In the Darkness of the Moon

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
"In the Darkness of the Moon"
Episode no. H00616-94020
Airdate September 23, 1996
Chief locations The Yukon, Canada 135.71W, 65.33N (2,848 miles)
Vehicle(s) PBY Catalina
Writer(s) Peter Lawrence & Michael Ryan
Michael Maurer
Guest roles Michael Benyaer (Investigator #2)
Frank Welker (Werewolf / Prof. Metier)
Karen Ross (Marie Metier)
Michael Horse (Tuk)
Episode sequence Heroes <--> In the Darkness of the Moon
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A werewolf attack in the Yukon brings a Quest team investigation to the home of a humanitarian doctor; the light of the moon illuminates both danger and mystery as the hunt begins.

Plot Summary


The werewolf approaches

Deep in remote, snow-covered mountains, an old man writes in a diary. As the full moon rises, he suddenly turns into a werewolf, destroys the cabin and knocks over a latern, and runs outside. At a nearby cabin, a white woman named Dr. Metier sees to a sick boy with his father. The kid's all right and departs with his father, but the werewolf jumps through the window and attacks her. The werewolf then stops when he sees her medallion, bearing a coat of arms with a wolf's head—a symbol that also appeared on the diary of the old man. The werewolf stops, but the child's father bursts in and shoots the wolf, having heard the doctor's screams; the wolf attacks him before relenting on the doctor's orders. The man wonders why the wolf obeys her, and the wolf unleashes a piercing howl in the moon on distant rocks.

Act One

Race combats the werewolf

Dr. Quest, Race, Jonny, and Hadji soon arrive in the PBY Catalina; Race is skeptical of the wolf story, but immediately hits it off with the doctor. As they discuss inside her home, the child's father from before arrives with a rifle, still incredulous. He swears to kill the wolf and boasts of silver bullets. That night, Marie is woken by the wolf outside the window and leaves her cabin; Bandit barks to wake up Jonny. Outside, Marie confronts the werewolf, who declines to attack her once more. Jonny and the child's father arrive, and Jonny stops the man from making an accurate shot on the wolf. Race hits it with a tranquilizer dart and shadows Tuk, the child's father. The werewolf attacks Tuk, and Race lacks air pressure in his rifle.

He clubs the wolf with the rifle's butt and gets into a scuffle; another clubbing sends the werewolf away whimpering. Dr. Quest doubles the tranquilizer dosage the next day while Marie cleans Race's wounds; they kiss that night as Jonny and Hadji watch. Jonny and Race find the burned down house of the old man the next day, and Jonny locates several files on Metier family members inside a file cabinet. As they depart, the partially-transformed werewolf enters and retrieves his diary. Bandit sees him flee and gives chase; Race pursues Bandit, but crashes into a log after sight of the werewolf distracts him. Jonny finds and blankets him as night falls; Race implores Jonny to leave him and find Dr. Quest. Bandit takes off again, and Jonny follows him to find a pack of wolves staring him down.

Act Two

Jonny moves to action

Jonny and Bandit run over an icy pond, which cracks and swallows them up. The wolves stand ready to kill the two when they emerge, but the werewolf appears and bats them away. The werewolf then throws his diary to Jonny, asking him to make the serum that can cure him using the book's formulas. The werewolf tells Jonny to run, and he returns to Race; unfortunately, the pack of wolves is waiting for him. He fires a flare into his motorbike, exploding it and scaring away the wolves. Hadji and Benton then find them and take them back to the doctor's house. Dr. Metier explains that her family has long been plagued by a disease that turns the males to werewolves, and that she hadn't believed in the story until witnessing recent events. Professor Metier, the werewolf, was trying to make a serum when he destroyed his laboratory.

Dr. Metier and Dr. Quest team up to isolate the recessive gene in the doctor's blood, which can produce the serum. They succeed, and Marie plans to act as bait so they can administer the serum to the werewolf; she gives Race her pendant for good luck. That night, they find the werewolf, but Dr. Metier is mesmerized by him and walks forward; Race can't get a clear shot for the serum. The wolf attacks her, but Jonny rushes and jumps on his back, jamming in a syringe with the serum. The wolf runs away, and later that night, Tuk enters with Professor Metier, rescued from the mountain and safely human in form; the serum worked.



  • Race - "Pleasure, Dr. Metie. I was just saying how courageous it is to practice medicine in a remote place like this."
  • Marie - "Courage comes in all shapes and sizes. Benton tells me you're quite the hero, Bannon."
  • Race - "Well, that proves you can't believe everything you hear. And please, call me Race."
  • Marie - "Only if you call me Marie."


  • Race - "Someone should tell Tuk that the only thing any animal should be shot with is a tranquilizer dart."


  • Race - "Shootfire! No air pressure!"


  • Marie - "Be careful, Race."
  • Race - "Relax, Marie. I'll be as safe as a cow in a Calcutta stockyard."


  • Marie - "How do you feel?"
  • Race - "Like I was run down by the Santa Fe railroad."


  • Dr. Quest - "That had to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen you do."
  • Jonny - "But dad, I—"
  • Dr. Quest - "Then again, it was probably the bravest thing I've seen anyone do."


  • Hadji - "Fate has a strange nature. You tried to kill him as a wolf, but it was your destiny to save him as a man."


  • Michael Benyaer's credit line is inexplicably italicized in the credits.


  • Jessie does not appear at all in this episode.
  • This episode's Quest Byte features the locating and destruction of a Saturn file.

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