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General Information

Card Stats and Summary

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 136 lbs.
Height: 5'5"

Hadji Singh is a close friend of Jonny Quest and Dr. Benton Quest's adopted son, found in the classic episode Calcutta Adventure. Hadji studied yoga and eastern mysticism while growing up, gaining abilities such as body temperature and breathing regulation. He often exhibits a fatalistic, calculated outlook towards most situations, contrasted with Jonny's impulsiveness.

Peter Lawrence Dialogue

  • What was the inspiration for Hadji? Was he a paradigm of Eastern thought, or based on a friend in that hemisphere of the world?

Clearly you have some knowledge of my own background - brought up in Zambia. (Tongue in cheek, Buzz, Stephanie and others said that I had a lot in common with Jonny - and, actually, I really did identify with our vision of him.) Not just in Zambia but deep in the bush. I grew up with Africans. I was an African, albeit white. When I went to Europe and, later, the US, I was stunned at the casual racism, the unthinking stereotyping, the sheer ignorance of other cultures. So, when it came to Hadji I was determined to make him real. Or as real as he could be in the context. Michael Benyaer really 'got' what we wanted to do with this character and that made it easier to 'hear' Hadji's voice while writing. I wonder where Mike is now?

In fact, however pretentious it makes me seem, I wanted this authenticity in all the characters. That's why we went for some rather 'out there' casting - and that's why, of course, the succeeding producers undid everything and went safe. It's pretty sad, and quite indicative of the xenophobia of our culture and the play-safe of the industry.

I did have a great Pakistani friend at university, Tahir Attar. Educated in Europe at expensive private schools but retaining deep cultural roots. I believe, for example, that he entered an arranged marriage - quite happily. He was a perfect mix of East and West and I took a lot from him for Hadji. We did, of course, add an additonal dose of mysticism (for want of a better word), for dramatic reasons and in an attempt to keep the stories really open. (Minds, too, perhaps - but God forbid that we were proselytizing.) Yeah. Compare our Hadji with that moron in ... oh, god, what was that silly robot movie? it will come to me. Or most of the silly sing-song morons which Hollywood makes of Asian Indians.

Peter Lawrence Writer's Bible


Hadji is a little older, taller and thinner than you remember him -- so he's older than Jonny. He is now Dr Quest's assistant in training. He does not have his mentor's formal education in the sciences but he shares his burning interest in archaeology, anthropology and, particularly, the paranormal.

Hadji is a Sikh and a student Yogin. Spiritually and philosophically, he is a true product of his world. Compared to Jonny and Race, particularly, he has a more fatalistic and accepting attitude to whatever is happening to him at the time. He starts from the philosophical point of view that everything is as it's supposed to be. Most elements of the grander scheme are beyond the control of the individual. Fate is the governing factor.

So, whereas Jonny's Western, First World reaction might be "Let's get out of here!", Hadji's is more likely to be "We're here. We're supposed to be here. So let's figure out why and what to do."

Glenn Leopold Writer's Bible


is a little older (15) than Jonny, taller and thinner than you remember him.

He is now Dr. Quest's assistant in training. He does not have his mentor's formal education in the sciences but he shares his burning interest in archaeology, anthropology and, particularly, the paranormal.

Hadji is a Sikh and a student Yogin. Spiritually and philosophically, he is a true product of his world. Compared to Jonny and Race, particularly, he has a more fatalistic and accepting attitude to whatever is happening to him at the time. He starts from the philosophical point of view that everything is as it's supposed to be. Most elements of the grander scheme are beyond control of the individual. Fate is the governing factor. But that doesn't mean Hadji isn't overly cautious. He is. And that sometimes annoys headstrong Jonny...and even Jessie.

Hadji's actions and reactions will express this significant contrast between his character and Jonny's. In addition, Hadji may use aphorisms or some other figure of speech which expresses his different take on life. That figure of speech may be taken from any culture or any source, but it must reflect Hadji. Sometimes, it will baffle Jonny. Sometimes it may even irritate him. It will always have an intrinsic truth to it.

Hadji was raised in India by PASHA THE PEDDLER. He never knew his parents (though this year he may learn otherwise). He has developed latent psionic powers that appear 'magical'. He is eager to learn all aspects of the mystic arts. No, Hadji can't fly...but with enough concentration he can levitate small objects. He can do rope tricks. He should not sit around in a trance. Hadji is active and eager to try our his mystical knowledge. Sure, he may not be able to hypnotize a tiger...but he'll embrace his failure and try harder next time, if the tiger doesn't eat him first! Being a student Yogin allows him to master such proven techniques as controlling his heartrate (so he's able to feign his own death for a short while) and controlling his body temperature. These may get him out of tight spots, story-wise, but they are not that interesting to watch. With Hadji, the more visual his 'power', the better.


Season One

The Darkest Fathoms

  • Dr. Quest - "And I suppose it's useless to add, no heroics."
  • Hadji - "A quite hopeless exhortation, Dr. Quest. It was your own great poet Emerson who said, 'heroism always feels, and never reasons.'"


  • Jessie - "I thought you yogis could control your body temperature."
  • Hadji - "Yuyogis can. But I am a wiyogi, in training. Now is not the time to put it to the test."

Escape to Questworld

  • Jonny - "And like you always said, Hadji, a blind man can't take the sun for granted."
  • Hadji - "I said no such thing."

In the Realm of the Condor

  • Hadji - "We are taught that where we are is where we are supposed to be. But I am beginning to wish we were somewhere else!"


  • Estella - "Don't look down, Hadji. The trick is to keep going."
  • Hadji - "You are quite right of course, Estella. Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards."
  • Jonny - "I wish you'd save thst stuff for when we've got the time to figure it out!"

Ndovu's Last Journey

  • Hadji - "The paradox of karmic fate is the razor's edge between predestined reality and active choice."
  • Jessie - "I guess that means we're going with you."


  • Hadji - "Follow knowledge like a sinking star beyond the utmost bound of human thought."
  • Dr. Quest - "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

Manhattan Maneater

  • Hadji - "This is trouble; I know it. On the other hand, good medicine tastes bitter."


  • Vance - "You, the kid with the towel on his head. Why didn't the big puddy-tat eat you too?"
  • Hadji - "You betray your ignorance, sir. This is not a towel; it is a turban!"
  • Vance - "Eh, turban, shmurban. You got some mystic swami thing happening with you and the tiger or what?"
  • Hadji - "Actually, sir, I charmed him with my flute, just like I do with snakes".


  • Hadji - "It is not exactly skin which makes a brother. It is the soul within that skin."
  • Karl - "For real, swami. You got that right."

East of Zanzibar

  • Dr. Quest - "Hard to imagine a sea monster powerful enough to sink a ship."
  • Jonny - "If you ask me, those whalers got what they deserved. Anyone who'd kill a whale is no better than a murderer. I don't care who or what got that boat; I'm glad."
  • Dr. Quest - "If a scientist let his feelings get in the way of his work, Jonny, science would never advance."
  • Hadji - "Some lead with the heart, and others with the mind. Greater progress, however, comes with the unity of both."


  • Hadji - "Your father would never give up. It is not in his character to do so."


  • Jonny - "How long can we keep paddling?"
  • Hadji - "Easier paths have led to darker places."
  • Jonny - "What kind of answer is that?"
  • Hadji - "We're in the middle of the Indian Ocean paddling vaguely westward in the hope that we might hit Africa. What kind of answer do you want, Jonny? We can only keep going as long as we can keep going."
  • Jonny - "That's not the answer I was hoping for, Hadji."

Ezekiel Rage

  • Hadji - "You go ahead. Someone should hold the fort...why should the wise tiger follow his foolish cousins?"


  • Jonny - "Hey, I thought the wise tiger wasn't going to follow his foolish cousins."
  • Hadji - "A yogin has the right to change proverbs!"


  • Hadji - "Perhaps now the soul of the wounded tiger can finally rest."

Return of the Anasazi

  • Hadji - "Oh Jonny! You are the proverbial fox with many tricks!"

The Alchemist

  • Hadji - "Sometimes we have to stand on our heads on order to see things right-side up."


  • Hadji - "Oh, are you okay Hadji? Not hurt or anything, my friend? Oh no, Jonny, I am absolutely fine! Several iron pipes have played Big Noise from Winnetka upon my head, but fortunately, I wear a turban."


  • Montegue - "In less than an hour, I'll be able to buy and sell the Dr. Quests of this world, all day and all night!"
  • Hadji - "Not if I refuse to make your gold, Dr. Montegue. And I do refuse! I would rather die than betray whatever gifts I have."

Trouble on the Colorado

  • Hadji - "Right! We have struck in I believe."
  • Jonny - "You mean, struck out, Hadji."
  • Jessie - "Actually, we didn't. We hit a grand slam!"
  • Hadji - "I have never claimed to comprehend silly sports analogies."


  • Jonny - "No problemo! Remember Hadj, the optimist always sees the donut, but the pessimist sees only the hole!"
  • Hadji - "This instance, it is a very large hole!"
  • Hadji - "Do you think he even listened to me?"
  • Jessie - "Nope."

In the Wake of the Mary Celeste

  • Hadji - "Karma will change life like the swish of a horse's tail!"
  • Jonny - "I have no idea what that means!"
  • Race - "You have to feed the mule if you want to go to the fair!"


  • Hadji - "As the poet said, "Into each life, some rain must fall."
  • Jonny - "Yeah? Well I'm afraid the poet was all washed up if you ask me."
  • Race - (huge grin)


  • Hadji - "When you cannot trust your eyes and ears, you must hope your feet know which way to run!"

The Spectre of the Pine Barrens

  • Hadji - "A dog that walks around will find a stick."
  • Jonny - "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • Hadji - "It means, "Be careful what you wish for."


  • Hadji - "Thank you King George, wherever you are."


  • Hadji - "Every great fiction held strongly in human belief is the mistaken image of some great truth."
  • Jessie - "What the heck does that mean?"
  • Hadji - "To be completely honest, I'm not entirely certain. But you must admit, it does sound profound!"

In the Darkness of the Moon

  • Hadji - "Fate has a strange nature. You tried to kill him as a wolf, but it was your destiny to save him as a man."

The Secret of the Moai

  • Hadji - "Often one need only to ask the question correctly to obtain the desired answer."


  • Hadji - "As Jonny would say, this is too strange for school."

Expedition to Khumbu

  • Hadji - "It is true what they say—that the mountain makes its own weather."


  • Jonny - "Gotta hand it to her, Hadj. She's pretty cool."
  • Jessie - "I thought you guys would be lighter!"
  • Hadji - "Ah, you see, we are heavy with wisdom."


  • Hadji - "You are an unconscionable pig, Mr. Kyle."

Ice Will Burn

  • Hadji - "I knew that I should have ridden with Dr. Quest!"


  • Hadji - "You drive as badly as Race does, Jonny!"

Future Rage

  • Hadji - "It was the Aurora Borealis—an unlikely explanation and one which I very much doubt that you literal types will believe; so perhaps I will say that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy."

Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings

  • Hadji - "You know, Jonny, there is no guarantee our air boat will still work."
  • Jonny - "As you once told me: fate aids the courageous."
  • Hadji - "I also said, never estimate the value of tiger skin until you've caught the tiger!"


  • Hadji - "No! Down! Get back! It is against my religion to be eaten by reptiles."


  • Jonny - "We're lost."
  • Hadji - "One is never lost, Jonny. One is always where one is supposed to be."
  • Jonny - "Do you know how smug that sounds?"
  • Hadji - "Smugness has nothing to do with it. If you are always wishing to be somewhere else, you will never understand the significance of the moment."
  • Jonny - "Say, Hadji, what exactly is the significance of this moment?"

To Bardo and Back

  • Hadji - "I will never understand the Western need to impose oneself on large and dangerous animals."


  • Jonny - "Oh yeah, Trigger. You're kinda late on your cue."
  • Hadji - "What can I say, my friend? It is only mind over horse matter."


  • Race - "Feel like I've been to hell and back."
  • Hadji - "In a manner of speaking, you have."

Season Two


  • Hadji - "Yes, it's true. There has been sadness in the past. But I want the future of Bangalore to be a happy one!"
  • Hadji - "Power in Bangalore shall no longer be a male prerogative!"
  • Jessie - "Right on, Sultan!"

Race Against Danger

  • Hadji - "I am sorry to disturb you Mr. Goon, but would you please return our dog?"

The Dark Mountain

  • Hadji - "Legends often have a factual basis, Jonny."


  • Jessie - "Never lets me drive his car."
  • Hadji - "All things come to those who wait, Jessie. But Race knows that waiting is not one of Jonny's strongpoints."


  • Race - "Hey, who clipped me in the jaw?"
  • Dr. Quest - "Sorry about that Race, but I had to defend myself."
  • Race - "Ow, my head!"
  • Hadji - "Aha, I am regretfully responsible for the head."


  • Hadji - "Time to play by my rules."

Ghost Quest

  • Jonny - "Fear isn't in our vocabulary, Mr. Mornay."
  • Hadji - "Speak for yourself, my friend!"

Dark Sentinel

  • Hadji - "A life is never owed when saved out of friendship."

Other Space

  • Hadji - "It is an old family secret...The proper frame of mind; a correct spiritual point of view; the right time. But mostly, it is this mosquito repellent. Would you like some?"

The Edge of Yesterday

  • Jonny - "Nice time driving, Hadj."
  • Hadji - "I am sorry, Jonny, but time travel is not easy!"

General Winter

  • Jonny - "Good idea freeing Vostok's prisoners."
  • Hadji - "Strategy, Jonny. The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
  • Jonny - "Maybe I need to do a little more reading."



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