Ghost Quest

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
"Ghost Quest"
Episode no. H00616-94026
Airdate December 25, 1996
Chief locations Canada - 66.37W, 45.82N (221 miles)
Vehicle(s) Questor II
Writer(s) Glenn Leopold
Guest roles Rob Paulsen (Jean Leger)
Frank Welker (Ruby the Ghost Cat)
Thomas Gibson (Paul Mornay)
Mari Weiss (Lady Caroline)
Episode sequence DNA Doomsday <--> Nuclear Netherworld
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En route to Nova Scotia in the new Questor II, Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji discover a mysterious island enshrouded in fog with a strange caretaker, supernatural phenomena, and a tragic past.

Plot Summary


The Questor II sets sail

Jonny Quest, Jessie Bannon, and Hadji Singh set out en route to Nova Scotia for a lobster dinner in the new Questor II. Hadji promises smooth sailing, but on the way the team are caught in a weather system. Fog envelops the craft as all navigational tools fail; the three hear a woman's shriek in the distance. Turbulent waters throw Jessie overboard as Jonny steers clear of cliffs, and Jessie watches a woman fall from a cliff. Underwater, the woman disappears, and Jessie tries to swim back but is caught in massive waves.

Act One

Jonny ties a lifeline around himself and jumps in, managing to rescue Jessie in the maelstrom. Jessie relates the story of the woman as Jonny notices that the Questor II hasn't sustained much damage and should be in operable condition. As they prepare to disembark, a man approaches and introduces himself as Paul Mornay, the island's only resident. He tells them that the island has a bad reputation for ghosts and hauntings, but invites the team to warm up in the manor if they aren't afraid. As they discuss Dr. Benton Quest's work in the living room, supernatural phenomena begin manifesting, including Ruby, a ghost cat. Mornay reveals that he's an artist, and that the phenomena give him inspiration. In his studio, he divulges the story of Lady Caroline, who through herself off the Widow's Walk nearly two hundred years ago to the day. She could not stand the heartbreak of knowing her fiancé had died at sea, and committed suicide. Jonny thinks it's creepy, though Jessie is intrigued.

Lady Caroline

The temperature of the room suddenly drops, prompting Hadji to warn of coming disturbances. Lady Caroline appears from a flash of white light and reenacts her death. The team are fascinated, and Jonny suggests using new digital video gear on the Questor II to capture an image. They begin walking in the fog to the docked craft; Ruby the cat materializes and antagonizes Bandit. He chases her to a pond, at which point she fades out, leaving Bandit stranded to doggy-paddle. Jessie climbs a tree and suspends herself from a limb to pick him up when an image of a man with an arm outstretched appears from the water. It lasts for a split second before Jessie's branch slightly breaks. Perturbed, she hastily picks up Bandit and joins the others. They set up the camera to automatically activate when Caroline appears as Jessie reflects on her death in the bedroom. She reads a letter from her lover, which prompts Caroline to possess her and take her to the Widow's Walk. Jonny tries to bring her down, but she pushes him off.

Act Two

Hadji is barely able to pull Jonny up from the ledge he hangs on. He reveals that Jessie took off with Mornay in close pursuit. Jonny and Hadji explore Mornay's studio and find a portrait of what must be Jean, Caroline's lover (who looks like an older version of Jonny). They review the recorder's findings and notice a puff of fog near Jessie on the balcony. Jonny increases the resolution, discovering it is a hand with a ring upon which "Leger" is enscribed. Mornay appears and takes them back to the studio, where they spot Jean Leger's -- Caroline's fiancé -- resemblance to Jonny, deducing that Jessie (possessed by Caroline) was afraid of being pushed off. Jonny and Hadji set out around the island to find Jessie. Bandit pursues Ruby again with Jonny following; at the same pond, Jessie walks up and accuses Jonny (as Jean Leger) of cursing her to fall from the Widow's Walk for years. Jessie points out one of Leger's love notes Jonny's carrying, which is addressed to Marie, a shop girl who lived on the mainland. Jonny tries to play the role of Leger and convince Jessie that Marie meant nothing to him, but Jessie moves forward and attempts to physically subdue him. The two have each other in choke holds and roll into the pond, where Jessie tries to drown him.

Jonny and Jessie recoil

Hadji arrives and saves Jonny by throwing him a lifeline, at which point the real Jean Leger emerges from the pond in ghost form. Jonny and Jessie have a heated exchange while continuing the violence; Hadji suggests they forgive one another, and Mornay shows up just as they're about to turn on Hadji. Mornay warns that after this night, the nightmare will once again continue. As Jonny stumbles away, Jessie runs to him, asking for forgiveness. Jonny forgives her, and they kiss. The ghosts of Caroline and Jean rise, leaving Jonny and Jessie in an awkward moment. They smooth it over, knowing they were both possessed; Mornay appears and states that since the truth is known, he, Caroline's descendant, can rest. He fades into the mist, and the team discover his grave, realizing that he was a ghost as well. The island begins dissolving in wild purple and white auras; Jonny madly rushes in to retrieve the digital videos. The land disappears, stranding Jonny and Hadji in the water; they swim to the Questor II with Jessie and Bandit aboard. The digital video turns up empty, and the team realize that their watches stopped when the fog rolled in. Jessie jokingly retrieves a love letter from her pocket as a piece of hard evidence, but a gust of wind carries it away. Jonny regrets having "zip" as the vessel speeds away.


The ghosts rise


  • Jonny - "Fear isn't in our vocabulary, Mr. Mornay."
  • Hadji - "Speak for yourself, my friend!"


  • Jessie - "Such a waste. You were so young and beautiful. Life would have gone on, even without the one you loved."


  • Jonny - "I've always loved you, Caroline. That other girl did mean nothing. But you wouldn't believe me."
  • Jessie - "Liar! You betrayed me! You deserved to die in this bog!"
  • Jonny - "You left my soul in torment! My vengeful spirit returned to push you to your death!"
  • Jessie - "Over, and over, and over!"
  • Jonny - "You must believe me, Caroline! I have regretted it for centuries! But I was doomed too--"
  • Jessie - "No!"


  • Jessie - "Yeah, time stood still for me too, Jonny!"
  • Jonny - "Heh heh heh heh heh, very funny."


  • Since it deals with the paranormal, this episode features the a fade in for the title text.
  • The digital camera establishes this episode as occurring on the nonexistent date February, 30! Ghost Quest, indeed!
  • They didn't come away quite empty-handed, as they've still proven through the video that the ethereal mansion existed.
  • This episode features two Quest Bytes. The first uses classic series footage to explain Questworld's origin, and the second details the Virtua Cycle game.
  • Cels from the show later appeared on Ebay:

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