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The following is a press release by Kid Rhino advertising the Return of the Anasazi storytime cassette. It was recovered from here.


LOS ANGELES -- Kid Rhino invites children to explore the exciting world of an ordinary young boy caught up in extraordinary circumstances with the Jonny Quest: "Return Of Anasazi" Storytime Adventure(TM), due September 17.

Based on the first complete episode of Hanna-Barbera's hot new animated series The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest, Kid Rhino's latest Storytime Adventure(TM) takes listeners on a journey into the world of Jonny Quest. The Jonny Quest: "Return Of Anasazi" Storytime Adventure(TM) is available on cassette only, with a suggested retail price of $7.99.

While supplies last, each blister cassette package will include the "Jonny Quest Value Adventure Pack," a coupon book that features $40 in savings on Jonny Quest merchandise, including a rebate on the Storytime Adventure(TM).

The Jonny Quest: "Return Of Anasazi" Storytime Adventure(TM) is based on Return Of Anasazi, which tells the story of ancient people who came to earth from beyond the stars bringing knowledge to the tribes of the Southwestern desert. Upon their departure, a mysterious glowing beacon was left in the care of a tribal shaman. This mystical beacon becomes the focus of an intense search by government agents. It's up to Jonny Quest and his friends to keep the beacon safe from wrongdoers.

The original Jonny Quest remains an animation classic, having pioneered both animated action adventure and realism in animation. The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest takes the original into the age of technology by incorporating breakthrough techniques being used for the first time in television animation, including three-dimensional effects, CGI, and digitized production designed for today's technically sophisticated audiences, both young (ages 6-11) and adult (original fans of Jonny Quest).

The new series launched August 26, and airs 21 times each week in key time slots on three cable networks -- the Cartoon Network, TBS, and TNT (check your local listings). Domestically, the series reaches 64 million households. Air times are as follows:

CARTOON NETWORK 8:00 PM and Midnight (Monday-Friday)

TBS 4:35 PM (Monday-Friday)

TNT 8:00 AM (Monday-Friday); 5:50 PM (Saturday)

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