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The following took place in 1999, when Quinton Flynn corresponded with Winnie Lim.

Dear Winnie,

At least that's who I think I'm writing. My name is Quinton Flynn and I had the pleasure of playing Jonny for 26 episodes, a dozen or more T.V. interstitials, CD-Rom, TV show promos and JQ ad tie-ins. I was thrilled to find your web site - it's really outstanding! I was also jazzed to see that there are those who would like to bring the show back. We had a great time doing it and were given no reason as to why they were not going to produce anymore. It really puzzles me in light of the show's success, history and pop-culture appeal. I wanted to give you a few bio. corrections, while I was thinking about it:

Michael Benyaer's last name is spelled B-E-N-Y-A-E-R ( A before E).

Rob Paulsen was the second Hadji - - not - - Race.

Sonny Van Dusen was the second Race - - not - - Hadji.

(Sonny followed Robert Patrick, but then Sonny was replaced by Robert Forsythe as the 3rd Race Bannon.)

After George Segal, the legendary Don Messick returned to revive his original role as my father, Dr. Benton Quest, but after approximately 3 recording sessions with our cast, we were sad to find that because of his failing health, he would have to leave the show. He was then replaced by John DeLancie who - I'm assuming although I don't know for sure - probably re-voiced Don's parts before finishing out the season as Dr.Quest. (Don was also the original voice of Bandit in the 1964 series as well as the voice of Yogi Bear's sidekick - Boo Boo!)

If you would like to know any other information about the "behind the scenes" action and/or information explaining the different casts, writers and producers, feel free to drop me a line.

Keep up the great work in your continued " Quest " for success!

Quinton Flynn
(a.k.a. Jonny Quest)



Great to hear from you ... sorry it's taken me some time to get back to you. I've been busy wrapping another animated series - this time for the Fox Kids Network. The show's called "Xyber 9" - and I play a wry, irreverent, wise-ass named Mick. Mick is akin to Star Wars' Han Solo. Mick is to Jack ( played by Jason Marsden ) what Han is to Luke. Oddly enough, I was up for both roles - the Jack role being closer to Jonny Quest, but the producers wanted my edge and sense of humor for Mick. Tim Curry and Rene' Auberjenois ( Odo from Deep Space 9 ) also star. O.K., back to QUESTWORLD! On your question pertaining to recording - we generally recorded the entire cast when all were available. Exceptions being Frank Welker and more often than not, Robert Foxworth ( is that his name? ) the final Race Bannon. Contrary to what Lance mentioned, there were a couple of occasions when Frank did record with us, but those precious moments were few and far between. Franks is really busy. I did just finish a number of "Xyber 9's" with him and we both just recorded a new pilot for Hanna-Barbera, entitled, "Uncle Gus". Did you know that Frank's first animated role was the voice of Fred on "Scooby-Doo"? He does it to this day. Thanks for the info. on Don's final voice-over as Dr. Quest in "Rock of Rages". I didn't know that any of his work had made it. - That's really cool. And yes, it was pretty hip working with a legendary voice like him.

He was very kind and soft spoken. I remember a terrific moment during one of the sessions with Don, when another actor named Greg Burson - said, "Hello Boo-Boo" - and without missing a beat, in the voice off Boo-Boo himself, Don said, "Hello Yogi." Just to have seen and heard him in that moment, was priceless. ( If I'm not mistaken, Greg Burson is currently or was the most recent Yogi Bear voice. )

So Jessie's a big winner with the young girls and Benton Quest scores high with the ladies! I thought Jonny would have it all wrapped up ... then again, maybe that's just my ego talking :-) ha, ha. Jennifer Hale, who played Jessie in my cast, was just terrific. She's such a talented actress and one of the sweetest women you could ever hope to meet. You mentioned Hanna-Barbera's disappointment in the other cast's shows - did I mention that I had guested on one of their shows before the show changed hands and I became Jonny? I was a guest villain, along with Miam Biallek (sp?) (TV's - "Blossom"). The producer was unusual, to say the least, and from what I understand, he didn't know anything about the original Quest series and didn't want to make anything close to it. Hence H.B.'s disappointment and the turnover to the fabulous producers: Lance Falk, Davis Doi and Larry Houston. It's largely thanks to Larry that I was considered for the role of Jonny. I was in doing pick-up lines one day when he and the other producers were just coming on board. They heard me substituting as Jonny, for an absent J.D. Roth, and he said, "That's Jonny ... that's Jonny." I still had to audition for the role when it came up, however, and thankfully booked it. What a dream come true. ( As a side note, I also worked with Larry on The FANTASTIC 4 animated series. I became the voice of Johnny Storm - The Human Torch, replacing Beverly Hills 90210's Brian Austin Green. ) Being Johnny Storm was another thrill! ( that pre-dated my work on Jonny Quest)

And you thought that YOU blabbed on and on. Stick a fork in this ham, he's done cooking! Thanks for all of your interest and support! If you have any other questions, just ask.

All my best, Quinton.

P.S. - Thanks for your kind words about my performance as Mr. Fossey - you made my day. And yes, that was actually a fun session!!! ... and, hey, doesn't everyone talk to imaginary monkeys?

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