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General Information

Publications International, Ltd. produced a Play-a-Sound book for the series illustrated by Arkadia Illustration and Design Limited and written by Raul Bloodworth. It's rated for children 18 months old and up. The tagline:

GOING HOT! Quest Team gets real in a hurry when hi-tech computer virus invades the Internet. Press the picture keys to hear six awesome action sounds and the real voices of Jonny, Hadji, Jessie, and Bandit. join them in this all-new adventure against an army of destructive cyberbots!


Who are those slick bikers? Looks like they're from another world, but it's really just Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji playing a computer game. When this talented team of techno-teens goes slammin' through virtual reality in QuestWorld, don't even blink, or they'll be gone!

Hold on to your handbrakes! Reality creeps into this race through virtual space with a red alert from the real world. Funa nd games in QuestWorld may just have to wait!

"There is a computer virus in Quest Compound," Hadji reports.

"No problema," Jessie says. "The Quest computer has virus protection programs. It can cure itself."

"That's what I wanted to hear, Jess" Jonny calls back from first place. "Let the games go on!"

What's going on in the real world while the kids are "goin' hot?" Not what the doctor ordered, that's for sure! At first this virus was just a string of numbers in one computer station in Quest Compound. But the virus moves too quickly for Quest Compound's main computer to handle, and now it's growing so fast it's getting out of control! While the virus is growing, so is the danger!

It's not just numbers anymore. A life-size robot, created by the virus, emerges from the circuits in the wall. Then another one creps out of the floor. And another, and another. They're opping up all over this quiet workshop, gathering computer parts to make themselves stronger. Soon they'll have all the parts here, and they'll be searching Quest Compound for more machinery. let's hope theyre not interested in cybercycles, because they're headed straight for the QuestWorld Control Room!

"Whoa!" jonny slams on the bike's brakes. "An obstacle course!?! Is this part of the program?"

"No ay! They're after our bikes!" Jessie cries.

"We can let them have the cybercycles," says Hadji. "It seems that is all they truly want. The virus has now entered QuestWorld. Perhaps we should log off and get back to the real world."

"game over!" Jonny calls. "That virus sure got out of control in a hurry. If it moves too quickly for the Quest computer's anti-viruses, it's too quick for any computer."

"Those robots could be popping up all over Quest Compound," Jessie adds. "Our dads could probably use our help!"

Meanwhile, in another wing of Quest Compound, Dr. Quest and Race Bannon are busy trying to stop the virus. They're not the only ones. A distress call comes in from the Pentagon.

"Welve never seen anything like this virus," sighs Commander Bennett. "It's hit all our defense systems and hundreds of other computer networks in the U.S. No one can stop it or these powerful robots it creates!"

"We're having the same problem here," Dr. Quest explains. "The robots only want your equipment. They won't harm you unless you get in their way. Try to stall them somehow until we get to the bottom of this!"

"We can't let them reach our military computer core," says the commander, "or the U.S. will be one big sitting duck!"

Race asks, "Is your core protected?"

"We have enough security programs ot keep out the virus and all of the robots for only 12 hours," Commander Bennett answers. "Can you help us in time?"

"We'll track it down, Commander," Dr. Quest promises. "Our mainframe computer is still running, and it keeps track of all transmissions."

Dr. Quest turns to Race. "Let's get the kids! We'll need their help!"

The kids are out of QuestWorld and back in the real world now, on their way to help Dr. Quest, Race, and Bandit, who are busy trying to get by the robo-wreckers.

"We can't stop these robots, but we'll hold them off here for as long as we can, Jonny," says Dr. Quest. "Get back to the mainframe with Jessie. Find out where this virus came from before it's too late."

"The mainframe's still going but the network's a mess," says Jonny. "I'm gonna need time to do this."

"We don't have much time, Jonny! They're coming in!" Jessie cries. "They'll tear apart the mainframe and keep the pieces! Then we'll never know how to stop it!"

Jonny works quickly, sotrying through the twisted data.

"Hold on...I've got it!" Jonny shouts. "The virus came in over the Internet from someplace called Spinnerets in Manchester, England. Let's go!"

"Spinnerets Software Company invented the OneWorldWeb," Dr. Quest explains as Quest Team takes off for Manchester. "I've heard rumors they've been working on some new computer warfare projects. The idea is, take down a country's computers, and the country becomes virtually powerless."

"So this virus takes down the computers, then makes the robots to take away the parts," Jonny figures. "Can't get much more powerless than that!"

"We still have some power left!" exclaims Race, pulling the plane to full throttle.

"You kids be careful down there," Dr. Quest orders. "The compound looks heavily secured, and if this company's in the business of world domination, it'll be dangerous."

"I'll be there to protect htem," says Race. "And I know Bandit will sniff out trouble before it finds us."

"Danger and trouble are old pals to us," Jessie says.

"We'll be back in no time, Dad," adds Jonny. "We've been tracking the virus from the start, and I've been working on a cure the whole trip. It'll be no sweat."

Jessie rigs a tracking device to find the computer that sent the virus. Quest Team knows right where to go. THey hurry through the dark halls.

"It's behind that door," Jessie points.

"Listen," whispers Hadji. "Somebody's still in there..."

"Wait for it...Now!" Race is ready for anything. Bandit barks nervously. And Jonny just can't believe his eyes!

"A kid?!?" he gasps.

"I didn't mean to do it," the boy whimpers.

"My dad's working overtime," says Eddie, the son of Sir Edward Butler, a world-famous computer programmer. "Dad said I could play in his office while he's in the lab. I found a really cool program and booted it up. I thought it was a game!"

"This is no game, son," Race reminds him. "So stop it...Now!"

"I can't," Eddie replies. "I mean, I've tried. Once it started, it wouldn't stop!"

Dr. Quest calls in from the plane: "Quest Team: Report! Our friends at the Pentagon are getting very worried. The robots will reach the Pentagon's computer core in only 20 seconds!"

"Gimme 15," Joonny chuckles. "We're one step ahead of this virus!"

He plugs in a portable QuestWorld computer. Jonny has an anti-virus ready, and he's sending it — Special Delivery — through QuestWorld into Spinnerets' system, and out on the Internet.

"This better work," Jonny takes a deep breath.

Jonny's fingers have never moved so quickly. He wipes out the original virus in Spinnerets' network and floods the Internet with Quest Team's homemade cure. With QuestWorld running, the anti-virus program spreads over the Internet like a million fiery comets.

The wrecking robots at the Pentagon stop dead in their tracks. Their new orders, courtesy of Jonny Quest and Quest Team, are to self-destruct. In a cyber-second, all that's left of the robots, and the virus that created them, are sizzling plies of Pentagon parts. The computer core is safe!

"It worked!" Jonny cheers.

"you sure know hot o cut it close," says Jessie.

"That's one game I wouldn't play again fi I were you," Race tells the boy.

"Oh, I won't," Edie sighs. "Thanks for your help, Quest Team."

"We not only saved the U.S.A.," Hadji says. "We have also saved young Edward here from getting grounded for a very, very long time."

"Anyone up for some cybercycle racing when we get back to Quest Compound?" Jonny asks.

"We have many repairs to make at home," Hadji points out.

"And I'm feeling pretty beat," says Jessie. "It's been a long trip!"

"Maybe you're coming down with something," Jonny grins. "If it's a virus, QuestWorld could have the perfect cure for you!"




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