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Not much is known about this one. There were two versions, but it is difficult to know how different they are since the version I acquired versus the one scanned by JQStyle (which came later in the show's development cycle). The differences between versions are:

  • Earlier version has "Extraordinary Adventures of Jonny Quest" rather than "Real Adventures"
  • Earlier version folder includes a high-quality sheet showing the entire Quest team's designs
  • Earlier version does not have everything beyond the "Series Overview" page, which is identical to the later version (possible that the seller simply lost these pages before I acquired them)
  • Earlier version does not have the phone card inside of it (again, possible that it was just lost)
  • Earlier version contains two additional packets, "A History of Hanna-Barbera" and "Hanna-Barbera Series Information 1957-1994"

All "Real Adventures" version scans are courtesy of JQ Style.

Extraordinary Adventures

Real Adventures

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