Peoria 1995 Release Preview

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The following appeared in the Peoria Journal Star. The citation is Timm, Lori (1995-09-15). "CUE CARD>LOST ON QUEST FOR BROAD APPEAL". Peoria Journal Star p. C1. Only the portions relevant to Quest are produced.


The most appealing small-to-big- screen project is a live-action movie based on the "Jonny Quest" cartoon series.

It should be interesting to see who is cast: In these politically correct times, will there be a Hadji? Will the dog from TV's "Frasier" get the nod to play Bandit? And isn't white-haired Steve Martin the logical choice as Jonny's bodyguard, Roger "Race" Bannon? Slated for a 1996 release, the motion picture about the adventurous 12-year- old son of a thrillseeking government scientist is one of a number of Quest- related projects.

An animated movie is planned for the TBS television network and a new updated, animated television series, launching in the fall of 1995, will herald the feature film.

Series creator Hanna-Barbera has declared 1995-96 "The Years of Jonny Quest. " If there's any question about the merchandising possibilities, remember H-B dubbed 1994 "The Year of the Flintstones. "

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