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The following appeared in the South China Morning Post on November 6, 1996. The citation is Campbell, Al (1996-11-06). Million-dollar deals for cartoon spin-offs. The South China Morning Post, Business: Media and Marketing p.8.

Million-dollar deals for cartoon spin-offs

Turner Home Entertainment expects to sell merchandise worth US$ 60 million a year from its recently released The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest cartoon series in the Asia-Pacific region.

The cartoon, an updated version of the 1960s series, has proved to be one of Turner's most successful programmes since it debuted in the United States in August.

The 52-episode Hanna-Barbera series has become a merchandising bonanza, spawning hundreds of licensed products and tie-ins with several multi-national clients.

Christine Fellowes, vice-president for regional brand management of Cartoon Network, said Turner had signed international licensing deals with Lewis Galoob Toys and Virgin Sound and Vision.

In Hong Kong, the videos and toys are distributed by Intercontinental Film Distributors and Oriental Trading.

The programme is seen locally on ATV World and ATV Home, the first time the broadcaster has aired an animated series in both English and Cantonese. The series will eventually be seen on terrestrial broadcasters in 10 Asian countries before launching on the TNT & Cartoon Network in January.

Ms Fellowes said the merchandise was being sold locally in major supermarkets, department stores, drug stores and more than 250 stationery shops.

Sales would benefit from advertising campaigns on ATV, cross-promotions with the video distributor, a direct-mail campaign with American Express, a Christmas catalogue tie-in with Watsons, a promotion with Toy 'R Us and Wellcome and a print campaign.

"The advertising is in the US millions," Ms Fellowes said.

"The production costs (of the programme) were US$ 40 million so we are expecting serious revenue returns."

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