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The following appeared in People magazine. The citation is Fast forward., People, 00937673, 7/10/95, Vol. 44, Issue 2.

This summer, while the kids clamor for Casper hand puppets, Batman drinking glasses and Pocahontas dolls, consider this: Merchandise geared to next year's movies is already on the drawing board. Based on the buzz at Licensing '95, a product-licensing show in New York City last month, we've put together a list of probable 1996 blockbusters:

(1) The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Disney's post-Pocahontas animated film will feature the voices of Kevin Kline and Demi Moore.

(2) Dragonheart. As if Rob Roy, Brave-heart and First Knight weren't enough, Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery star in another medieval swashbuckler.

(3) The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. An animated feature based on the lovably cheesy TV series.

(4) Space Jams. In the tradition of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Michael Jordan goes one-on-one with Bugs Bunny.

(5) Relic. A mystery set in New York City's Museum of Natural History.

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