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To advertise the show's premiere, a Real Adventures promotional video was made to play at the end of Turner's classic Jonny Quest VHS tapes. Its narrator foretold of a revolution in animation, and displayed several concept art pieces. Download it here.


On the edge of the new millennium, new worlds are dawning—pointing us to the future; beckoning us to join the Quest.

Prepare yourself for an all new look in animation. Prepare yourself for the all-new adventures of Jonny Quest—a place of extraordinary worlds, fascinating adventures, and mind-bending mysteries; a mythical journey where treasures and legends are discovered by true heroes, and vengeful villains; epic storytelling, embracing thel evel of realism, never-before-seen in a cartoon; riveting action that's both visually innovative and exhilarating, featuring film quality animation where Jonny and his friends explore the worlds we know and those yet unknown; the worlds of virtual reality—a flash into the future; a virtual world that transforms our human heroes with out of this world vehicles and weapons to battle larger than life villains.

Jonny Quest—pushing the boundaries of imagination and courage with real stories real kids can believe in—from tales set in the mysterious Peruvian rain forest, where Jonny and Hadji discover a lost city of gold, to the hidden secrets of the ocean's depths, and the monstrous creatures that rule the abyss, to virtual reality stories where alien beasts threaten our nation's security. The Quest Team will risk danger for the thrill of adventure.

Jonny Quest—the next evolution in children's programming—a compelling series that will redefine television animation for the next generation.

Join the Quest—with Jonny, his friends Hadji and Jessie, Dr. Benton Quest, Race Bannon, and Bandit—for the extraordinary new adventures of Jonny Quest. Coming Fall 1996 from Hanna-Barbera Cartoons.



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