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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
Episode no. H00616-94044
Airdate September 13, 1996
Chief locations Borneo, South Pacific 107.34E, 4.05N (12,369 miles)
Vehicle(s) Quest Canoe
Writer(s) Chris Hubell & Samuel Graham
Michael Ryan
Guest roles Michael Benyaer (Man #5)
Frank Welker (Amok / Man #6 / Swain)
S. Marc Jordan (Wingate II / Old Man / Mercenary)
Marc Singer (Mitchell Stramm)
Episode sequence In the Wake of the Mary Celeste <--> Besieged in Paradise
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On an archaeological expedition in Borneo, the Quest team run into the mythical amok creature and a survivor of its savage attack. Peril ensues when the identities of both are called into question.

Plot Summary


The monster watches the soldiers

Deep in a remote jungle, a team of soldiers with assault rifles look for a creature. Something watches with purple eyesight from the trees, and begins picking off the soldiers one by one, seemingly impervious to gunfire. The final soldier flees the scene as the monster chases, appearing to be a large, brown, hairy creature with red eyes and huge claws. The soldier tumbles into a waterfall as the monster watches from the cliff.

Act One

Jonny and Jessie bring in the soldier

The Quests fly to Borneo to conduct age research on temples. Jonny and Jessie go fishing, and discover the soldier who fell into the waterfall. Meanwhile, Hadji, Race, and Dr. Quest analyze one of the temples, determining the lower levels were built a thousand years before the higher ones. Race inquires of a relief that seems to depict the monster from the teaser; Dr. Quest considers it an early sloth or a depiction of the goddess Rangda. Jonny and Jessie arrive with the soldier; at camp that night, the soldier lies that he came alone as part of a mission for a charity to recover a downed shipment of antibiotics. Race is skeptical, but Dr. Quest is worried that his story may be true. The monster watches with purple vision from the trees. The following morning, the party sets out on a Quest canoe for the soldier's last position.

They embark on land on a precipitous outcropping in driving rain, and Race catches sight of the monster. It jumps out of the jungle and attacks the soldier, who struggles to hold on to the cliff; Dr. Quest aims his gun at the monster, who pauses to look at Quest before retreating. Race descends with a rope to rescue the soldier, and the team makes camp. That night, Jessie receives a transmission in response to a request to Commander Bennett to check out Mitchell Stramm's (the soldier) passport. Bennett's reply reveals that Stramm's real name is James Compton, and that he's a former special forces agent assumed to be killed in action since 1989. Compton realizes the subject of their conversation and escapes with Benton's gun. The monster then attacks as Race tries to round up the fleeing Quests and make a unified escape.

Act Two

Jessie and Jonny recover

Jonny wanders alone, and Jessie and Race come out to join him; no trace exists of Hadji or Dr. Quest. The following day, Jonny is lowered to the river to look for clues, hoisted midway by Jessie and anchored at the top by Race. As Jonny finds his footing at the bottom, growls ring out from above, and the rope Race was holding falls down the cliff. Jonny and Jessie try to climb all the way up, but Jessie falls into the river, pulling Jonny with her. They're sucked into a cave and spat out over a waterfall, but emerge unharmed. The amok monster soon attacks, taking the two to a village where they find the others and the soldiers, who are locked in a bamboo cage. The monster takes off his head to reveal a stocky white man named Swain underneath, and the tribal leader approaches, claiming to be the son of Orde Wingate, famous British major-general of World War II. Wingate faked his death in order to avoid the war, which he felt was being won well enough. Compton interrupts his story with shooting and frees his other soldiers. He explains that he was hired to deal with the amok monster, and Wingate's son adds that this was in order to restore an illicit drug trade in the region. Compton rounds up prisoners in a long house, but Jonny and Swain, in monster regalia, seem to escape. They wait until night and pick off the guards; Swain confronts Compton as Race cleans out the long house. Outside, Swain retreats as Major-General Wingate himself subdues Compton with a bo; Compton flees into the jungle, but cries of pain are heard soon after.



Dr. Quest, Wingate, and Jonny
  • Hadji - "As the poet said, "Into each life, some rain must fall."
  • Jonny - "Yeah? Well I'm afraid the poet was all washed up if you ask me."
  • Race - (huge grin)


  • Jonny - "What's up, Race?"
  • Race - "Nothin' I can set a brand to...but there!"


  • Hadji - "When you cannot trust your eyes and ears, you must hope your feet know which way to run!"


  • It's nitpicking, but the credits refer to Wingate's son as Wingate II, when proper naming convention would have him Wingate Jr. and his father Wingate Sr.


  • The Quest Byte details several parts of Questworld, including figures, vehicles, and weaponry.

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