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These Quest Bytes allowed producers to round out a show's running time or explore Questworld. All are written by Michael Ryan except where noted.

  • Saturn File

Featured in 104 Rage's Burning Wheel, 120 In the Darkness of the Moon, and 204 Race Against Danger, it depicts the deletion of a "Saturn" file (an image of the planet) after a winding journey.

  • Virtua Cycle Education

Featured in 105 Ndovu's Last Journey, 111 Return of the Anasazi and 210 Ghost Quest. The Virtua Cycle requires a class V license; usage is denied to players 18 years of age and older. Iris warns that objects in one's mirror may be closer than they appear as a monster hulks over a cycle rider.

  • Virtua Speeder Education

Featured in 107 East of Zanzibar. The Virtua Speeder is designed for single usage over uneven terrain and the roughest parts of Questworld. A cyber helmet must be worn at all times.

  • Circuit Overload

Featured in 112 The Alchemist and 207 Undersea Urgency. Someone in Questworld queries desired data that overloads Iris's circuits, leading to several mangled voice clips and images, including a snarling Buddha.

  • Cool Stuff

Featured in 115 AMOK and 125 Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings. Jonny queries "Cool Stuff", which Iris refuses. She then discusses certain parts of Questworld, including bodies, heads, the Virtua Speeder, and the Sonic Detonator.

  • Origin of Questworld

Featured in 117 The Spectre of the Pine Barrens, 118 Heroes, and 210 Ghost Quest. Back on Palm Key, Dr. Benton Quest developed a computer that could partially vectorize the human body, an effect termed hyperrealism. In phase two of development, wirematic stasis was achieved. Phase three involved block mannequin maturation. Phase four was the achievement of cerebral chrysalis. Phase five witnessed the construction of mellifluous resonance. The final phase saw the building of the current world.

  • Deletion of Surd Virus

Featured in 123 Ice Will Burn and 205 The Dark Mountain. Iris notes the presence of a virus and finds it was implanted by Surd, whose body model is shown rotating on the screen. Lightning arcs into it from several points, terminating it. The scene of two wireframe models in a bubble is taken from the virtual file finder sequence from Heroes.

  • Questworld Pets

Featured in 201 The Mummies of Malenque and 208 Nemesis. It illustrates "fully vectorized" Questworld pets, including the Cyber-Whale (swimming instructor), Scorpia-Monster (file protector), and Virtua-Snake (which tends to slither away).

  • Questworld Gaming

Featured in 211 Nuclear Netherworld. It combines several gaming scenes from first season episodes, including Jessie and Jonny's escape from Questworld, Jonny's Virtua Cycle game, and the speeder game from Future Rage. Iris ends by cautioning players that the games usually end with a bang as the scene of Jonny punching through a wall in Heroes plays.

  • Sine Surfing

Featured in 212 Eclipse. Jonny surfs a sine wave until it runs out beneath him as Iris flashes the words "wipe out".

  • Flight Simulator

Featured in 215 Dark Sentinel and 221 The Edge of Yesterday. Jonny plays a flight simulator and dispatches a bogey in an urban environment.

  • Paper Plane

Featured in 219 The Bangalore Falcon. Jonny makes a paper plane in Questworld and flies away.

  • Flight Simulator II

Featured in 220 Diamonds and Jade. Jonny and Jessie play a flight simulator. Unlike Without a Trace, the aircraft is actually rendered in a 3D canyon. Jonny pulls a complicated maneuver to get Jessie in his sights and wins the game after firing upon her craft.

  • Bugs Rool

Featured in 222 The Haunted Sonata and written by Franz Kurath. Jonny loads a program which Hadji had warned contains a few bugs. Several insects of all varieties storm a chipboard and change a Questworld logo to read "BUGS ROOL".

  • Mission Quest

Featured in 223 General Winter. Jonny descends by rope to snatch a book which Iris claims holds the key to happiness. Mirroring the famous scene from the Mission Impossible movie, Jonny avoids lasers and opens the book to find a mirror and his own reflection.

  • Train Stake

Featured in 224 Night of the Zinja, it depicts Jonny's attempts to reach the engine of a high speed elevated train in a futuristic city. He drives a stake into the car, activating its ability to fly and avoid a broken bridge. The Byte is rendered with impeccable quality and direction, and would have made for one of the show's most engaging Questworld sequences if used in a regular episode. it is written by Karen Ferguson.

  • Evolution of Surd Virus

Featured in 225 The Robot Spies and written by Tim Miller. Jonny dons a huge armored suit to destroy Surd virus evolutions. The virus grabs Jonny after he rigs it for an explosion, and he barely makes it out and regains his composure in what appear to be sewers. As Iris explains that the virus's removal is unconfirmed, a first evolution bug laughs in the background.

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