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A Real Adventures of Jonny Quest float appeared in the 1997 Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena, featuring a recreation of the scene to the right. J.D. Roth and an actor in a large Jonny Quest head waved to the crowd. The float was part of a safety contest on TBS encouraging kids to write essays; the winner won a spot in the Quest jeep on the float. For more information on the contest, see Safety Contest with Parade Prize. Two accounts of the parade from a JQMLer are presented below. If you have any pictures of the parade, don't hesitate to send them in to!

This is from soooo old, but I have to post this!

here in cali, we have the annual Pasidena Turnament of Roses Parade. I remember back in '96 (or was it '97?) that they had a JQ float made by Cartoon network, and that they had it so that it was like from 'Ndovu's last journey' they had a elephant chasing Jonny in a jeep. and there was this wacky guy with a giant character head of Jonny in a action expression. This was back when I had hated JQ, (I dunno why, but less than 6 months after seeing that float, I fell in love with JQ, odd, huh?)

It was toally cool though, I forget, but either J.D.Roth or Quintin Flyn (sp?) was on that float sitting next to the bad looking disney-character esque Jonny in that jeep. the cool thing was that the whole float was covered in organic materals. I got to voulenteer last year to decorate one of the floats for last year. Too bad it wasen't the dino float by 76 UNICAL.

Well, gatta go, I hope I can decorate the floats this year!!!! (no more silver leaves though!)

Okay, I blabbered enough today.

TOMARROW IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL BEFORE THE BREAK! and I'm going to Texas this weekend! comming back the 23rd!


-Questina the Water Elf

Ahh yes, another year, another year... um... that means? Oh forget it!

Every time I bring this up, no one seems to care. No one cares that Jonny Quest himself got his very own Rose Parade float in the annual Touranment of Roses Parade?

Yes. Jonny had a parade float. Covered in tons of flowers too. I remember when I saw that, it was before I acutally fell in love with JQTRA, but I still remember that float.

Okay, who's seen the cover for that one JQ book, um... #6, "Monsters Beyond Time"? Well, thats the basic structure how the float looked. A giant angry Elephant chasing a jeep containing a wonky-acting weirdo wearing a giant head thingy to make him look like Jonny Quest, (and he was bouncing all over the float, waving like a maniac too) and right next to him in the jeep thing was J.D. Roth.

Too bad I wasn't infatuated with JQTRA back then, because at that time, I remember myself saying "ewww, Jonny Quest! Ewww! I bet its just as dumb as Power Rangers" boy was I totally wrong!

I guess no one cares that JQ was honored by having his very own rose parade float, eh? I mean, people would work hours to put on all the flowers, seeds, and any other type of plant needed for that float! I remember the parade annoncer peoples mentioning how there was a nicely done detail in the rear vew mirror where you could actually see the mad elephant's red eyes.

I'm gonna go now, and lurk... and such...

  • whispers* Season 4 of Reboot rocked!! I want a Season 5 now!

-Questina the Water Elf

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