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As is customary with new TV debuts, Turner issued a press kit to potential licensees before the show's debut. The press kit was compiled late enough that information about several licensees and broadcasters was able to be included, along with character biographies that reflect "season two" changes to the show. The kit came with two pieces of art—the helicopter situation and the Quest team sketch featured in the style guides. The text of the kit is provided below. To download scanned images of everything in the kit, click below:



This is really happening!

Helicopter Situation

(Left to Right) Jonny Quest, Hadji, Jessie and Bandit in "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest."

Quest Team Sketch

(Back-L to R:) Race, Dr. Quest, Jessie and Hadji (Front:) Jonny and Bandit in "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"

Press Release

For Release: June 3, 1996

To Make TV History With Its Premiere/Strip On
TNT, TBS and Cartoon Network Beginning August 26

Hanna-Barbera's new animated series, THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST®, will simultaneously premiere and strip on Turner Network Television (TNT), TBS Superstation and Cartoon Network starting Monday, August 26, it was announced today by Fred Seibert, president of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc. This marks the first time in television history that a series will air 21 times each week on three networks.

The new series is based on the hit 1960s prime time series The Adventures of Jonny Quest,® the first cartoon ever to depict realistic human characters in an action-adventure format. It debuted in 1964 on ABC-TV's prime time schedule. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest will air in a Monday-Friday strip on all three Turner networks, plus a late-night strip on Cartoon Network and a weekly run in TNT's Staturday afternoon line-up. Airdates and times are as follows (all times are ET):

TNT: Weekdays @ 8 a.m. and Saturdays at 6:30 p.m.
TBS: Weekdays @ 4:35 p.m.
Cartoon Network: Weekdays @ 8 p.m. and 12 a.m.

"Jonny Quest was the first action/adventure cartoon series on TV," commented Seibert. "It ran on all three major networks and cultivated an audience of fanatical viewers which remains loyal to this day. With THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST, we have recaptured the excitement that made the classic Quest so popular with its fans. The new series is the beginning of what will be a multi-faceted global programming, marketing and merchandising effort."

The new JONNY QUEST series takes the best of the classic series - global adventures, cutting edge technology and teamwork - and updates it to the 1990s as an evocative mystery-adventure, featuring teenage heroes caught up in extraordinary dangers in the real world and in virtual reality. Jonny is now a teenager, and Jessie, a relatively new female character, plays an important role in the show.


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In the new series, Jonny travels with his father, Dr. Benton Quest, a globe-trotting phenomenologist who investigates unusual scientific occurrences. The group also includes Hadji, a boy from India; Race Bannon, a former government secret operations agent; Race's daughter, Jessie; and Jonny's dog, Bandit. Jonny and the Quest team solve crimes and mysteries in the real world with their intellect and ingenuity. They also take on a variety of super powers when fighting supernatural evil-doers in the virtual reality-style "Questworld," the show's gateway to fantasy.

Veteran actor George Segal (The Owl and the Pussycat, Look Who's Talking) is the voice of Dr. Benton Quest, and teen star JD Roth assumes the title role of Jonny. Robert Patrick (Terminator II, Fire in the Sky) plays Race Bannon, with Michael Benyaer (Hadji), Jessie Douglas (Jessie Bannon), and long-time voice actor Frank Welker (Bandit) rounding out the rest of the cast.

Since its founding in 1957, Hanna-Barbera has remained committed to the cultivation of new talent and innovative production of new product. Hanna-Barbera, Inc. is comprised of two production entities, Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc. and Cartoon Network Studios. Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc. produces cartoons related to the studios' classic characters> Cartoon Network Studios is a division dedicated to the creation of new cartoon stars of the future. Hanna-Barbera has produced more than 3,000 animated half-hour television shows, creating such classic characters as the Flintstones, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and Jonny Quest. Hanna-Barbera, Inc. was acquired in 1991 by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. is the leading supplier of programming for the basic cable industry and a major distributor of news and entertainment product around the world.


CONTACTS: Hanna-Barbera      Richard Lewis/Marc Grossmann 213/882-1602
          Cartoon Network    Shirley Powell/Chip Duffey 404/885-4205
          TBS                Robin Yates 404/885-4326
          TNT                Jim Weiss 404/885-4234

A Licensing Phenomenon

"The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" is one of the largest licensing and merchandising kids programming initiatives to date from Hanna-Barbera Cartoons and Turner Home Entertainment. Never before in the history of cable television have so many companies of this magnitude committed themselves to a television show prior to its debut. This is due in part to the ongoing popularity of the Jonny Quest characters, which have been a hit with kids and adults alike, since 1964.

Over a year ago, Hanna-Barbera Cartoons and Turner Home Entertainment began to seek out the best possible partners in each major licensing category to sign on with the show. In June 1995, after Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. signed on as the worldwide master toy licensee for Jonny Quest, the Wall Street Journal reported industry experts who cited The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest as one of the "properties to watch" in 1996. On year later (as of July 1, 1996), the list of worldwide Jonny Quest licensees and promotional partners includes:

ABC Micro Games               (LCD Hand-held Games)
Bakery Crafts                 (Bakery Kits & Decorations)
The Bibb Company              (Juvenile Home Fashions)
Buy-Rite, Inc.                (Outback Gear)
Campbell's Soup Co.           (Canned Goods)
Cleo, Inc.                    (Paper Goods)
Dark Horse Comics             (Comic Books)
Future Call                   (Phone Cards)
General Mills                 (Promotional Partner)
Giant                         (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts)
Gibson Greetings, Inc.        (Paper Goods)
Harper Collins                (Books)
Henry Gordy International     (Watches, Clocks)
Hanes/Sara Lee Knits          (Children's Clothes)
High Point Knitting           (Knit Apparel, Head Wear)
James River Paper Company     (Party Goods)
Janex                         (Battery-operated Toothbrushes)
Kid Rhino                     (Read-Along Records)
Lewis Galoob Toys             (Worldwide Toy License)
M&D Industries                (Metallized Balloons)
Pizza Hut                     (Promotional Partner)


Jonny Quest L&M

Panini                    (Stickers)
Pillsbury                 (Promotional Partner)
Prima Publishing          (Sketchbooks)
Rubies                    (Costumes)
S. Goldberg & Co, Inc.    (Shoes)
Thermos                   (Lunch Kits)
Upper Deck                (Trading Cards)
US Playing Cards          (Playing Cards)
Virgin Sound & Vision     (CD-ROM game)
Western Graphics          (Posters)
Zebco                     (Fishing Adventure Kit)

A Worldwide Phenomenon

"The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" will be seen in over 40 countries and dubbed into 14 languages, using native speakers in each country. Following is a list of the countries and stations that will bring the series to audiences worldwide:

Argentina       Prom TV/Artear
Australia       Seven Network
Bolivia         Crucena de Television
Brazil          TV Globo
Chile           Unibersibad Catolica
Colombia        Jes Productions
Costa Rica      R/T
Denmark         TV2 Danmark
Ecuador         CRE Television
Estonia         Estonia TV
Finalnd         MTV3
France          TF-1
Germany         Taurus
Hong Kong       ATV
India           Doordarshan
Indonesia       SCTV
Ireland         RTE
Israel          Keshet
Italy           RAI
Jordan          Jordan TV
Latvia          BALTCOM
Lithuania       LNT
Luxembourg      Filmlux S.A.
Malaysia        RTM
Netherlands     RTL4
New Zealand     Media Builders
Nicaragua       TV de Nicaragua
Norway          NRK
Panama Corp.    Panamena


"The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"
International Broadcasters
Page 2

COUNTRY                TV STATION
Paraguay               Teledifusoria Paraguaya
Peru                   Prolasa
Philippines            Consumer Connections (pay)
Philippines            Media Builders
Portugal               SIC
Russia                 ORT
Singapore              TCS
South                  Korea KBS
Spain                  Antenna 3
Spain                  Canal Plus
Sweden                 TV4
Taiwan                 TTV
Thailand               BBTV
Thailand               IBC (pay)
The Czech Republic     Premiera TV
UK                     BBC 1 & 2
Ukraine                Perkhid Media Group
Venezuela              Corporacion Televen
  • NOTE: List is complete as of May 1, 1996

Character Bios

Jonny Quest

Jonny inherited his father's driving curiosity - a trait which sometimes blinds him to surrounding dangers - while his mother passed on a restless, adventurous spirit. Not surprising, therefore, that Jonny has an impulsive, probing personality. Some friends have described him as a walking query; others are awed by his apparent fearlessness, his capacity to attract danger and his unwillingness to compromise.

Now 14 years of age, Jonny is generous and courageous. He can inspire confidence. He has an aura about him. A star quality. Presence. And, as to his alleged fearlessness, it's not that he doesn't feel that emotion, it's that he rarely lets it block his determined course of action. He has a straight-ahead, keep-on-moving personality largely free of introspection or self-doubt.

He does not have his father's academic and intellectual bent. He is a good student but has never had straight A's. He would rather learn by experience than by reading or instruction - though he is smart enough to know this can be a dangerous and painful trait.

Physically, he is lean, wiry, athletic and coordinated.

An important key to Jonny's role in the show is that, although he is central to most of the drama, he remains a youth - mentally and physically. By and large, he will not be able to combat adults on their own terms. He must use his wits and his youthful resources. he must rely on his alliance with Jessie and Hadji (not to mention the support of Dr. Quest and Race).

In classical terms, Jonny is not yet a hero despite his heroic attitude. He is still developing. There is however, no doubt that he will grow into a hero. The kind of man on whom weaker or less fortunate soul an rely - without hesitation and without qualms.

Hadji Singh

Hadji is older (16) than Jonny, but taller and thinner than he was in the original series.

He is part of the Quest family and now Dr. Quest's assistant in training. He does not have his mentor's formal education in the sciences but he shares his burning interest in archaeology, anthropology and, particularly, the paranormal. Though Hadji does not enjoy playing computer games, he is adept at programming them, and loves creating QuestWorld programs to challenge Jonny and Jessie in Virtual Reality.

Hadji is a Sikh and a student Yogin. Spiritually and philosophically, he is a true product of his world. Compared to Jonny and Race, particularly, he has a more fatalistic and accepting attitude to whatever is happening to him at the time. He starts from the philosophical point of view that everything is as it's supposed to be. Most elements of the grander scheme are beyond the control of the individual. Fate is the governing factor. But that doesn't mean Hadji isn't overly cautious. He is. And that sometimes annoys headstrong Jonny...and even Jessie.

Hadji's actions and reactions will express this significant contrast between his character and Jonny's. In addition, Hadji may use aphorisms or some other figure of speech which expresses his different take on life. That figure of speech may be taken from any culture or any source, but it must reflect Hadji. Sometimes it will baffle Jonny. Sometimes it may even irritate him. it will always have an intrinsic truth to it.

Hadji was raised in India by Pasha the Peddler. He never knew his parents (though this year he may learn otherwise.) He has developed latent psionic powers that appear 'magical.' He is eager to learn all aspects of the mystic arts. No, Hadji can't fly...but with enough concentration he can levitate small objects. he can do rope tricks, but he would never sit around in a trance. Hadji is active and eager to try out his mystical knowledge. Sure, he may not be able to hypnotize a tiger...but he'll embrace his failure and try harder next time, if the tiger doesn't eat him first! Being a student Yogin allows him to master such proven techniques as controlling his heartbeat (so he's able to feign his own death for a short while) and controlling his body temperature. these may get him out of tight spots, story-wise, but they are not that interest to watch. With Hadji, the more visual his 'power', the better.

Jessie Bannon

Jessie is slightly older (15) than Jonny, and often seems much more mature. Like Jonny, she has had to take responsibility for herself and handles herself well in most situations.

As Race's daughter, she is fit and athletic but she is not Superwoman in training. She cannot, even with all Race's tuition in the martial arts, overpower an adult. In fact she's a bit of a disappointment in that regard...though Race would never let on to her. Jonny is his prize pupil in the physical fitness department.

But though Jessie is not as strong, physically, as Jonny, she is slightly taller than he is, and just as tough. She's smarter, too, and more thoughtful; more academic and, to Jonny's chagrin, certainly more in tune with Hadji.

Like Hadji, Jessie has a strong interest in Dr. Quest's work and she often has a better grasp of the academic and the theoretical than Jonny. So, just as Jonny likes to hang out with Race - the man of action - Jessie likes to spend time with Dr. Quest. She shares his consuming interest in archaeology, physics and the paranormal. Race may be a touch envious of Jessie's relationship with Benton. Call it fatherly jealousy. But Race is also extremely proud that his daughter can hold her own with a genius like Dr. Quest.

Most of the time, Jessie lives with Race at the Quest Compound. She has a mother, Race's ex-wife, Estella Velasquez, an architect who lives in South America.


Bandit is a lovable bulldog with strange mask-like eye markings. Hence his name. Like most dogs, his intellectual capacity is limited. He cannot speak or understand English. He gets into trouble, chasing birds and cats. He falls into rivers. He saves the day. He can understand Jonny, basically. He can dig. Fetch keys. Sometimes fetch the wrong things. He can bark warnings. Jump on villains.

He is capable of random acts of courage and cowardice and unconscious comedic moments. He is loyal and loving and thinks of Jonny as his number one master.

Race Bannon

Roger "Race" Bannon ist he ageless (late 30's) man of action with an acute nose for any danger which threatens him or his friends. He is fearless and utterly dependable. An ex-Government agent, Race now works for the man the Government once assigned him to protect: Dr. Benton Quest. Race has become more than just a bodyguard> he's almost a part of the Quest family. He's in charge of teaching the kids martial arts and physical fitness. And he's always there to protect Dr. Benton Quest andf amily. Race would do anything to protect them.

Race has a laconic sense of humor. He will often come up with a dry quip at the moment of maximum danger.

Race has been involved with a variety of women, including such femme fatales as the American spy "Jezebel" Jade Kenyon and the Russian operative, Natasha Rostova. He's been married (and divorced) to a Colombian architect named Estella Velasquez, with whom he had a daughter...Jessie.

Jessie is the most constant woman in Race's life right now, though sometimes it seems the brainy teenager should be Dr. Quest's daughter. Race loves Jessie, but can't help being the overprotective Dad.

As for Jonny, he's the boy Race never had. He's taught Jonny everything he knows about self-defense and courage. It's enough to make a daughter jealous. And sometimes does.

Ultimately, Race is the quintessential Action Hero -- G.I. Joe come to life. It would be the dream of every boy to have a guardian like Race Bannon. A man of action; a man who abhors killing but isn't afraid to take a life; a weapons expert and marksman; a martial arts black belt. Race spent years in the "Agency" as a prime operative. But, he was forced to chose between his own ethicsa nd the blind loyalty that was demanded of him. True to himself, he chose the path elss traveled and left the "Agency." Race Bannon is the hero from our John Wayne influenced past. He's not the sensitive type, but he's got a heart the size of Montana. The only trouble is that Race is a tad outdated. He's a cowboy of the Cold War. What worked in the past may not be whatw orks in the nineties. Still, he is an "army of one" no matter how you slice it. Of course, Race is not a Superhero type running around ins pandex tights. He is only a man and is not invincible.

Dr. Benton Quest

Dr. Quest is much like the character in the original series, though he is a little older (52) and certainly more relaxed. He is a famous scientist and inventor, consulted by individuals, governments and corporations to investigate any mysterious chain of events which might affect their lives of operations. Dr. Quest has an overwhelming interest in strange phenomena, and is always eager to study the unexplained mysteries of our world.

While Dr. Quest no longer works specifically for the U.S. Government, he is, from time to time, called in to help resolve a particular problem.

Dr. Quest is somewhat cerebral - driven by his desire to know more about everything and, particularly, more about the inexplicable worldwide phenomena which he investigates. Gripped by that desire, he will ignore all distractions and dangers - not because he is especially brave but because his drive to learn blanks out more basic instincts like self-preservation.

As an archetype, Dr. Quest is the benevolent king. As a person, he has been both mother and father to Jonny, and it's Dr. Quest's loving and careful parenting of Jonny which has allowed the boy to grow and develop as he has. But Dr. Quest, like Race, belongs to another era, another generation. Still powerful in his inventiveness and genius, Dr. Quest searches for answers lesser men would shy away from. it's not an option. It's his destiny. His commitment to his research and to his family are unwavering.

"Classic" Jonny Quest Fact Sheet


September 18, 1964 on ABC "Mystery of the Lizard Men"




Originally on ABC's primetime schedule 1964-65
Saturday mornings on CBS 1967-1970
Saturday mornings on ABC 1970-1972
Saturday mornings on NBC 1978-1980


In 1987, thirteen new Jonny Quest episodes were produced. Together with edited versions of the original 26 episodes, they formed part of a fourth syndicated half-hour for the Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera programming block. The show has delivered solid ratings on TNT and Cartoon Network.

Jonny's Golden Quest - a two-hour special was produced in conjunction with USA network. This movie premiered on USA Network in March 1993.

Jonny Quest Vs. The Cyber Insects - a two-hour movie special which premiered on the TNT cable network on November 19, 1995.


Jonny Quest               Tim Matthieson      (1964)
                          Scott Menville      (1987)
Dr. Benton Quest          John Stephenson     (1964)
                          Don Messick         (1964/1987)
Roger "Race" Bannon       Mike Road           (1964)
                          Sonny Van Dusen     (1987)
Hadji                     Danny Bravo         (1964)
                          Rob Paulsen         (1987)
Bandit                    Don Messick
Dr. Zin                   Vic Perrin
Jade "Jezebel" Kenyon     Cathy Lewis         (1964)
Jessie Bradshaw           Georgi Irene        (1987)

"New" Jonny Quest vs. "Classic" Quest

  • The new Quest series will be geared towards today's more sophisticated audiences, kids and adults alike. The show will be more story-driven and will feature a grittier, more life-like look, compared to the more cartoon-ish original series.
  • Classic Quest stories revolved around what the adults were doing. To a larger extent, the new series will center on the adventures of Jonny and his Quest Team (Hadji & Jessie).
  • In the new series, Jonny will be a teenager (about 14). Classic Jonny was 11 years old. Although he is central to most of the drama, he remains a youth, mentally and physically. By and large, he will not be able to combat adults on their own terms. He must use his wits and his youthful resources.
  • Jessie Bannon, daughter of Race Bannon, joins the group in the new series. As everyone knows,t here were no girls in the original series. Jessie is age 15 and has a more mature personality than Jonny. She considers Jonny her closest friend and there is no boy/girl conflict between them.
  • Hadji is Dr. Quest's assistant. A native of India, he has a driving interest in all things spiritual - particularly Sikhism, Bhuddism and Yoga. Although he is capable of the most advance stages of transcendental meditation, Hadji has no mystical superpowers unlike in the original series. His age is around 16, though no one knows for sure.
  • In the original Jonny Quest series, the writers invented unique gadgets and contraptions, based on the technologies of the early 1960s, some of which have now become commonplace in the 1990s -- i.e., snowmobiles, hydrofoils, laser guns, etc. It is in this same vein that the creators of the new series have developed "Questworld" the virtual-reality style gateway to fantasy. "Questworld" will advance the concept of virtual reality beyond what we know about it in the 1990s.
  • The classic Quest series was done using traditional cel animation. The new show will be done using a combination of traditional cel and computer animation technology. The show also boasts film-quality digital color, computer compositing and a wide range of sophisticated special effects.

Voice Actor Bios

JD ROTH (Jonny Quest)

JD Roth is one is one of the most familiar faces on kids TV. Over the past several years, he has hosted numerous children's game shows including "Masters of the Maze" (The Family Channel), "GamePro" (syndicated) and "Double Up" (NBC). It was at age 19 that JD became the youngest game show host in history when he presided over "Fun House," the #1 ranked children's show in the country at the time.

Roth's latest venture (besides Jonny Quest) is his new syndicated entertainment show, "Off The Hook," a daily half-hour look at trends in music, clothing and dance, scheduled for debut in 1997. In 1991, JD started his own production company called Slam Dunk Productions, which produced a 70-city live tour of "FunHouse," performed in theme-park amphitheaters across the country. He also produced a Saturday morning show for NBC-TV, "Double Up", making him the youngest executive producer in NBC's history. He wrote the show and hosted it during its 1992 season. Slam Dunk also produced three specials for the Disney Channel called "JD's Underground," a talk show for kids.

Born at Kleen Army Base, Texas, JD moved at the age of two, with his family, to Cherry Hill< New Jersey, where his first words reportedly were "mom," dad" and "TV." At age 11, JD heard about a kids' night at a New York City nightclub and personally arranged for his own audition after successfully impersonating his father on the phone. He won a spot in the club's Sunday showcase, along with Sarah Jessica Parker and Ricky Schroeder, and then convinced his reluctant parents to let him find an agent. His first year in the business, JD appeared in an amazing 22 national television commercials.

JD also went on to win roles in such feature films as "First Born" and the Disney miniseries "Children's Island," and starred in the HBO special "The Wilder Summer." At age 14, JD was chosen by the producers of the popular children's television program "Wonderama" for a two-year stint as one of three teen hosts to conduct celebrity interviews.

After graduating from high school, JD attended the drama school at his University of Southern California, while continuing his professional career. His TV acting career includes roles on series such as "The Equalizer," "The Twilight Zone," and "Charlesin Charge," as well as TV movies and specials.

Roth's ultimate goal is to produce and star in a sitcom. However, he says, "If it weren't for acting, I'd be playing basketball right now."

GEORGE SEGAL (Dr. Benton Quest)

One of America's most well-loved actors, George Segal made his film debut in 1961's "The Young Doctors," and has been lucky ever since, having just completed his 50th feature film--"The Mirror Has Two Faces," with Barbara Streisand. Highlights of his career include "King Rat," "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" "The owl and the Pussycat, "Where's Poppa?" "Blume in Love," "The Black Bird" and "A Touch of Class."

The youngest of three children, Segal grew up in Great Neck, Long Island. During high school, he attended The George School, near Philadelphia, with classmates Blythe Danner, Keir Dullea and Stephen Sondheim. He graduated from Columbia University in 1955, with a BA in Humanities and was made a "distinguished graduate" by his alma mater when he gave the commencement speech there several years ago.

Segal actually began his acting career off-Broadway, in Moliere's "Don Juan" with peter Falk and Jason Robards. He followed this with "The Iceman Cometh" before entering the Army. Thereafter, Segal returned to the New York stage, in such productions as "Antony & Cleopatra" with George C. Scott and Colleen Dewhurst, and "The Premise," an improv review with Buck Henry.

Segal has always had a special love for music, particularly jazz. "Acting is magical, but playing music is the most mystical thing I do in my life," explains Segal. "There's no way to express the feeling in words. Music goes beyond words."

"Growing up, the kid next door was a musical genius. A ukulele fell into my hands and he taught me a visual system to play it, much as you would play the banjo," he continues. "Now, I usually play banjo."

During his high school and college years, Segal played with a jazz group he formed, "Bruno Lynch and His Imperial Jazz Band." He used to hear Conrad Janis play a club in downtown Manhattan at 2nd Avenue and 9th Street. Many years later, after they were cast together in "The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox," they formed the Beverly Hills Unlisted Jazz Band--a group that still plays weekly in Los Angeles clubs. Segal plays in another band as well, Tuxedo Junction.

Segal has two daughters, Elizabeth and Polly, and lives with his wife, Linda, in Los Angeles.


Few actors have experienced a meteoric rise like that of Robert Patrick. With the tremendous worldwide success of "Terminator II: Judgment Day," in which he starred as the extremely advanced Terminator T-1000, Patrick has deliberately waited for the roles that would showcase his wide range of talents as an actor. His patience was paid off with such diverse roles in such hit feature films as "The Last Action Hero," "Wayne's World" and "Fire in the Sky."

Born in Marietta, GA, Patrick has also lived in Dayton, Cleveland, Detroit and Boston. He played American Legion Baseball in high school and football at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. But, after sitting in on drama classes, he decided to quit football and pursue acting.

In 1984, Patrick moved to Hollywood where, a few weeks later, he was cast as a joint-smoking beatnik in the play "Go." While performing on stage, Patrick was discovered by a casting director for Roger Corman's production company and landed the role of a psychotic biker in "Warlords from Hell." Patrick next starred in the futuristic western "Equalizer 2000," in which he starred as another wild, long-haired psycho. For the next four years, a string of diverse roles followed "Hunters," "Eye of the Eagle" and "Behind Enemy Lines."

In 1988, Roger Corman cast Patrick in "Hollywood Boulevard II," the actor's first comedy. He then appeared as the killer O'Reilly, in the hit film "Die Hard 2," right before "Terminator II: Judgment Day."

On stage, Patrick co-starred in the Los Angeles premiere of David Mamet's "The Shawl," in addition to his first Hollywood role in "Go."

Robert Patrick resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife Barbera.

FRANK WELKER (Bandit, Jeremiah Surd)

Frank Welker has done hundreds of voices on commercials and cartoon shows including Freedy on "Scooby Doo;" Hefty, Poet, Clockwork and Wild Smurf on "The Smurfs;" Baby Kermit and Skeeter on "Muppet Babies;" and Slimer on "The Real Ghostbusters." Welker's special vocal talents have also been put to good use in several motion pictures: as the voice of the monkey in "Raiders of the Lost Ark;" Stripe, the evil gremlin in "Gremlins;" and Cujo the dog in "Cujo."

But, Welker is not just a voice actor. The versatile performer has acted on-camera in several movies, television series and specials. He has also performed across the country as a stand-up comedian.

JESSE DOUGLAS (Jessie Bannon)

Jesse Douglas' acting career began in the theatre. Her numerous stage credits include "Cyrano de Bergarac" with Michael York (Santa Fe Festival Theatre); "Ducks in a Row" with Hope Lange (Santa Fe Festival Theatre); and "Acting" with Don Murray (Academy of Dramatic Arts). Douglas has also been seen on TV in such series as "Hunter" and "One Life to Live." She studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and the NYC School of Ballet and is a nationally ranked equestrienne and tennis player.


Michael Benyaer has proved his talent in many areas of the entertainment industry. In television, he's been seen on a number of series including "The Commish," "21 Ju pm Street," "The Marshall," and "MacGyver;" and has written episodes for "Sesame Street" and the Canadian series "Billy the Cat" and "Pilot One." In film, he's played principal roles in "Menu for Murder," "Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan" and "Higher Ground," to name a few. B enyaer has also done voiceovers for several Saturday morning cartoon series including "Reboot!," "Exosquad," "Sonic the Hedgehog," "Conan & The Young Warriors" and "GI Joe."

Production Team

SHERRY GUNTHER/Sr. Vice President, Production

Sherry Gunther is the senior vice president, production for Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc., and oversees all Hanna-Barbera production. A two-time Emmy Award® winner, Gunther was formerly head of production for Klasky-Csupo, where she was instrumental in the production of The Simpsons, Rugrats and Duckman. Prior to joining Klasly-Csupo, Gunther served in various capacities at Kroyer Films, Bakshi Productions, Disney Feature Animtion, Kurtz N' Friends, DIC Enterprises and Marvel Productions. She is a graduate of the UCLA Film School.

DAVID LIPMAN/Supervising Producer

Prior to joining Hanna-Barbera, Lipman was vice president and executive producer, in charge of all production for the past 6 years at USAnimation. A member of the Writers Guild of America and the Directors Guild of America, Lipman has a film degree from the Art Center and has worked as an assistant director in live action as well as a producer in both traditional and computer animation.

DAVIS DOE/Creative Producer

The former producer of Swat Kats and Capital Critters, Davis Doi has additional responsibilities as the supervising producer for Hanna-Barbera's What A Cartoon! project, a series of 48 all-new animated shorts with all new characters. At Hanna-Barbera, Doi has also been head of the model department as well as a producer and art director on many other shows. He attended Cal State L.A. as an art major, and began his career working as an assistant animator working on various Ralph Bakshi features before joining Hanna-Barbera in 1980.

JOHN ENG/Creative Producer

John Eng is best known for his work as director on the primetime animated series Duckman the last three seasons. Prior to that, Eng directed and produced many commercials, music videos, film and television titles at Klasky-Csupo. He attended Parsons School of Design, The Brooklyn Museum of Art School, and The N.Y. School of Visual Arts. He wrote, produced and directed various short films and full length features, prior to running ICON, his own commercial company in Los Angeles, for three years.


Coz Anzilotti previously worked as a producer on such Hanna-Barbera shows as Yo Yogi, Pirates of Dark Water, and The New Adventures of Captain Planet. Prior to joining the studio in 1990, he served as a layout and storyboard artist for Warner Bros., Ruby-Spears and Filmation, working on a variety of projects including Tiny Toons, The Chipmunks, Dink the Dinosaur and He-Man, Master of the Universe. Anzilotti began his career as an animator for CBS-Terrytoons in the mid-1950s working on both theatrical shorts and television series.


Quest Producers
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Larry Houston comes to The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest with many years of experience producing animated action/adventure shows for television. He has served as producer on such series as Fantastic Four and The X-Men, on which he also served as director. Houston previously worked at Hanna-Barbera in 1990 as a producer on the first season of The New Adventures of Captain Planet.

LEE DANNACHER/Managing Producer

Lee Dannacher joined the Quest team from Pacific Animation Corporation where she acted as supervising producer and director of development in charge of all production and ancillary sales for such televisions specials as NBC's Noel and The 12 Days of Christmas. Previously, Dannacher served as supervising producer and vice-president at Rankin/Bass Productions where she oversaw the production of prime-time animated specials, live action movies of the week, animated features and over 260 half-hours of animated series for syndication.

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