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The following appeared in Kidscreen on June 1, 1996. The citation is 1996-06-01. Savoy links with Turner. Kidscreen, p. 4.

Savoy links with Turner

Images from Hanna-Barbera's soon-to-be-released The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest will be making their way into Latin American food stores through an extended deal between Turner Home Entertainment and Savoy Brands International.

Turner and Savoy have already worked together on two promotional campaigns in which Savoy linked classic characters from the Hanna-Barbera studio with Savoy's sweet and salty snack products.

The new deal will involve licensed promotions in more than 750,000 retail outlets, including supermarkets throughout Latin America including Argentina, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador and Columbia.

The promotions will be supported by special events, and print and broadcast advertising. The ad agency is McCann-Erickson.

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