Ezekiel Rage

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
"Ezekiel Rage"
Episode no. H00616-94015
Airdate September 5, 1996
Chief locations Southeastern New Mexico 104.12W, 33.81N (N/A miles)
Vehicle(s) Quest Rover
Writer(s) Glenn Leopold
Matthew Malach (additional material)
Guest roles Michael Banyear (Co-Pilot / Army Lt. Guard #1)
Michael Bell (Rage)
Darleen Carr (Abby)
Haven Hartman (Karla)
Andy Lamond (Army Lt. Guard #2)
Richard Poe (Dr. Smallwood)
Frank Welker (Pilot / Bat Creature)
Episode sequence Assault on Questworld <--> Alien in Washington
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His plea for help turned down, a compromised spy and his family are presumably killed on duty. But when Dr. Quest visits a cave in New Mexico, he finds that Ezekiel Rage—and his anger towards the government—is very alive.

Plot Summary


Rage speeds away

In Panagua, a special agent infiltrates the Ministry of Finance with a grappling hook and breaks in to a locked file cabinet, finding out that the minister is lining his pockets with United States aid money. He hears guards coming, and as one comes to check the desk, he subdues him and escapes from the window. He then returns to the Dia de los Muertos celebrations, shedding his costume to appear as a businessman. As he prepares to leave the scene in his Cadillac, his family surprises him as Abby, his wife notes that she brought Karla from Miami to enjoy the festival. While agent Ezekiel tries to persuade them to return home, a guard recognizes his emerald green eyes and he must flee with his family in the car. He asks for help from a helicopter codenamed Falcon, his codename being Raven; the helicopter contacts the Pentagon, and a commander declares that he does not want an international incident and that Ezekiel is on his own. As he struggles to avoid gunfire, he promises the government by radio that he will hunt them down if they do not assist. Just then, a tire blowns out and the car veers over a cliff, exploding.

Act One

Rage subdues Race

The Quest team is in southeastern New Mexico near Roswell, where Jonny Quest is driving Race Bannon, Jessie, Hadji Singh, and his father around the dusty countryside. He swerves to avoid an endangered lizard, at which point Race decides that he'll drive from now on. Dr. Quest confirms that the trip is to visit Hugo Smallwood, who has reported seeing a strange bat creature in the nearby caves. They proceed to his small dome dwelling, where they find their letter and a sketchbook depicting the bat creature. Race and Benton take the Quest Rover to look for him while Jonny and Jessie head off to a rock formation to get a better view of the area. Benton and Race find his truck parked near a cave entrance and head inside with flashlights. Dr. Smallwood is lying on the ground, and grabs Dr. Quest's leg as he passes by. They see something huge and black quickly run by, and Race follows. As he enters another part of the cave, a man fires a grappling hook and descends upon Race with a kick. He holds high a book called the "Book of Rage", and smashes Race with it.

The team find the stockpile

Dr. Smallwood warns of great danger, and the man dives at Quest and his friend. Outside, Jessie finds a metal grate in the sand and steps on it; it gives away, threatening to consume her in a sinkhole. Jonny rushes to help, but his weight collapses the entire area and they both disappear underground. Hadji runs to their aid and meets a similar fate. They fall into an underground waterway and recover as Hadji wrings out his turban. They follow the cavern downstream for some time until they come upon what looks like a storage area for nuclear waste, full of metal barrels. Hadji takes a closer look and finds that they contain experimental nerve gas. A light comes from one end of the room, emanating from a forklift; Jonny asks for help and says they're lost. Rage's voice is heard, and he tries to run them over before wrecking the life and flying out of the windshield. He easily fights off Jonny and Jessie, knocking her into a tower of barrels. As one threatens to fall upon her, he believes she is Karla and rescues her with his grappling hook. She declares that she's Jessie Bannon, and Rage, still calling her Karla, speaks of punishment for those with little faith. He takess off his mask, revealing his badly scarred and noseless face.

Act Two

The Book of Rage

Rage ties them up, and Race recognizes him as Ezekiel Rage, a special agent presumed dead. Rage declares that the world is bereft of values and faith, and has lost its way; his duty is to cleanse it with the book of Rage to avenge the deaths of his family. He plans to use the nerve gas and waste on the government, blaming them for his family's death. His status as a covert operative allowed him to learn of the waste site before the incident which led him to become Rage. As he takes off after sealing the cavern with rocks to move more barrels, Hadji loosens his ropes and unties the others. Jessie spots a gecko going through a crack in the wall, and finds that she, Jonny, and Hadji can fit through. They find a passageway and pursue Rage out of the cave to his helicopter sight; Hadji breaks off to go find help. Rage has been loading the barrels onto a helicopter; he steps out to survey his work, laying his book down inside. He then returns for more barrels as Jonny and Jessie try to slow him down by rolling out the barrels from the helicopter. He realizes he left his book there, and returns as Jessie finds it contains nothing but pictures of his family. He reappears; Jessie throws the book at him, and Rage drives the forklift into a stockpile of gas before jumping off. Deadly gas is released, and Rage shields Jessie after donning a gas mask.

Rage restricts Jessie

He takes her to the helicopter, which is actually a vertical take off and landing craft. Jonny holds his breath and powers up the forklift; as the propellers sweep the gas away, he drives up to the ascending craft and barely manages to jump in the cargo bay. Jessie believes Jonny has died as Rage clutches her in the cockpit; she declares again that she is not Karle and hits the fuel dump release, causing the craft's fuel to spill out to the desert below. As Rage is dumbfounded, Jessie finds Jonny in the back, and he suggests sharing a parachute. Rage knocks him away and open the cargo doors; he is nearly sucked out until he throws Rage's book at him, making him release the parachute to catch it. Jonny and Jessie grab it and deploy it outside of the plane as Rage cries that he's going to meet Abby before it impacts a cliff wall. Below the point of impact lies burning wreckage and the charred remains of his book. Jonny and Jessie return to the Quest Rover to find Hadji passed out from holding his breath to avoid breathing the gas. Government helicopters arrive, and Race, Benton, and Smallwood are freed. The entrants note that the stockpile will have to be moved elsewhere as Jonny states that they probably will not see Rage again. Hadji wonders if his soul can finally rest.



  • Jonny - "See Jess? I do brake for lizards."
  • Jessie - "Lucky for you; these are fringe-toed lizards. They're endangered."
  • Race - "Not anymore they're not. Keys, please."


  • Hadji - "You go ahead. Someone should hold the fort...why should the wise tiger follow his foolish cousins?"


  • Jonny - "Hey, I thought the wise tiger wasn't going to follow his foolish cousins."
  • Hadji - "A yogin has the right to change proverbs!"


  • Rage - "I am the new faith."


  • Jessie - "Looks like the cavalry has arrived...late, as usual."


  • Smallwood - "They just keep burying their mistakes."
  • Dr. Quest - "But sometimes they come back to haunt us all, like Ezekiel Rage."
  • Jonny - "I don't think he'll be coming back this time, dad."
  • Jessie - "I felt sorry for him."
  • Race - "I know, Jess. But all he had left was his rage."
  • Hadji - "Perhaps now the soul of the wounded tiger can finally rest."


  • This episode does not feature a Quest Byte.

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