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The following appeared in FamilyPC magazine. The citation is June 1997. "Jonny Quest: Cover-Up at Roswell". FamilyPC, Jun97, Vol. 4 Issue 6, p72.

Jonny Quest: Cover-Up at Roswell

Overall: 82 (Fun: 82; Ease of Use: 79; Replay: 79; Entertainment: 88)

In this adventure game based on the animated cartoon series, the government says a satellite has crash-landed on Earth, but the Quest team knows better. Just before impact, it jettisoned several mysterious objects, and your child must recover them before they fall into the hands of evil Dr. Surd. Using techno-gadgets, pilot subs, copters, and even 3-D glasses (included), in this two CD-ROM-set your child must solve a series of puzzles to achieve his objective (he also gets to hack into the Pentagon security system and search the ocean floor).

Our 45 testers loved the adventure and suspense in this quest, but several found the activities too difficult. Others, who stuck with the challenges, were rewarded for their perseverance. "In the beginning the puzzles are difficult, but once you play Jonny Quest for a while you get hooked," said Anthony Boyd, age 10, from Florissant, Missouri.

Virgin Sound and Vision, 800-814-3530 or 310-246-4666;; Mac and Windows CD, $29.95; ages 8 and up.

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