Real Adventures Troubleshooting Techniques

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How Our Favourite Trio of Teenage Troubleshooters Solve Difficulties

By Elaine MacMillian and ZeaLitY (Race, Dr. Quest)


Comes up with one simple, elegant solution.

Success rate attributable to planning, organisational skills.

Failures due to lack of data, leaving Hadji unable to correctly assess situation.


Comes up with one solution, and a back-up, just in case. Both of them will involve driving really, really fast.

Success rate attributable to quick reaction time, improvisational ability.

Failures due to outside influence. And driving a little *too* fast.

Dr. Quest:

Comes up with an unprecedentedly fascinating scientific solution.

Success rate found in sheer brilliance and genius.

Failures due to complete disregard for danger and self-preservation.


Comes up with roughly 17 solutions, all of which involve chase scenes, falling objects, running, and often high explosives.

Success rate due to sheer weirdness of plans; villains unable to figure out what the hell is going on.

Failures also due to sheer weirdness factor; allies also sometimes unable to figure things out.


Comes up with 11 solutions, as years of experience have allowed him to cut out the more sensible ideas Jonny still considers.

Success rate attributable to obsessive physical training and combat practice.

Failures due to inability of fists to defeat automatic weaponry.

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