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Lance Falk revealed more about Estella Velasquez's background in a post on AOL's Quest boards (thanks to Ina-chan):

  • Q. I also would like to know more about Estella Velasquez. I know that she is Hispanic, archeologist, Jessica Bannon's mother, Race's ex-wife and that she is from South America. However, I would like to know MORE about her. What country is she from? Do you have anything else on her that the fans do not know about her? PLEASE tell me.
  • LANCE: I am to serve. There isn't much about Estella other than the episodes reveal. She's Colombian. She was a top code breaker for the Intelligence One for a while and met Race while teaching a class in cryptography methods. She's a brilliant translator and has a mind for unraveling codes and glyphs. She's a few years older than Race (he was one of her students). The marriage didn't work out because their respective jobs kept them apart for months at a time and it was too much to deal with. They have always remained friends (sometimes more than that) but it is doubtful that they will get back together because of their conflicting lifestyles (and we want to keep him single for story reasons for the same reason James Bond is)!
  • Q: What do Jonny and Hadji call her; Estella, Ms. Velasquez?
  • LANCE: Only in a formal setting. She likes to be called by her first name among friends, "Mom" by Jessie, and "Professor" by colleagues. (And maybe other things by her Ex!)

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