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The following appeared in Cleveland, Ohio's The Plain Dealer. The citation is (1995-06-21). "TURNER REVIVING '60S `JONNY QUEST' SERIES". The Plain Dealer p. 6E.

Jonny Quest, that adventurous cartoon kid who spent more time scaling the Himalayas than doing his homework, is coming back with a vengeance. Three networks owned by Turner Broadcasting System Inc. will fill the airwaves in the fall of 1996 with a new cartoon series called "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest."

And Lewis Galoob Toys Inc. will launch a line of action figures and other toys on the new series.

The new show is based on the 1960s series "The Adventures of Jonny Quest," which was the first animated cartoon with realistic human characters in an action-adventure series.

"There is this great base of people who grew up on Jonny Quest and now have kids," said Peter Van Raalte, vice president of sales for Turner Home Entertainment, the Atlanta company's nonbroadcast distribution arm. "It has real kids doing real things."

The Hanna-Barbera cartoon will air 21 times each week on TNT, TBS and the Cartoon Network - an unprecedented schedule for Turner Broadcasting.

Turner is spending about $35 million to promote the cartoon adventure with "Jonny Quest Adventure Minutes" to begin nearly a year before the show is aired.

A Jonny Quest TV movie is being developed to tease the series, and a live-action movie is in development.

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