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The following appeared in the Tacoma, Washingon News Tribune. The citation is Reader, Stephanie (1994-06-01). "RADIO, TV, MUSIC: TODAY BRINGS SOMETHING NEW - OLDIES - AT 91.7 FM". The News Tribune p. E31. Only the relevant Turner paragraphs are reproduced.

Big-screen reruns: Even if "The Flintstones" suddenly sinks like a rock, it won't be the last film based on a popular television show.

Turner Broadcasting announced recently that it's going to help make a "Jonny Quest" live-action movie, based on the '60s cartoon tales of a young adventurer and his family and friends. The movie won't start filming until the middle of next year, which, along with 1996, has been declared "The Years of Jonny Quest." Besides the theatrical release, we'll get a cartoon TV movie and a new cartoon "Quest" series.

Turner's also involved with the effort to produce a "Gilligan's Island" movie. "Gilligan" creator Sherwood Schwartz helped write the screenplay. Filming will begin next year. Schwartz also created "The Brady Bunch" and helped write the screenplay for the "Bunch" movie, which will start filming in July. No word on the stars yet, but Betty Thomas (best known for playing Sgt. Lucy Bates on "Hill Street Blues") will direct.

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