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Licensees of the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest used the property to try and move many types of toys and other promotional items. A lot of items are lacking information, so if you can contribute and help out, e-mail questfanmail@gmail.com. Thanks!

AOL Games

Several video game modules were produced for AOL's section on the show by now-defunct OompalaVision.



Brand information isn't available.

0440 1.JPG



Scans courtesy of JQStyle.

Cheerio Box

Used to order the special Dark Horse comics.

Chewing Gum Box from Portugal


Manufacturer unknown.

Easter Egg

Brand and information on this product's release are unavailable, and would be appreciated.

B097 1.JPG

Employee Notebook

These notebooks were given to employees of the show. They're somewhat similar to those given to fans in the "Promotional Collection" section below.


Cyber Quest Flashlight.

Gift Bag

Details unknown at this time.

Holographic Card

Not much is known.

Jonny Quest Adventure Value Pack

This was a coupon-catalogue of Real Adventures merchandise that promoted $40 in savings through combined purchases.

Kentucky-Fried Chicken - Australia Toy Pack

Several toys were marketed as part of a package by KFC in Australia.


Kid Rhino Return of the Anasazi Storytime Adventure

ISBN: 9786304182802
UPC: 00081227252540
Publish Date: 1996/09/17
ISBN: 9786304219447

This adventure was a set of two cassette tapes that recounted Return of the Anasazi.

LCD Game

Much like Tiger Games' line; this was made by Micro Games of America, however.


Only 1,000 were made.


Lunchbox (Capri Sun, Holographic)


For birthday parties, no doubt.

Onyx Melamine Plates


Panini Stickers

Released in several countries. There are some fairly high-quality scans of cels from the first season episodes in these, so additional scans would be fantastic.

Italian sticker book (courtesy of JQStyle):

Actual stickers:

Phone Card

Pizza Hut Placemat

This placement was used on tables.

Pizza Hut Quest Packs

These packets were distributed with meals. Pizza Hut was an important anchor licensee for Turner. We've acquired and completely scanned them all, including the comics.


Information on their release is unavailable. They feature the "small" art samples of the team. It's very likely that they were sold through the Hanna-Barbera employee store, as they were included in a lot with some other H-B items on Ebay (picture below). The Benton art is unique to these pogs.

3bdd 1.JPG

Porcelain Figures

Their origin is unknown; any information would be appreciated.

Porcelain1.jpg Porcelain2.jpg Porcelain3.jpg
Porcelain4.jpg Porcelain5.jpg Porcelain6.jpg

Promo Card

Promotional Collection

These items were all acquired from the same source, and were all provided to promotional event attendees (possibly in '95).

Promotional Pins

These pins were distributed at events and worn by employees.

Quest World Adventure Prizes

Grand prize winners and runner-ups to the Quest World Adventure received these adventure packs, containing a backpack, flashlight and siren, travel journal, pen, T-shirt, and glow sticks.

Spaghettios Holograms

Only one and six are shown. If you own two through five, please consider scanning them or taking pictures and e-mailing questfanmail@gmail.com. Scanners don't really do these things justice...



F976 1.JPG

Super Pump

Tattoo Sticker

Brand information isn't available.


Toy Rings

Their origin is unknown; they were probably included with some other product. Information would be appreciated!

Trivia Cards

Part of an H-B trivia game. Captain Planet was included as well.

UK Gum Stickers

Unknown Products

We aren't sure what the products in the middle is; help would be appreciated! The item in the left is the Gift Bag.

F2c4 1.JPG

Valentine's Day Cards

Just a simple set of Valentine's Day cards, likely released in February 1997. Here are some new scans:

Old scans:

Walkie Talkies


LED and Flip-top Watch

Red Flip-top Watch

Spring Watch

Wrist Compass

Zebco Fishing Reel

From: Merchandise