East of Zanzibar

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
"East of Zanzibar"
Episode no. H00616-94001
Airdate September 3, 1996
Chief locations Republic of Seychelles, Christie Island 55.02E, 2.05S (N/A miles)
Vehicle(s) Questor
Small Sailing Catamaran
Writer(s) Peter Lawrence
Guest roles Michael Banyaer (Purvian Sea Captain)
Jeff Bennett (Sonarman / Medical Officer / Navigator / Crew #2)
Jim Cummings (Harpooner / Planesman)
Jim Meskimen (Havel / Conn / Crew #1)
Larry Moss (Skipper / Planesman / Harbormaster)
Clive Revill (Harpooner / Medical Officer)
Episode sequence Manhattan Maneater <--> Assault on Questworld
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The Republic of Seychelles has suffered the mysterious wrecks of whaling vessels and the loss of a submarine. Dr. Quest's investigation is hampered when Jonny and Hadji are swept up by a waterspout while sailing.

Plot Summary


The sub goes under

A strange, colorblind creature watches from the sea floor as a submarine propels overhead. The submarine's sonarman reports the presence of a large entity in close proximity on a collision course as the creature seems to move closer from its point of view. Attempts to contact it fail, and the submarine captain orders a torpedo fired, which briefly stalls the incredible beast. It soon exercises huge tentacles over the submarine, sucking and taking it down to the sea floor where equipment and ballast release mechanisms fail and pressure allows water to rush in. The creature leaves the crew to drown in their stranded submarine.

Act One

Jonny and Dr. Quest sailing

Dr. Quest has been called in to find the missing submarine, and lets Jonny pilot the Questor most of the way in to port at Christie Island in the Republic of Seychelles. Jonny is happy to pilot the ship, and Dr. Quest echoes his fervor by reflecting on what a charmed situation they're in. The next day, a whaler named "Donder" pursues a sperm whale in the nearby sea. As it makes a second attempt at harpooning, the ship is rocked and bent by giant tentacles towering over the ship. The tentacles, probably part of a giant squid, wreck the ship and ultimately turn it over, allowing the pursued sperm whale to get away. The captain is rescued, and Dr. Quest, Race Bannon, Jonny and Hadji ask him what capsized his boat. Dr. Quest finds the sea monster story hard to believe, while Jonny is glad that the whalers were wrecked. That evening, Jonny and Hadji take the Small Sailing Catamaran with hopes to circumvent the island.

Jonny and Hadji struggle to hang on

A waterspout descends; Benton suggests taking the outboard motor Whaler to find them, but Race notes that the whaler will be useless in rough waters and suggests using the Questor. Jonny and Hadji helplessly watch the twister approach, and are sucked up. The next day, Dr. Quest argues with the harbormaster about the limited search and rescue capabilities of the island before Race suggests taking the Questor out again to search. Jonny and Hadji recover on the overturned catamaran, which has been all but destroyed save for the two hulls. As Dr. Quest and Race continue searching with the Questor, Jonny and Hadji get on one of the hulls and start paddling. Jonny is fatigued, and Hadji rips his turban in two to give him enough material for a turban of his own. Meanwhile, Dr. Quest and Race are called out to a nearby beach, where they find a sliced off squid tentacle. Dr. Quest is amazed, and estimates that the squid must be at least three-hundred feet long. Jonny and Hadji spot an island, and set out in search of water after landing. On the opposite side, they find a cove full of shipwrecks, including the whaler from before. As they paddle out to the whaler in search of people, a giant tentacle rises from the sea.

Act Two

The captain tells his tale

Only one plane is searching for the boys, much to Benton's disappointment. The giant tentacle threatening them returns beneath the waves when a submarine surfaces; it is the one from before. Crewmen stand on deck with guns and convey Hadji and Jonny to their vessel. The captain explains that the incident happened two years ago, and after he was stranded on the sea floor, whales helped the submarine out of its position, saving it and the lives of those on board. Since then, the submarine has repaid the debt by wrecking whalers with the help of a giant mechanical tentacle they've built. Hadji and Jonny are then confined to quarters, where Hadji worries that they will be held as prisoners forever or executed. Dr. Quest and Benton have taken to the skies with an amphibian aircraft, but still turn up nothing. That night, Hadji fakes a sickness with his yogin training to relax his heartbeat; Jonny cries for help, bringing the captain and medican officer. While they fail to find a pulse, Jonny escapes to the bridge and calls Dr. Quest before stealing the sub's tender, the Zodiac. The doctor tickles Hadji's foot, finding a reflex action and confirming his life. They then hear the Zodiac outside, and Hadji goes on deck to jump on the back and escape. The captain fails to shoot them, instead telling his men to prepare the submarine. The next day, Race and Dr. Quest succeed in finding the now-stranded Zodiac, but as they're about to pick them up the submarine and its giant squid tentacle surface. Fortunately, the real giant squid returns to suck the submarine under once more. The Quests escape, and wondering how anyone would believe such a story, Jonny suggests keeping it secret. They then postulate that the captain is probably still at large, as another whaler is shown being attacked.



  • Dr. Quest - "How ya doin', Jonny?"
  • Jonny - "We made good time. We may even make the island before sunset even though the port's way over on the other side."
  • Dr. Quest - "You know, your watch ended over an hour ago. Hadji and Race can take over if you're tired."
  • Jonny - "Are you kidding? I wouldn't give this up for anything! I'm living a dream, dad!"
  • Dr. Quest - "Searching for a lost submarine in an area where there have been reports of sea monsters for as long as man has sailed the ocean. I believe you're right Jonny; we are living a dream."


  • Dr. Quest - "Hard to imagine a sea monster powerful enough to sink a ship."
  • Jonny - "If you ask me, those whalers got what they deserved. Anyone who'd kill a whale is no better than a murderer. I don't care who or what got that boat; I'm glad."
  • Dr. Quest - "If a scientist let his feelings get in the way of his work, Jonny, science would never advance."
  • Hadji - "Some lead with the heart, and others with the mind. Greater progress, however, comes with the unity of both."


  • Race Bannon - "Nice night for a sail. Man, I wish I were a kid again, Benton."
  • Dr. Quest - "I thought you were, Race. I hadn't realized you'd ever grown up."
  • Race Bannon - "Thanks a lot."


  • Hadji - "Your father would never give up. It is not in his character to do so."


  • Race - "No. If that twister hits Jonny and Hadji, the outboard will be as much use as a chocolate fire screen."


  • Jonny - "How long can we keep paddling?"
  • Hadji - "Easier paths have led to darker places."
  • Jonny - "What kind of answer is that?"
  • Hadji - "We're in the middle of the Indian Ocean paddling vaguely westward in the hope that we might hit Africa. What kind of answer do you want, Jonny? We can only keep going as long as we can keep going."
  • Jonny - "That's not the answer I was hoping for, Hadji."


  • Jonny - "This is too strange for school, Hadji."


  • Dr. Quest's hair is all brown and no gray.
  • Though the Quests are using the Questor, it does not appear on the "destination" screen highlighting their presence in Seychelles.
  • The submarine's device is not explained or presented well, making it unclear whether the submarine is controlling the giant squid, has a giant tentacle device, or is baiting the squid. The Italian stickerbook makes it clear that the submarine has one mechanical giant tentacle, separate from the giant squid that seems to be around.


  • Footage probably from early production on the episode appears in the Promo Video; learn more at Unproduced Episodes.
  • The Quest Byte features an educational piece on speeders.
  • According to "Herd, Deborah (1996-11-05). The Hepburn magic. South China Morning Post (Hong Kong); TV Eye; p. 30." this was the first episode to air in Hong Kong. Coincidentally, it has the earliest production number (94001).



The Promo Video showed a concept painting for the episode.

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