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From Suze:

Hi, everybody! Gotta make this quick or I'll be late for work...

I found out yesterday that composer Chris Beck, who creates the *wonderful* musical score for the tv show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", also worked on several episodes of JQ:TRA!

In my quest (pun intended) for knowledge about this subject, I went straight to the source - Chris Beck himself. After writing one of those horribly sappy fan letters that you'd think I'd have grown out of by now, I asked him if this was true and, if so, did he remember which episodes they were. Much to my surprise, he actually wrote me back:


>I worked on the following eps of JQ:

  • Future Rage
  • Eclipse
  • Cyberswitch
  • Expedition to Khumbu

I wrote maybe half of all the music used in the episodes - they like to track previously used music to save money.

Similarly, I know my music from those four eps was used in a bunch of other ones as well. Don't know exactly which ones though...

Thanks for the kind words.

- Chris

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. My disperate worlds collide in bizzare ways...

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