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The following appeared in Kidscreen on December 1, 1996. The citation is Fry, Andy. Bound for Britain. Kitscreen, p. 12.

Bound for Britain

Turner Home Entertainment's (THE) Jonny Quest typifies the vast resources ploughed into the European market by U.S. companies. Launched on Cartoon Network in September, the show quickly took up an afternoon slot on BBC1 that will run through to this month.

Jonny Quest has also secured TV slots throughout Europe. In the U.K., the show is supported by an extensive licensing and merchandising campaign coordinated by Copyright Promotions Licensing Group, one of the U.K.'s dominant character licensors. It is a project THE general manager of international licensing Helen Isaacson describes as "Turner's biggest company-wide kids initiative." She estimates the worldwide market value of Jonny Quest spinoffs will be worth about US$350 million. U.K. partners include Virgin Sound and Vision, which is marketing CD-ROMs, and HarperCollins, which is publishing books from the series. Action figures and plush toys are being distributed by Toy Options.

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