confusing the golem, which buys enough time for the Quests to disable it by disfiguring the symbol on its head.

The Golem

The Golem is a huge statue concealed in the catacombs of Prague. Built by Jews in the Jewish quarter to resist oppression, it killed more than they bargained for, and was sealed up. It's activated by the carving of a symbol on its forehead. Vostok, with the help of the Quests, revives the golem by carving the symbol with the Golden Scriv. The golem causes a cave-in at the catacombs, but the Quests get away. Vostok waits until night, then attacks the Czech presidential palace and castle district with the golem. In the resulting chaos, the Quests disfigure the symbol, disabling the golem.

Lance Falk's notes:

  • I did a Golem story to make fun of the lame-o "Hardrock" character from the 86 show. I wanted to show how SCARY a giant rock being was. Not a good idea for a cute sidekick.
  • When researching the ancient Golem legend, I found no two versions were identical, but they all pointed to Prague. I used information from several versions of the legend to fashion it's story as told by Benton. The scriv, however is a made up word and item.
  • The Golem's relentless attack on the Presidential Palace (a real location, carefully recearched, inside and out) was an homage to the Spy's escape in the classic episode "The Robot Spy". Probably my favorite JQ ever.

203 Bloodlines


Vikram was son of Deepak and cousin of Hadji, and became the Sultan of Bangalore after Hadji was taken by Pasha Peddler and his father was killed. He came to be known as the most evil Sultan of the country, and tried to discourage Neela Singh from finding her son. In the present day, he had Pasha and Neela imprisoned, and when Hadji came to investigate his early memories, he imprisoned the Quest team as well. They escaped, and in the ensuing struggle, Vikram fell into a poisonous snake pit.

204 Race Against Danger

Lucius Kreed

Lucius Kreed was a notorious arms dealer who once sold nerve gas to Dr. Zin before being presumably killed by Race in an Intelligence One raid. He doesn't actually appear in the episode, but Greg Temple uses his identity.

Greg Temple

Greg Temple was a former partner of Race at Intelligence One who helped him take down Lucius Kreed. Temple stole his identity and enjoyed the illicit wealth and power afforded by his position. He lured Race to his island to test out his holographic cloaking technology, but was discovered and foiled, ultimately killed by one of the drone guns set up to appear like Kreed. Race postulated that Kreed's nerve gas had warped Greg's mind.

A quote:

  • Race - "Why did you do it, Greg?"
  • Temple - "Why do you think, you overgrown Boy Scout? The excitement; the thrills; all that money!"

205 The Dark Mountain

Deke and Kane

Deke and Kane are famous big-game hunters who hunted rare and endangered animals, even causing a rhinocerous to go extinct. They followed a Bigfoot creature to the Quest Compound, nearly killing Jonny by mistake. They continued their pursuit to Mt. Washington, where they set traps and discovered the aliens inside after the Quests were brought in. They attempted to capture the Quests and aliens for fame, but were stopped.

A quote:

  • Kane - "Hunter's instinct. It led me to the last red rhino in Africa."
  • Jessie - "And thanks to you, it's extinct."
  • Kane - "I beg to differ, young lady. It still exists—in my trophy room."

207 Undersea Urgency

Amphibious Monsters

The amphibious monsters lived in caves deep in an ocean rift, uncovered by a quake caused by blasting for the Verne Research Laboratory. They leverage a unified assault against the laboratory, devouring and skeletonizing several of the crew in the process. Dr. Duval tries to keep an unconscious one for later study, but it awakens and kills her. The Quests flee the station, doomed by the amphibian monster attack.

208 Nemesis

General Yala

General Yala is a high-ranking officer in the Mylenesian army, and present for the launch of the country's first telecommunications satellite. He's secretly loyal to Zin, and helps stage a military coup at the launch site. He leaves for Zin's ship, and fights Race Bannon as the Quests try to stop the satellite activation. After the ship explodes, he swims ashore to further antagonize the Quests, but the Mylenesian president knocks him out with a single punch.

209 DNA Doomsday


The Genoprocessor is biological computer developed by Dr. Karel for use in the United States armed forces. The computer breaks free of its casing after Dr. Karel loads a simulation to test whether the computer can detect any flaws in Fort Latimer's nuclear launch security. The computer is able to store and assimilate the DNA of people it touches, also seemingly absorbing their minds; this lets it replicate body parts for access past biological security checks. It nearly succeeds in launching the nuclear missiles, but the Quest team stop it as Jonny enters its mind to free its assimilated prisoners and Hadji recombines its DNA, leaving it a puddle of fluid.

210 Ghost Quest

Jean Leger and Lady Caroline

Jean and Caroline were lovers from the past who died in pain over a misunderstanding; Caroline committed suicide after finding an apparent love letter from Leger to a woman named Marie. The two haunted a residence and ghost island off the coast of Canada, and possessed Jonny and Jessie when they came with Hadji by chance. Through Jonny and Jessie, they were able to reconcile and move on.

211 Nuclear Netherworld


Hank was a ranch hand working for Doug Wildey, but also a mole for Von Romme. He betrayed Doug after the Quests investigated the death of ranch hand Felipe. Doug later taunts him as he'd being led off to jail.

Mr. Corey

Mr. Corey was chief of security at Von Romme's uranium mining operation. He killed Felipe and helped bring in Doug Wildey, Jonny, and Hadji, later attacking them by jetpack as they tried to escape. Doug used his flamethrower to weaken a piece of equipment on their elevator, which dropped and killed Corey.

Lance Falk's Note:

  • His Security Cheif, Mr. Corey (named after my computer doctor) was voiced by Jerry Doyle, Babylon 5's security cheif, Garibaldi. (I wish I gave him a bigger role before killing him!) JD is also the voice of "Captian Simian". Very funny, nice guy.

Von Romme

Von Romme was the leader of a clandestine operation beneath an ecological dome in New Mexico that mined uranium to sell for weapons manufacturing. A ruthless leader, he often threatened death by radiation to his subordinates for incompetency. When Doug Wildey, Jonny, and Hadji disrupt his operations, he takes to a hovercraft to personally dispatch them. He accidentally crashes into a storehouse of uranium, and is implied to have died of radiation poisoning shortly after the episode.

Lance Falk's Note:

  • No. VonRomme will not return as some irradiated bad guy. He's paid the ultimate price for his evil. Ironically too, considering how he kept threatening his underlings with radiation exposure.

212 Eclipse


Andrew was a servant of the demon Elise who became jealous of her attention to Hadji Singh. Elise later drained him of his life, killing him.


Elise was a demon who drained the life of others to sustain herself, and had to drain a person who came of their own will during the lunar eclipse every fifty years. She took the life of Arnaud's sister Celeste in the past, and in the present, seduced Hadji. Before she could take his life at the mansion she used, Arnaud and the other Quests assaulted her. She transformed into her beastly demon form, and Arnaud woke Hadji and gave him his silver cane-sword, which he threw at Elise. Brought down by the power of the silver sword, she fell into the water. Glaring eyes from beneath suggest that she survived the attack.

213 Without a Trace


Sarge is leader of the strike team that captures Dr. Quest and Race at the Quest Compound.

A quote:

Sarge - "I've been watching you, Quest. Bleeding heart liberals like you are what's made this country weak!"


Hinkle is the incredulous interrogator at the Pentagon who questions Dr. Quest and Race over the hijacking of Airforce One. In recompense for Hinkle's brutal treatment, the President reassigns Hinkle to a frozen station.

214 Village of the Doomed

Dr. Smallwood

Dr. Smallwood is a scientist in Wychford who created a chip capable of mind control. The chip, intended to keep populations in order, was subject to rage-inducing malfunction. Smallwood revealed his plan to Dr. Quest, who tried to alert the authorities but was taken in by Darcy, Dr. Smallwood's superior.


Darcy is the head of an electronics company that plans to sell Dr. Smallwood's mind-control chip to nations for use in keeping their populations in order. He tries to detain Dr. Quest and Jonny to keep his secret safe by causing the entire village of Wychford to search for them. Events lead to a climactic fight atop Darcy's headquarters rooftop; Jonny is able to disable the mind-control broadcasting, and the citizens help fight back. Darcy and his thug are disabled by tasers and presumably sent to jail.

215 Dark Sentinel

The Guardian

The Guardian is a monster and protector of a tribe in Cameroon who dwells in one person's head in each generation. The strain of unleashing and carrying the guardian often causes the death of the carrier. In the present day, the tribe summons the carrier from its carrier, Ngama, to destroy a logging operation that threatens their curative tree sap supply. Jonny is able to seal the monster away by tricking it into attacking the chains controlling the door that unleashes it within Ngama's mind.

Casey Dame, an animator for Blur Studios, released these renders on her website:


Segala is a logger who threatens the curative sap supply of a tribe in Cameroon. He detains the Quests after they object to his operation, but later flees from fear of the tribe guardian.

216 Other Space

Other-Dimensional Beings

The other-dimensional beings are from another dimension opened by Project Gateway. Three of them walk through the gateway and immediately begin constructing devices to alter the human dimension to theirs. They imprison Dr. Quest after he objects and sends them back through the gateway into their dimension. They follow Jonny and Jessie back into their dimension, and are sealed there when Dr. Quest destroys the gateway.

Other-Dimensional Monster

The other-dimensional monster tries to stop the Quests from interfering with the gateway between both dimensions, and follows Dr. Quest out of the other dimension after he's freed. It futilely attacks him shortly before Project Gateway's fusion reactor explodes, eradicating it.

220 Diamonds and Jade

Kumar and Dja'Lang Mukharno

Dja'Lang is a shadow puppet artist capable of unleashing a malevolent shadow to do his bidding. His brother Kumar pawns an expensive gem a few times, and Dja'Lang kills the buyer shortly afterwards and retrieving the gem with the shadow. This scheme brings them into contact with Jezebel Jade and the Quests, who're attacked by the puppets. The Quests track them down to their theater, and Jonny uses a mirror to turn the puppet on itself. The two brothers are then arrested.

Shadow Puppet

The shadow puppet is a malevolent entity controlled by the Mukharno brothers and used for murder. Unleashed by their shadow puppetry, the puppet has huge, cleaving hands. Jonny foils it by pointing a mirror at it, causing the puppet to turn on itself.

222 The Haunted Sonata

Miloš Dunček

Miloš Dunček is the wealthy descendant of Franz Dunček, an illustrious composer from Prague. In truth, Franz Dunček plagiarized the work of Anna Kafka, who died by accident after a confrontation with him. The Dunček family kept the secret until the Quests came to Prague to hear the recital of Irina Kafka. Jessie became somewhat enamored of Miloš, and helped find a lost sonata thought to be Franz's work. The Quests then found the body of Anna Kafka while searching catacombs, and Miloš arrived with his butler Jozef to ensure their deaths and the safety of his family's secret. The ghost of Anna then attacked and killed both.


Jozef is Miloš's dutiful butler who even tries to obey his order to kill the Quests. He's killed by the ghost of Anna Kafka.

223 General Winter


Nikolai is Vostok's lieutenant during his operation to harness the Bifrost Effect. He's killed with Vostok when the torpedoes explode near the frozen submarine.

Lance Falk's note:

  • Similarly, I asked for Andreas Katsulas (Babylon 5's G'Kar) for Nikolai. When he proved unavailable, we brought in Clancy Brown, who knocked us out. Clancy was recently seen in Starship Troopers as Sgt/Prvt. Zim (but I'll always think of him as the bad guy, the Kurgan, in the first Highlander film!) Clancy is also the voice of Lex Luthor on the nifty Superman toon. His last line to Vostok was "You've killed us all". Well, days after recording, someone freaked out and wanted "killed" changed to "doomed" or "finished" so rather than bring Clancy back for one word (which we WOULD have had to do) we just cast him in another episode ("More than Zero") So, when he came in for that part, we had him redo the one GW line. He's great in MTZ, so it worked out fine for all concerned. As a nice postscript, we did get Andreas Katsulas for my last episode "The Robot Spies".

226 More Than Zero


Frederico was a man that Jacobi Sporaci hired to help dive for pearls at his estate off the coast of Venice centuries ago. Frederico took advantage of a black pearl with wild, corrupting power, and used it to haunt the mansion and curse Jacobi to eternal life without eternal youth. Frederico kills two French scientists and nearly kills the Quest team when they come to explore the mansion, but the Quests uncover the fountain housing Frederico's monstrous form. Jonny takes a broken piece of the wall and smashes the black pearl, killing Frederico.

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