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This article appeared in Marketing Week (London) on August 9, 1996. The citation is Turner signs deal for cult TV cartoon. Anonymous. Marketing Week. London: Aug 9, 1996. Vol. 19, Iss. 20; pg. 10, 1 pgs

The Turner Broadcasting System has negotiated one of the biggest TV merchandising deals, to accompany the launch of the cult cartoon Jonny Quest later this month.

The half-hour cartoon will debut in the UK this autumn on the BBC. There has already been almost 300m worth of merchandising in retail outlets in the US and Europe.

The deal so far involves 400 licensees including Pizza Hut, Virgin's sound and vision new media division, HarperCollins books, Lewis Galoob Toys, and Panini stickers. But the company expects more licensees to join up as the 52-episode series unfolds.

The company will not disclose the amount of investment that has gone into the project but the budget is estimated to be about L15m.

Anne Verrept, director of international licencing for Turner Home Entertainment, says: "The deals we have drawn up do not allow licensees to discount any of our goods. We don't want to see any Jonny Quest goods in discount bins."

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