Village of the Doomed

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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
"Village of the Doomed"
Episode no. H00616-94031
Airdate December 31, 1996
Chief locations Devon, England 4.13W, 51.32N (N/A miles)
Writer(s) Glenn Leopold
Guest roles Quinton Flynn (Greene)
John de Lancie (Moffat)
Frank Welker (Innes / Winston)
Ian Ogilvy (Dr. Smallwood / Techie #2)
Clive Revill (Hunter #1 / Trench)
Nicolas Smith (Quentin / Techie)
Nick Tate (Darcy / Hunter #2)
B.J. Ward (Iris the Computer / Nurse Holloway)
Sarah Douglas (Mrs. Cadbury / Woman's Voice)
Episode sequence Without a Trace <--> Dark Sentinel
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While driving in England on a fly-fishing trip, Jonny and Dr. Quest are assaulted by a crazed man with a microchip in his neck. They recuperate in the quiet town of Wychford under the watchful eye of a chip manufacturer...

Plot Summary


Jonny Quest and his father are in Devon, England for a fly-fishing trip and some rest and relaxation. While driving to their destination, a crazed man foaming at the mouth jumps on the hood of their car and punches through the windshield. The car runs off the road; Benton is knocked out, and Jonny barely has time to notice before the man rips off the passenger's side door and threatens Jonny with a club. Jonny manages a leg sweep outside in the clearing, but the man recovers and trips Jonny. The adventurer sprints away, but trips on a root as the man bears down upon him, ready to bash him with the club.

Act One

The crazy man is shocked

Two men appear and tranquilize the assailant with an electric shock. As he falls to the ground, Jonny notices the presence of a strange white patch over the back of his neck. The two men describe him as an escaped mental patient, and note that they have a van down the road and can take Jonny and his father to the Smallwood Clinic in Wychford. Benton wakes up with a large bruise on his forehead, but is otherwise unscathed. At the clinic, the doctor patches him up and regrets that Mr. Enis has been mentally unstable. After Benton leaves, the doctor removes a chip from Enis's neck and curses its repeated malfunction. The two men are then asked to take Enis back to Mr. Darcy. Meanwhile, at the Wychford Arms, Jonny Quest and Benton reserve lodging as Jonny meets Winston, a "British Bandit". The local garage informs Benton that their car won't be ready for a day or two, prompting the father-son duo to hit the river and go fishing. Dr. Quest lands a fish soon after casting; Jonny nets it and heads upstream.

After catching is fly in bushes behind him, he strolls up the road to see Mr. Enis in good spirits riding his bicycle. Curious about the apparent fast recovery, Jonny passes a "Keep Out!" sign to find a huge scientific building. An agent approaches him and tells him to get off the private property; as he leaves, four men inside the building scan his image but decide not to bring him in. Back at the river, Jonny finds a note from his father stating he went to chat with the doctor and will meet him for dinner. Jonny tries to have Winston fetch a stick to earn his share of the meal, but Winston slams into a tree trunk. A scientist at the tech center sees Winston on radar, and tells his associates that the chip must be malfunctioning. He commands them to return the subject to the building as Winston becomes ravenously aggressive. Jonny flees from Winston to a farm house, but Winston's overbearing strength blasts through the door. Quest holds a gardening tool between him and the dog, who is foaming at the mouth and barking.

Act Two

Jonny checks out the chip

Jonny notices a chip on the back of Winston's neck and removes it, causing the bulldog to run into the pasture and pass out. There, he is apprehended by two agents, who are ordered to find the chip. Back in Wychford, the doctor reveals that he intends to create a world of happiness through the chips, which stimulate the cerebral cortex with feelings of joy. He admits that there have been malfunctions due to manufacturer problems. Dr. Quest is horrified at this prospect of mind control, and notes that he must inform the authorities. Suddenly, Mr. Darcy and an agent arrive, and escort both Benton and the doctor to the tech center. Jonny arrives and begin inquiring of Dr. Quest's location, noticing in the process that every villager seems to have a chip implanted. He then sets up Questworld to analyze and scan the chip; Iris tells him that it controls neurological impulses through microwave stimulation, and though it is built for tranquility and peace, a second circuit allows craze and anger to manifest as well.

Dr. Quest interrupts the Questworld scan by inviting Jonny to dinner. His son straightaway notices that he's been implanted with a chip, as he tells Jonny they plan to stay in peaceful Wychford for a very, very long time. Jonny tries to convince his dad to remove the chip, but Darcy and his agents are waiting. Jonny escapes through the hotel window, and Darcy institutes "pursuit-attack mode", causing every villager to become enraged hunters. In a red phone booth, Jonny hides from sight and attempts to call the police. However, Darcy has tapped the phone lines, and with his location compromised, Jonny finds a bicycle and hides until two agents leave their truck in pursuit. He hijacks it, but crashes soon after when he swerves to avoid hitting Benton. Dr. Quest jumps on the van when Jonny gets it going again; the boy stomps on the brakes, causing Dr. Quest to fall forward where Jonny can remove the chip. The van will no longer start; the recuperated Benton fools the villager by pretending to capture Jonny as he fakes cries for help. The tech center nevertheless notices that his chip has been removed, and institutes "pursuit-capture" on both Quests.

Benton is overpowered as Jonny cuts the cables

Jonny and Dr. Quest run to the building and notice the transmitter uplink on top, deciding they must shut it down. As they scramble to climb the building's ladders, the villagers close in. Jonny tries to disconnect the cables linking to the instrument while Benton holds off the assailants; he soon is overwhelmed and restrained with Jonny. Darcy and his men arrive with guns, revealing their plan to sell the chip to nations for use in controlling populations and armies. He then prepares to install a new chip in Jonny Quest, who breaks away from his captor and severs the last cable to the feed. The residents of Wychford come to their senses, and a scuffle breaks out. Benton is able to grab the electric stun gun and shock a few agents while the others are taken care of by Jonny and the villagers. Later on, Quentin fixes the Quest car on a new day and Jonny and Dr. Quest notice the villagers' experiencing negative emotions (like normal human beings) again. Jonny suggests they stay to do some more fly-fishing, and the two walk to the hotel with Winston behind them.



  • Dr. Quest - "Need any help?"
  • Jonny - "Nah. Race taught me all this when we were trout-fishing in Montana."
  • Dr. Quest - "I should have known."


  • Jonny - "Need any help?"
  • Dr. Quest - "No, Race taught me all about this when we were salmon-fishing in Alaska."


  • Jonny - "Ah, ooh...You're no Bandit, Winston."


  • Dr. Quest - "Your motives may be well-intentioned, doctor, but what you're doing is wrong."


  • Dr. Quest - "Well, that wasn't very friendly, gentlemen."


  • Jonny - "You know, we do make a pretty good team, dad. Especially when the chips are down."


  • This episode does not feature a Quest Byte.

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