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Larry H. Brown helped score TRAJQ, and graciously answered a few questions for us:

1. How were you approached to work on the show, and do you recall watching the classic Jonny Quest?

Bodie Chandler called me; yes, I did watch JQ as a kid.

2. The show had a pretty hectic development; were you given episode footage to compose for, or asked to make pieces from scratch?

All the music I wrote was scored to picture and original.

3. Did you work with any of the other composers, or mostly alone?

No I worked alone, but some shows used more then one composer due to time restraints, and as the series neared the end, parts of shows were tracked (music written for older shows were edited into new ones) again due to time and budget.

4. Do you have any clues on why the Rhino soundtrack for the show never materialized?

No, but wished they did.

5. Do you have any lesser known work in your career that you're particularly proud of?

Lots of projects, check out my website, take your choice!

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