Jonny Quest Farewell Marathon Details

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The following appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The citation is Vancheri, Barbara (1996-05-03). "IT'S A BOY FOR WPXI'S FINNEGAN". Pittsburgh Post-Gazette p. 34. Only the Quest portion is reproduced.

THE QUEST: The Cartoon Network will stage a two-day ``Jonny Quest Farewell Marathon tomorrow and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The sendoff paves the way for ``The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, a new animated series debuting in August on the Cartoon Network.

This weekend's 20-hour marathon will present all 39 episodes of ``Jonny Quest. The last to be aired will be the first, ``Mystery of the Lizardmen, featuring Jonny and cast battling a power-hungry madman wielding an atomic laser meant to destroy the first ``Man to the Moon rocket.

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