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In 1996, Virgin Media released a PC game called Cover-Up At Roswell based on the first season designs for The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. The game used footage from seven shows—The Darkest Fathoms, In the Realm of the Condor, Ndovu's Last Journey, Manhattan Maneater, Return of the Anasazi, Trouble on the Colorado, and Alien in Washington—to piece together a new story. An e-mail in the game foreshadows The Secret of the Moai. Interestingly, the game features a complete guide to all Quest vehicles not found in other media, and provides a map of the Quest Compound. It makes full use of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest merchandising graphics and fonts. At the time, Virgin Media's games were aimed at providing action-packed, educational adventures for kids, which largely mirrored the original mission of the show. Voices are provided by season two actors except for Hadji and Dr. Quest, who are voiced by his season one counterpart Michael Benyaer and presumably Charles Howerton respectively. Cover-Up At Roswell features most of the colorized official art produced for the series in the credits sequence.


Scenes from locations in each episode, including the Quest Compound, are shown to the player with sprites of Jonny, Jessie, or Hadji in the foreground. Players click entrances or objects to move forward or interact with items in the search for several alien artifacts. Jonny is equipped with three tools to help him in his search, including the Tracking Device artifact radar, a GPS unit, and a homing beacon locater for finding Dr. Quest. Players must often complete mini games through the journey, such as driving a jeep across the African savanna or aligning figurines to open a Mesoamerican passage. Help tips are provided for every stage, narrated by the female Questworld voice (actor B.J. Ward) comparable to EVA from the Command & Conquer series. In certain areas or after particular events, the characters will talk amongst themselves to provide hints concerning what to do next. At times, the player must use equipment to make traveling choices or locate objects.


Questworld's Operating System lists equipment details (in addition to the Vehicles listing).

  • Global Positioning Unit - Through a satellite uplink, this device pinpoints your exact position. It displays your location on the earth's surface (latitude and longitude) as well as the direction you are facing (north, south, east, west, etc.).
  • Tracker - A portable unit which can locate an object by scanning for the wavelength of its radiation. To calculate the object's exact position (latitude and longitude), the user must move the cross hairs over the object's location on the map. Note that the circle indicates distance from the object.
  • Homing Device - A portable unit which pinpoints the location of the person wearing the homing beacon. First, calculate the distance from that person by moving the slider until the white lights start to flash the colored code sequence. Next, copy the encrypted code signal on the colored code transmission buttons. When the signal has been successfully decoded, an arrow will indicate the subject's position.
  • Digital Notepad - A pocket-sized computer that can connect via remote with another computer network. Comes with a tablet interface.
  • Echo-Locator - A device which uses sonar technology to display obstacles in your path. Can be used to navigate in the dark. To use, pres the sonar transmission button. The colored lights indicate your distance from obstacles in front of you, behind you, to your left and to your right.


Manual Teaser

The manual describes the plot thusly:

In an isolated area of Nevada exists AREA 51, a huge tract of land with underground facilities for top secret U.F.O. research. Recently, several rumors have circulated in regard to the nature of this research, most prominently that the government is trying to use alien technologies to create weapons of mass destruction.

Assigned to guard the secretes of Area 51 are the MEN IN BLACK, a battalion of combat-ready "enforcers" who are under the supreme authority of GENERAL TYLER. Several former MEN IN BLACK have recently been indicted on Federal tampering charges, but this hardly seems to have affected their ruthless policies. They are widely considered to be the most dangerous of all government agencies.

General Tyler, with his humorously scrawled-over nameplate

Like his subordinates, GENERAL TYLER is not to be taken lightly. Openly criticized by many in military circles as a "rogue lifer," TYLER Is recognized by the Pentagon brass as an extremely effective "silencer." Along with his MEN IN BLACK, he has kept the lid on many a classified operation. He was recently placed in charge of SuNaPhen, an embryonic agency designed to investigate supernatural phenomena. Many individuals who have questioned his authority have disappeared without a trace. TYLER has little tolerance for civilians, in particular RACE BANNON, whom he refers to a "loose cannon."

GENERAL TYLER'S hatred for BANNON is second only to that of DR. JEREMIAH SURD, an evil genius whose deteriorating physical condition has left him relegated to a wheelchair. He blames the QUEST TEAM, and BANNON in particular, for his misfortunes and will stop at nothing to destroy them all. it is a safe bet that most QUEST adventures will involve overcoming SURD and his loyal subordinates. His recent acquisition of a portable QUESTWORLD SYSTEM allows him access to the world of cyberspace, a fantasy land where his physical imitations do not interere with his fanatical obsessions. SURD takes full advantage of QUESTWORLD'S ability to bend reality, prompting the QUEST TEAM to adopt a "trust no one" policy.

When a bank of highly sensitive government monitors pick up a "U.F.O. that is entering Earth's atmosphere, GENERAL TYLER is immediately notified. After the "U.F.O." crashes near the remote town of Roswell, New Mexico, it soon becomes evident that it is actually an alien spaceship. Furthermore, it jettisons several objections prior to impact with the Earth's surface. With these alien components scattered across the globe, GENERAL TYLER dispatches the ruthless MEN IN BLACK to contain the situation. The QUEST TEAM knows full well that they must retrieve these objects before their adversaries do.

The stakes are high for the QUEST TEAM - if the secrets of this alien technology are obtained by either TYLER or SURD, there's not telling what sort of cataclysms could ensue. Most likely, i would spell the end of the QUEST TEAM, not to mention the world as we know it.

Full Summary

An alien vessel has broken up over the earth's atmosphere. Tracked by governmental monitors, it crash lands in Roswell, New Mexico. The observers immediately call General Tyler, head of the Men in Black; he activates their unit on the spot and commands his subordinates to keep the crash from the public. Meanwhile, at the Quest Compound, Jonny jacks in to Questworld's cycle racing game. While in level two, Jonny helplessly watches as Questworld experiences a system overload. Hadji manages to pull him out before the system completely crashes; Dr. Quest then arrives, revealing that he has received an urgent e-mail and needs to access Questworld's post office. Frustrated with the crash, he tells Jonny to go to each terminal in the compound and perform the system diagnostics necessary to restore access and Questworld's integrity. Jonny first heads to the Laboratory in the barn to restore the security system. The team notice that a strange commercial ship is docked outside. They then return to the lighthouse to fix the network before going to Jonny's room, where the databanks are put back together. It seems bad data was injected into each system.

Dr. Quest is now able to load the databanks, using the Quest Holographic Operating System version 1.6.2, dated September 19, 1996. The databanks are still somewhat damaged, restricting access to e-mail, video enhancement tools, equipment listings, vehicle listings, a scanner, and the hologlobe. Jonny begins checking the e-mails, which include a threat from Surd and a note from "Petey's Eatery" that damages are still expected for Race's behavior in trashing the place after he thought a busboy was a criminal mastermind. The e-mail from Dr. Quest's friend, Bill Schawb, notes that he saw what appeared to be a meteor crash in the New Mexico desert, and that the site was soon sealed off by armed guards. He has sent Dr. Quest a video taken from a weather satellite of the object entering the earth's atmosphere. The video is very grainy, prompting Jonny to use the following filters and tools: ultrasonic, Threshold scan, ultraviolet, infrared, gamma control, and AI interpolation. The picture clearly reveals a UFO entering the earth's atmosphere and jettisoning several objects.

Dr. Quest notices that it jettisons several objects, and phones General Tyler. Tyler is brutish and dismissive, and Dr. Quest begins his own investigation by aiming to find the objects jettisoned by the spacecraft. The Hologlobe is able to track two of the objects, which crashed in New York City's Central Park (later taken underground to N39° 09' 14", W74° 16' 38") and a rain forest near Iquitos, Peru (S12° 25' 27", W76° 23' 43"). General Tyler then calls, complaining of a media leak; the Quests blame it on Surd, who must have lifted the information during the Questworld crash. The Quests first choose Peru as Jessie stays behind to analyze computer data. At the rain forest, the team raft down the river in search of the object, which seems to have been moved. Despite falling off a waterfall, the crew survive and set up camp. The cries of a child in the wilderness spark a search by Hadji and Jonny, who locate a native kid fighting an anaconda. Jonny beats away the snake, but the kid runs as well; the team continue searching after climbing a huge cliff. They discover ancient ruins, and arrange pieces on a small checkerboard to find a lost Mesoamerican city. There, they locate the first artifact. Because Jonny saved the headman's son, they are granted safe passage out via giant condors.

In Manhattan, Hadji tracks the next artifact to an area beneath Grand Central Station in the Quest Helicopter with Jessie on board from the Compound. The team first must find a place to put the chopper down in the crowded skies of New York. At the hotel, they witness another report from Vince Vance that citizens are arming themselves in preparation for an alien invasion. Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie take to the streets and learn from thugs that the artifact has been taken underground. Hadji is worried that the urban legends of a lawless culture of underground denizens beneath the subway system may be true. The team locate a slingshot and a subway entrance, using the weapon to dispel rats. Below, they find a key in a disheveled room before venturing farther below. After dispatching more rats, they use the key to enter an old subway car, where the second alien device awaits. Underworld dwellers launch an assault, but the team narrowly escape.

The next object lies in Tanzania; specifically, coordinates S3° 15' 04", W34° 32' 52". The team lands near a bushman, who tells them that he had seen a vision of their coming, and that the elephant Ndovu has selected them to follow him to the elephant graveyard—where the next artifact lay. The quest begins by a long drive through the savanna. After making camp, Jonny, Jessie, and Hadji decide they cannot wait and head east. They soon locate the elephant and begin following him, eventually coming to a "sticky" wall. Made of intertwined sticks, it prevents their passage until they carefully remove them by layers. Beyond, they find that Nvodu is swimming across a large river with a nearby poacher. They continue tailing the elephant until it enters dense foliage, which they must navigate with a sonar. Once inside the elephant graveyard, they find the component behind several ivory tusks. The two poachers reveal themselves and demand Jonny to hand over the artifact, but Nvodu quickly kills them as the team flee. They're picked up but the Tanzanian border patrol, who challenge them to a friendly game of Mancala. Unfortunately, one of the poachers is still alive and sets fire to the camp, which Jonny helps thwart with an extinguisher.

Next, the team flies to Lake Powell, Utah, which is besieged by a thunderstorm. The object lies at N 35° 25' 06", W 110° 30' 22", deep within Anasazi ruins. They recover it within a dwelling, but are immediately assaulted by Men in Black. Race holds them off while Jonny and Jessie flee with the artifact, eventually discovering a cave passage by piecing together an Anasazi puzzle depicting aliens. They cover several miles until reaching daylight, at which point they hitch a ride to a city in Arizona. There, they book a train, but during the ride the object begins acting as a beacon. With the Men in Black quickly closing in on their passenger car, Jonny and Jessie manage to deactivate it as the MIB helicopter crashes into a rock face. Meanwhile, the Men in Black are detaining Hadji, Benton, and Race. Jessie, Jonny, and Bandit find an old airfield south of Rangely, Colorado after disembarking, and pick the lock to get the ignition key and fuel tester to a small aircraft. Using the settings 92515, they fly slightly east to find where the rest of the team is being held. Jonny wrecks the craft on landing, and acquiesces to the MIBs' demands for the object. As Dr. Quest sighs, Jonny reveals that he actually gave them the fuel tester.

The next alien object lies beneath the seas of the Devil's Triangle. The team head back to the Quest Compound to retrieve the Sea Slug and Questor, and begin a dive with Jonny, Hadji, and Race on board. They must first navigate a precipitous reef in search of the artifact within a shipwreck, to be found at N24° 01' 17", W73° 08' 49". After navigating strange rock formations, they find the Ivory Web, an old gun frigate. They enter through the deck and easily locate the object. Unfortunately, the umbilical providing hot water to the Sea Slug stops functioning when the craft suffers a glitch. Race and Jonny begin making their way back as Hadji struggles to manually reset the controls. He succeeds in fixing the temperature at 98.6 and the flow property at 137, and Jonny drags Race back in before Hadji must rescue him as well. Hadji quickly surfaces the sea slug, and the team head back to the Quest Compound to scan the alien objects. They find the compound was broken in to by the Men in Black, but nothing was taken.

Inside, Jonny and the others scan an alien object and see that most of it is made from unknown material and alien organic material is still on it. Amazed at the thought of the spaceship's passenger's chance of still being alive, they decide to jack in to Questworld to directly hack Washington's computers. However, the process is interrupted when Surd enters Questworld and locks Jonny behind a technological wall, intending to find the alien himself. Jonny easily breaks the three barriers, gaining access to Level 9 clearance for classified phenomena. He first checks the archives, which contains records of old phenomenology case studies. He then checks current records, which reveal that the Men in Black were tailing the Quest Team, and that Surd was "Vince Vance" all along in a bid to get the items for himself. Jonny discovers that the alien is being kept in the basement of the Pentagon and a living autopsy is about to be performed. Surd then boots him from Questworld in preparation to launch his own bid at recovering the alien. The Quest team head to Washington D.C. to release a droid into the Pentagon controlled from Questworld. The droid avoids sentries and locates the alien by heading right and up to the B4 elevator, left and down to the B3 elevator, and then around a complicated maze. Dr. Quest takes the alien to a clearing in the Queststream with Tyler in pursuit. Tyler sicks his guards on the entity, who quickly neutralizes them and Tyler so that no memory of the alien will remain. Using Dr. Quest's communicator, he then hitches a ride to the stars. The Quests depart Washington wondering what their next adventure shall be.

Questworld E-mail

The Questworld Holographic Operating System allows players to access a few e-mail messages sent to the team. They include:


Dear Mr. Quest, we are sorry to inform you
that our records pertaining to Jeremiah Surd
are no more complete than yours. In fact,
many of our files on Mr. Surd seem to have
been deleted or corrupted. If we can be of
assistance in some other way, please let us

Dr. Quest -- A team of national scientists
who were researching the Moai of Easter island
recently disappeared without a trace. In light
of recent events on Rapa Nui, I assume we do
not have to tell you how serious an issue this
is. We will be forwarding a file containing
their work and would greatly appreciate any aid
you and your team could provide in regard to
this highly volatile situation.

Dear Dr. Quest -- Cheers mate! Hope all is
well for you back in the states. There's a
slight problem down under. I as monitoring
the recent trend of ozone layer depletion
when my gadgetry registered some sort of
spacecraft. Now, I've cross-referenced
NASA's flight schedule as well as those
of other space programs.

I hate to jump to any conclusions, but I
think that an alien spacecraft may have
entered the Earth's atmosphere sometime
yesterday morning, E.S.T. Please get back
to me with any information.
Thank you, Witherspoon

G'day Quest fools! Thank you once again for
creating QuestWorld just for me. I love it!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back
to monitoring your every move! Ta-ta.
P.S. Hey Bannon, nice move beating up a busboy.
What, did you ask for your water with no
ice? Hah-hah!

Dear Quest Team -- We are still awaiting
payment for all the damage which was caused
when Mr. Bannon mistook our busboy for a
criminal mastermind. We expect to receive a
check this week. Thank you, Petey

Dear Mr. Bannon -- We would like to express
our gratitude for your efforts in our latest
fund raising campaign. Thanks to your tireless
efforts, we now have the money to open a new
facility in three urban areas. We look forward
to working with you again int he future!

Dr. Quest -- I've gathered some exciting data
about global warming that I'd like to show you
as soon as possible. A more pressing issue
has arisen, however. While doing field
research, I observed what looked like a large
meteor flash across the sky. It then hit the
ground in the nearby desert. Eerily, by the
time I reached the crash site, the entire
area had been sealed of by armed guards.

I managed to get ahold of a video of the
object entering the earth's atmosphere. The
picture's a bit blurry because it was taken
by one of our weather satellites. Please
take a look at it. Look for it with your
recent downloads. Maybe you could use your
video enhancement program to get a clearer
picture. Let me know, Bill

US Classified Phenomenology Cases

Recent Records

new mexico/ufo/doc1.356.747
FROM: General Tyler
To: Mr. President
CC: Men In Black

Dear Mr. President -- Here is the
requested debriefing on our
situation in New Mexico. Hangar 19
has received the vehicle in
question. Reports on vessel composition and related technologies
will be forthcoming. Recovered life
form is being held in standard fashion.
Dr. Benton Quest and his team have
been placed under surveillance after
we received indications that they are
onto us. The Quest Team is not yet
considered a security threat, but
every precaution is being taken to
maintain our desired level of integrity.
new mexic/ufo/doc1.356.748
RE: Operation Hush Puppy
FROM: General Tyler
To: Men In Bllack

ATTENTION! Inittiate code red security
function in response to possible
presence of Quest Team. Surveillance
indicates that they are investigating
the recent episode in New Mexico.
Take no chances in assuring that they
remain silent. Secure perimeter of crash
site and maintain a 25 mile buffer zone.
No media or local authorities are to be
permitted access. This is to remain a
Federal investigation. Local news
agencies should be informed that a
Russian satellite crashed in the
area... nothing more, nothing less.
new mexico/ufo/doc1.356.749
RE: Operation Underling
FROM: Men In Black, Commander Noir
TO: General Tyler

Dear General -- Zones One through
Three have been contained. Our final
zone is currently being swept and
containment is imminent. Guards
have been informed of their "National
obligations" and all have itchy
trigger fingers. No one will be allowed
in or out of the area. Local media have
been told that a Russian satellite
crashed in the area. News reports
indicate that the story has been
accepted as truth.
new mexico/ufo/doc1.356.751
RE: Quest Team
FROM: Men In Black, Commander Noir
TO: General Tyler
CC: Hangar 19, HQ

Dear General Tyler, As we had
expected, the Quest Team is meddling
with the affairs of Operation Hush
Puppy. Preliminary surveillance
reports indicate that they are tracking
some sort of alien residue which
entered Earth's atmosphere. Details
are still sketchy so we have assigned
a team of agents to find out exactly
what they are up to. Details will be
new mexico/ufo/doc1.356.755
RE: Vince Vance
FROM: General Tyler
TO: Men In Black

Dear Sirs, Recently, a rogue tabloid
reporter known as "Vince Vance" has
blown the lid off of our "containment"
strategy and created an environment of
alien-mania. Attempts to learn his true
identity have failed. his Social
Security Number has been verified as
fraudulent, as were his birth
certificate and home address. Eerily,
there are no records regarding this
phantom-like personality. One theory
put forth by a team of subordinates 
is that "Vince Vance" is
actually ... MESSAGE ABORTED.
new mexico/ufo/QUEST.doc75.l
RE: Quest Team Retrieval Operation
TO: General Tyler
FROM: Men In Black

Dear General -- As per your request,
several of my subordinates have
been monitoring the movements of the
Quest Team with startling results.
It appears as though they have
obtained several 'Pieces of the pie"
from locations scattered across the
globe. Quest Team casualties -
zero; equipment damage - minimal.
Their recent successes have prompted
me to add more manpower to their trail.
Sincerely, the Enforcer. P.S. General,
there is no need to worry about
any of this coming back to you.
new mexico/ufo/memo/debrief.doc567.678
RE: New Mexico crash site
Top Secret, Code Dire, Level 8

Alien spacecraft has been recovered,
but is inoperable. It is believed that
key components of the craft were
jettisoned prior to impact with the
earth. The search for that missing
technology is underway, spearheaded
by the top secret House Committee on
Classified Phenomena. The alien vessel
was badly damaged in the crash , but we
have managed to recreate its original
form as a 3-D model (see attached file).

Alien passenger recovered and is
believed to be in good health.
Awaiting results of preliminary
physical examination, after which a
living autopsy will be performed.
The being is capable of acting
as a shape shifter and can take on
a human guise. By assuming the form
of various members of our staff, he
has almost escaped several times. For
this reason, we are moving the
alien from Hangar 19 to a holding cell
in the Pentagon -- Level B3, Sector
5, Room B327.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The alien is kept
behind three locked doors. As we
are informing all staff members, only
one of these doors should be open
at a time. If all three of these
doors were ever opened at the same
time, the alien would be as good as
free. His ability to assume any
form would allow him to escape


/easter island/ufo/doc153.8796349

The enigmatic Moai of Easter Island
have been studied by American
archaeologists for decades. Several
of these so-called scientists have
actually been undercover government
operatives. Ample proof has been
uncovered to support this government's
theory that the Moai possess
supernatural powers.
/devil's triangle/ley-lines/magnetic/doc154.967534

The Devil's Triangle, located
off the southern coast of Florida,
is one of the world's most
dangerous zones for boaters
and aviators alike. In the past few
months, numerous vesssels have been
lost in the area. Theories on this
area seem to be unanimous in their
belief that magnetic anomalies can
and do wreak havoc onv essels'

In 1967 U.S. surveillance satellites
confirmed that an alien spacecraft
had inf act crashed in a remote region
of Siberia. Several unconfirmed rumors
have circulated that the Soviets
actually captured an alien that
survived the crash. An American
operative who infiltrated the Soviet
Cosmonaut training program testified
that the Sputnik space program was
based in large part on technology
stolen from these aliens, including
the initial blue prints for a
vessel capable of traveling beyond
light speed.

An underground research facility
in rural New Mexico. This top secret
site is home to the nation's most
classified extra-terrestrial research,
including Operation Thunderclap and
the Aquinas project. Past agendas
include: alien spacecraft retrieval and
study; extra-terrestrial autopsies;
alien language analysis; and spacecraft
composition analysis. If the public
ever learns of this facility's
existence, a self-destruct mechanism
has been rigged so that the entire
complex will implode and be destroyed.
All records will however, still be
maintained in the Pentagon mainframe.
/quest, benton/phenomena/doc53.678

Widely regarded as the world's
leading phenomenologist, Dr. Benton
Quest has been called on by this
government for several top level
research projects. Drawbacks include
his inability to bend the rules and
see the larger picture of national
security. Not to be contacted in
highly classified or questionable
scenarios. REPEAT - Do NOT contact
Quest in regard to any matter which
may require a cover-up, such as the
acquisition of downed spacecrafts
or covert military operations.
/bannon, race/operative/doc53.647

While working for a classified
government agency, Race Bannon was
one of the nation's most highly
regarded operatives. After obtaining
a government-sanctioned license to
kill, Bannon spearheaded the rescue
of American hostages in Iran and led
U.S. forces into Grenada. Considered
by many to be a loose cannon, Bannon's
skills as a soldier and agent are
without equal. If Bannon ever gets
out of control however, we have
orders to immediately launch Operation
Rub Out.
/surd, jeremiah/diabolique/doc54.985

Dr. Jeremiah Surd is the evil
mastermind who escaped from the
Belle Isle Insane Asylum on 7-10-96.
He is the Quest Team's main antagonist
and has been on a terror-filled crime
spree since his "liberation". A former
government scientists, Surd was
developing a toxic nerve gas until
his funding was terminated. Now
confined to a wheelchair, this
demented genius will stop at nothing
to destroy the Quest Team and the
government which betrayed him. His
agenda is supported by two accomplices,
Julia and Lorenzo, who identities
are currently under investigation. Surd
was recently indicted for kidnapping
the President, but has managed to
elude authorities. Current whereabouts
are unknown.



The Hollywood Reporter PC Game Announcement provides an early look at the game's development. Budgeted at $1 million, the game was tentatively called Escape from Quest World and slated for an October 1 deadline release. Virgin Sound and Vision handled all marketing, sales, and distribution of the title, while Turner helped cross-promote. VSV hoped for 20-25 hours of game play for adults and 80-100 hours for children. VSV had the option to make a sequel game, but apparently declined.


  • Vince Vance - "This is Vince Vance, shaking and baking with news that's late-breaking."
  • Race - "What he really needs is a late-breaking roundhouse."


  • Dr. Quest - "Onwards and upwards, as I always say."


  • Jonny - "Man, I could go for a chili-dog!"
  • Hadji - "But first, we must quench our appetites for adventure."


  • Jessie - "This looks like the perfect area for a neighborhood watch program."
  • Hadji - "Is this what they call...the wrong side of the tracks?"


  • Jonny - "It's time to bust this hot-dog cart."


  • Hadji - "The paradox of karmic fate is the razor's edge between predestined reality and active choice."


  • MIB - "You're supposed to be on our side, Bannon. You were a government man."
  • Race - "You're right; I was, until they made those shades part of the uniform."


  • Race - "And if you believe that, I've got some funky magic beans for sale at close-out prices."


  • Hadji - "Oh, Jonny! You're the proverbial fox with many tricks!"
  • Jessie - "Now that we've got the Men in Black off our backs, where to next?"


  • Jonny - "Slammin!...literally!"


  • Hadji - "The benevolent sun shall thaw us all."


  • Jonny - "Living autopsy? I think we're gonna have to save the alien!"


  • Surd - "How about a close encounter of the Surd kind?"
  • Surd - "I hope you punks have insurance!"
  • Surd - "This little space-man will make a nice pet."


  • Race - "I hate to rain on the intergalactic lovefest, but we've got company!"


  • The Manhattan object's coordinates place it in the Atlantic ocean.
  • The Utah object's coordinates place it near Flagstaff, Arizona, a bit far from Lake Powell, Utah. Jonny and Jessie end up in the fictional town of "Quentin", Arizona anyway, as they covered several miles after hitching a ride.



  • Race makes the comment that the Peruvian rain forests remind him of Da Nang, suggesting he spent time in Vietnam. His relatively young age and recent career with Intelligence One suggest otherwise.


Executive Producer and Director - Jerry Hesketh

Producer - Tom Mott

Associate Producer - Ernie Lafky

Design Team - Liz Arkush, Carey Chico, Kate Cohen, Ted Couldron, Nick Cutillo, Derek Duke, mike Fisher, Jerry Hesketh, Thea Klapwald, Ernie Lafky, Sam Londe, John Mamais, Tom Mott, Jonathan Octeau, Jeff O'Hare, David Okada, John Pelinski

Story By - John Pelinski

Written By - John Pelinski

Senior Graphics Engineer - Ted Couldron

Visual Design and Production - Omnivore

Art Direction - Kate Cohen

Project Coordination - Lynette Johnson

Artists - Tom Ward, Andrew Lucas

Artist and Production Assistant - Val Cohen

Production Assistance - Kecia Clenard, Mike Murphy

Design Assistance - TC Chang

Additional Background Layouts - Latchezar Gouchev

Additional Background Paintings - Edie Moses

Senior Sound Designer - Derek Duke

Music Composition and Orchestration - Derek Duke

Audio Engineer - Gene Conway

Audio Production - Big Fat Kitty, Bill Black, Red

Casting and Recording Director - Kris Zimmerman

Assistant Director - Collette Sunderman

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Voice Characterization - Quinton Flynn, Michael Benyaer, Robert Foxworth, Jennifer Hale, Charles Howerton, Peter Renaday, Kevin Richardson, B.J. Ward, Frank Welker

Senior Video Engineer - Sam Londe

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Additional Computer Animation - Mark Wilkinson

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Junior Programmer - Jonathan Octeau

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Windows Installers - Andrew Carpenter

Design Coordinator - John Mamais

Production Assistants - Matt Bloom, Julie Conn, Segul Kosowski

Lead Teser - Nicolas Radin

Tesers - Gamble Bresee, Summer Litwin, Dillon Oleata

Additional Compatibility Testing - PC Test

Product Manager - Claudia Ross

Package Design - Soo Hoo Design

Footage and background art from "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"

Produced by John Eng

Supervising Producer: David Lipman

Production Liason: Heather Kenyon

Production Secretary: Amy Wagner

Special thanks to Orbit City Art Company

Main Title Theme by Gary Lionelli

Based on Jonny Quest Theme by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, and Hoyt Curtin.




Original music was composed for the game. Cover-Up At Roswell seems to have a distinctive theme appearing in the title menus of the game and the Quest Compound. This theme is arranged with local music flavors for the areas the Quests visit; it gets a strange, more ambient make over for the Utah segment, for example. A secondary theme is used for exploration. Most of the music is featured within the Quicktime files with video, although three suites and one with the distinctive theme are contained in separate AIF files.

You may download the soundtrack in lossy MP3 format or lossless APE format.


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The Roswell Packaging also contains art on the box.


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