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The following appeared in the St. Petersburg Times on November 19, 1995. The citation is Tomalin, Terry (1995-11-19). Boy adventurer Jonny Quest gets update. The St. Petersburg Times: Tampa Bay and State; Entertainment p. 2B.

More than a decade before Indiana Jones became America's archetype for adventure, Jonny Quest had the action-hero market cornered.

The blond 11-year-old from Florida, in his signature black turtleneck, blue jeans and high-top P. F. Flyers, battled more than his share of psycho scientists, mutant monsters and nasty natives in The Adventures of Jonny Quest.

The animated series, Hanna-Barbera's fourth in prime time, made its debut in September 1964 on ABC and was the first cartoon ever to depict realistic human characters in an action-adventure format.

Week after week, the boy hero and his father, super-smart Dr. Benton Quest, former secret agent Race Bannon, Jonny's pal Hadji and annoying dog Bandit would join forces to save the world from certain disaster.

Well, Quest fans of all ages should be thrilled to learn that Turner Network Television will serve up an all new two-hour episode, Jonny Quest vs. The Cyber Insects, at 7 tonight.

This will be the last appearance of Jonny as we know him before the Turner network unveils a new, state-of-the-art animated series in the fall of '96, The New Adventures of Jonny Quest.

Before you set up camp on the couch with your popcorn and six pack of root beer, here's some background on the main characters to help you follow the action.

Dr. Benton Quest. Brilliant scientist and inventor. The government often calls on him when all else fails. When not in some exotic locale, Quest maintains a top-secret compound off the Florida coast on Palm Key Island.

Since the death of his wife, Dr. Quest has become a doting, protective father. That's where Race comes in.

Race Bannon. A former secret agent with the U.S. government unit Intelligence I, Bannon is on a permanent leave of absence to work as Jonny's mentor and bodyguard.

An ace driver, pilot, sharpshooter and master of the martial arts, Bannon often cuts the tension with a pun or one-liner. He was married once, to fellow field agent "Jezebel" Jade Kenyon, but he decided to forgo such personal pursuits and fight evil instead. What a guy.

Jonny Quest. Brave and well read but curious to a fault, this boy has a nose for trouble. Hey, how come he's never in school?

Hadji. Raised on the streets of India under his mentor, Pasha, Hadji is an expert at sleight of hand and Eastern magic . . . "Sim sim sala bim." He hooked up with the Quest team while it was in India investigating a mountain laboratory.

Bandit. Named for his masklike eye markings, this mixed-breed mutt barks at all the wrong times.

Dr. Zin. Connected to a large international network of criminals, thugs and terrorists, Zin wants to rule the world.

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