Palm Beach Post Cover-Up At Roswell Review

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The following appeared in the Palm Beach Post. The citation is 1996-10-05. "HELP JONNY QUEST SAVE THE WORLD". Palm Beach Post p. 3D. Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc. Only the Jonny Quest portion is presented.

Kids can join the Quest Team and save the world from the evil Dr. Surd and the Men in Black in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: Cover-Up at Roswell, a CD-ROM adventure game released this week.

Based on the series that airs on the Cartoon Network, TNT and TBS, the two-CD Jonny Quest includes 50 minutes of animation that pauses at critical moments. Children then solve puzzles, play games and perform tasks to continue the adventure.

As the story opens, the Quest Team - including show characters Jonny, Jessie, Dr. Quest and others - discovers that an alien spaceship has crash-landed on Earth and jettisoned several objects before impact. The team must now travel the globe to recover the objects before the bad guys can get their hands on them.

Along the way, players hack into the Pentagon computer, pilot a river raft in Peru, a biplane in Utah and a submarine through the Devil's Triangle, and navigate the New York subway.

A fun romp for fans of the show, Jonny Quest is available in stores from Virgin Sound & Vision at a suggested retail price of $34.95. It works with Mac and Windows and is recommended for kids 8 and up.

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