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Mission Statement

QuestFan aims to archive and catalogue all existing knowledge and plausible speculation concerning the The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and other topics, whether this knowledge is textual, auditory, or visual. Secondly, QuestFan will create new content and foster the growth and development of the Quest series and its fan community.


QuestFan was envisioned by ZeaLitY in August 2006 following the success of the Chrono Compendium, a similar site covering its subject matter in painstaking detail and focused on a series with a cult following. QuestFan formally got off the ground on May 18, 2007.

Goal List

Press Sources

Print Sources

  • Quest: Supermarket News, September, 1995 by Angrisani, Carol
  • Quest for a new label: Video Business, February, 1996 by Farley, Mary Ann
  • TV deals for Turner's 'New Jonny Quest': Playthings; Feb96, Vol. 94 Issue 2, p136, 1/8p
  • TV Guide, July 29, 1996 (calling Jessie an "icky female")
  • TV Guide, August 19, 1996 review of the show
  • Kids Entertainment: Parents (10836373); Sep1996, Vol. 71 Issue 9, p209, 3p, 10c
  • High hopes for Roswell: Computer Retail Week; 11/25/96, Vol. 6 Issue 156, p33, 2p, 1c
  • Government conspiracies: Australian Macuser; Apr97 Issue 52, p29, 2/3p, 1c
  • Animation and America, BAAS Paperbacks, Wells, Paul. Publication: Edinburgh Edinburgh University Press, 2002. 78.
  • Film & Television Literature Index ILL: Cinefantastique
  • Ditto: Blur of activity. Videography
  • This
  • Internet and Personal Computing Abstracts - The adventure in the quest -- You don't have to be a fan of Saturday morning cartoons to appreciate the art and science of characters with expressive...Janzen, J Daniel. 3-D Design; October 1, 1997, Vol. 3 Issue 10, p51-56, 5p. ISSN: 1083-5288
  • The art of 3D computer animation and effects‎ - Page 40, by Isaac Victor Kerlow
  • Saturday Morning Fever Quest Coverage
  • Parents‎, Family & Relationships - 1996 (Gruner + Jahr USA, 1996, University of California)
  • Animation and America, By Paul Wells, British Association for American Studies
  • Dictionary of teleliteracy By David Bianculli
  • Not TRAJQ, but the interview in this.
  • Picture of producers from Animation Magazine Producer Interviews - October, 1996

Video Sources

  • Toonami commercial in which the narrator explains why the show should be named after Race, not Jonny

Web Sources

It's unlikely these will ever be recovered.

Site Content

  • Find missing information about merchandise at Other Products and Literature; specifically, plot summaries and ISBN numbers for the Brad Quentin books.
  • Fill in the missing Upper Deck Trading Cards and get pictures of Action Quest popups for 80 and 83.
  • Make a definitive chronology for the show's development.
  • Figure out where Jessie04.jpg and Bigbadjon.jpg came from.
  • Who did music for this?


  • Contact BC, GM, SR, TC Music.
  • Contact other personnel related to the show.
  • Contact JQMLer Dark Sentinel if he still has the Francois Lord pic of TotC
  • Contact JQML user Tammy in case there's more Peter Lawrence bible, and for The Edge of Yesterday.

QuestFan Charter

This document provides a general outline of QuestFan as an organization. The charter is not intended to be a definitive resource and is subject to change as the site evolves. It was written by ZeaLitY based on the Chrono Compendium's charter as aided by Ramsus and GrayLensman.

I. Declarations

  1. The site will pursue the enrichment of the fan community through objectives outlined in its mission statement.
  2. The site will not accept or forward Cease and Desist letters regarding fan works mentioned on the site.
  3. The site will not reveal the identity of any member without due process of law.
  4. The site will not participate in affiliate programs of any sort save those conducted on the links page.
  5. The site will not accept commercial advertising of any sort.
  6. The site will not support the commercial endeavors of fans.

II. Organizational Structure

a. Heirarchy
  • General Members
All registered QuestFan members belong to this group. General Members are able to post messages in all forums save administrative and private project boards.
  • Creative Regents
Creative regents include members who have won periodic fan contests and keep a special title until the next contest transpires. The ranks include Questworld Runner (fan fiction) and Robot Spy (fan art).
  • Creative Emerita
Creative emerita are members who have won an annual fan work contest in the past, but whose titles have passed on to new winners.
  • Questors
Questors include the original founders of QuestFan who act as site administrators. Questors provide suggestions for the site's direction and manage the forums. Acting chief administrator is sometimes given the unofficial title Director.
b. Registration
To post messages or submit content, you must become a QuestFan member by registering for the Forum. This is for several reasons: 1.) To help control the content of the site and 2.) To identify the author of submissions. Only a valid E-mail address is required for registration. Only one membership is allowed per person to prevent confusion and abuse of the site.
c. Rank
QuestFan members receive a rank based their post count which is displayed under their user name. The rank automatically displays a Quest image above one's avatar, and is meant only for fun enjoyment.
  1. QF Reserve Corps (0)
  2. Lizard Man (+0)
  3. Pasha Peddler (+15)
  4. Doug Wildey (+50)
  5. Estella Velasquez (+100)
  6. Ezekiel Rage (+200)
  7. Jezebel Jade (+300)
  8. Bandit (+400)
  9. Jeremiah Surd (+500)
  10. Rachel Quest (+600)
  11. Dr. Zin (+700)
  12. Benton Quest (+800)
  13. Race Bannon (+1000)
  14. Jessie Bannon (+1200)
  15. Hadji Singh (+1777)
  16. Jonny Quest (+2300)
  17. The Big Q (+3500)

III. Code of Conduct

  • QuestFan staff members
  1. shall be fans of the entire Jonny Quest series. (Okay, maybe not '86 or the telefilms)
  2. shall not attempt to use the site merely for personal aggrandizement.
  3. shall not use the site in pursuit of any commercial endeavor.
  4. shall not defame other web sites in the Quest community.
  • QuestFan members
  1. shall treat all other members in a courteous and respectful manner.
  2. shall not post or link to any material which may be found offensive or disturbing by other members.
  3. shall not post derogatory, trollish, or insulting statements toward any other member or post comments intended to annoy or provoke other members.
  4. shall respect the privacy of all other members.
  5. shall not engage in any activities which disrupt the normal functioning of the website.
  6. shall not create an user name intended to impersonate, mock, or antagonize another member or falsely claim to be another member.
  7. shall not attempt to gain access, privileges, or abilities unintended by the design of the website or gain unauthorized access of the user account of another member.
  8. shall endeavor to convey the highest possible level of truth and accuracy in every humorless post or submission.
  9. shall not knowingly submit any theories or statements which are false or erroneous nor modify any body of evidence to support such a claim.
  10. shall not claim ownership of any work created by another person. If the work of another person is reproduced in whole or in part, full credit shall be given to the original author.
  11. shall not post any illegal material, as well as anything that is self-incriminating or incriminates other members.

IV. Disciplinary Procedures

a. Moderation
Moderators may remove material found in violation of the code of conduct. Moderators may also move, edit or delete material to maintain the order of the site.
b. Penalties
Violators of the code of conduct will receive a warning and may have special privileges or titles revoked. Repeated and serious violations may result in members being suspended or banned from the site. Moderators are able to issue warnings, but an administrator is required to modify the account privileges of members.
c. Appeals
Members who find the actions of the moderators unfair or unwarranted may ask the administrators to reevaluate the decision, however the judgment of the administrators is final.

V. Site Index

a. News and Updates
News and Updates is the default index page of QuestFan, where news concerning the Quest series and the site is posted.
b. Encyclopedia
The Encyclopedia is the compilation of all factual information collected about The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and other topics concerning the Quest series.
c. Features
Features are any special presentations concerning the Quest series, community, or QuestFan, whether interviews with those associated with the program, editorials, or other media.
d. Community
The Community hub is an umbrella for all fan works. Fan art, fan fiction, and any fan contests are presented under the Community header.
e. Discussion Forums
The forums host discussion and debate at QuestFan. Categories and individual forums are listed below.
  • News and Updates
News and fan project news are posted within this forum for display on the News and Updates page.
  • Maine Compound - Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
Discussion regarding The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest takes place here.
  • Palm Key - Quest Series
This forum encourages posts about the rest of the Jonny Quest franchise.
  • Quest Jet - General Discussion
Any discussion which does not belong in another forum or concerns the site is placed here. All spoilers must be clearly marked in this forum.
  • Bardo - Welcome, Birthday, and Seeya! Forum
A subforum of General Discussion, this is the place to announce your arrival, birthday wishes, or departure from QuestFan. Stop in and say hello!
  • Questor Submersible - QuestFan
Posters can discuss the site or report errors on this board.
  • Quest Laboratories - Submissions and Fan Work
This forum can be used as a forge for discussing fan work ideas or showing works in progress. It is also the primary venue for submitting fan fiction, art, or other media to QuestFan.
f. Links
Links include other Quest sites or affiliates who agree to mutually link with us.
g. Questworld.com Archive
QuestFan maintains an operable archive of the Questworld.com site set up by Cartoon Network to promote the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, made possible through the Wayback Machine.

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