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The following appeared in the Sunday Mail on August 17, 1997. The citation is Leith, Renae (1997-08-17). Jonny's new Quest. The Sunday Mail.

IF you haven't checked out The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest on video yet, you're definitely missing out.

And if you think they're the same as your average video, think again.

The explosive adventures feature the most futuristic animation technology available - bringing the action to life.

Your teenage hero Jonny Quest and his Quest team experience real action, real adventure and real danger across the four corners of the world - Terra (earth), Hydro (water), Aero (air) and the virtual reality world, Questworld.

The videos combine state-of-the-art animation technology, including computer-generated imagery and adventures in virtual reality with the best of original, single-cell animation.

In other words, they combine the best of yesterday and today, to create an effect which will keep you enthralled from beginning to end.

The original Jonny Quest series was made in the '60s, and later became a key influence on the movie Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

The latest Jonny Quest videos include Escape To Questworld, when Race and Dr Quest become trapped in an abandoned laboratory with only 24 hours to live.

The lab contains deadly toxins created by a scientist - now a quadraplegic in a mental hospital, who the Quest team has to seek out to bargain with for the lives of Race and Dr Quest.

In volume 4, Rage's Burning Wheel, Jonny and Jessie have to thwart Rage's attempt to destroy the Earth's ozone layer. The Space Shuttle is hijacked, and Race must use a Russian spaceship to try to intercept Rage, while Jonny and Jessie attempt to foil Rage's disciples, who are holding Mission Control by force.

Just by reading Veg Out, you have the chance to win one of 20 Jonny Quest prize packs, and one of 10 Jonny Quest block T-shirts.

The prize packs contain two new Jonny Quest videos and a block T-shirt.

Simply dial 0055 68286. This is an instant-win telephone line, and callers will find out straight away if they have won.

Calls charged at 50c a minute. Higher rates apply for mobile and public phones.

This line will close at midnight tonight.

Prizes can be collected from the Sunday Mail promotions department, Ground

Floor, 121 King William St, Adelaide, from 10am tomorrow.

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