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The following appeared in The Daily Telegraph (Sydney). The citation is Hellaby, David (1997-02-24). Uncover alien probe / games. The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) Features p. 64.

GAME: Jonny Quest - Cover-Up At Roswell



DEVELOPED BY: Virgin Sound and Vision

DISTRIBUTED BY: Roadshow Interactive

PRICE: $49.95

IT'S a familiar theme.

An alien spacecraft has crashed on earth but the US authorities are covering it up. The mysterious men-in-black have recovered the craft and taken it to the top secret establishment known as Area 51.

The Quest team has the job of recovering several objects jettisoned by the craft as it entered earth's atmosphere. The men-in-black don't welcome outside help. In fact, they have been known to aggressively resist it.

Based on the Hanna-Barbera animated TV series The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest, the game uses the same cartoon graphics and all the main characters.

Players have to solve more than 35 puzzles, including some which require 3-D glasses supplied with the package.

The game begins at Quest headquarters where the computer network has crashed because of an alien virus. The network has to be restored by solving a series of puzzles so an important email message detailing the spacecraft crash, can be downloaded.

Cover-Up At Roswell is on a dual-platform CD and will run on either Windows or Macintosh.

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