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The Jonny Quest Digital Style Guide was a merchandising tool issued to potential customers by Cartoon Network in anticipation of the premiere of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. Using Quicktime navigation, it featured five sections: Program Introduction, Brand Identification, Product Applications, Design Elements and Character Art. One could select a section after watching a preview movie of several clips; the introduction gives a small blurb on the show and the disc's purpose. Brand Identification includes packaging designs, "hang tags", logos, and legal information. Product Applications features four different themes for projects, called Aero, Hydro, Terra, and Questworld. Design Elements include fonts, icons, borders, and backgrounds. The Character Art section details colors for each character and displays several sketches and situational art (both sketched and colored).

Daily Variety ran a news article on the guide, which you can find here. You can download all the images in the digital style guide here (RAR, 10 MB).

Licensing Summit Bag

Two discs were issued for the Santa Monica licensing summit held in March 1996. One is a promo disc, while the other seems to be the Digital Style Guide, but both do not match the file size of the Digital Style Guide itself. Research is ongoing.

Digital Style Guide Text

  • Program Introduction

Welcome to The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. What lies beyond is more than a destination. It is a departure, an equivocal journey into a brave new world of exploration and adventure. It is, in one word, Quest.

A virtual fountain of ultra cool information. The following pages intertwine edge-of-your-seat excitement with cutting edge technology: inspiring unlimited Quest-Worthy possibilities.

From the exploration of Brand Identity and Product Applications, to the disclosure of trend-setting Design Elements and hyper-dynamic Character Art, everything you need to completely commander the look and feel of the ultimate Quest experience is here.

Get wired and plug into the action. Follow your creative instincts, unleash your imagination, and dive deep into the high-octane infinity of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

  • Synopsis

Exotic locales and uncompromising climates set the stage for the characters of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. Jonny, the adventure seeking, risk taking teenager is joined by his father, Dr. Benton quest; his philosophical Indian friend Hadji Bingh; that ageless man of action, Race Bannon; Jessie, Race's quick thinking daughter; and the ever loyal masked bulldog, Bandit, as he journeys into worlds unimagined, chasing adventures only dreamed of.

Exploring nebulous legends, lost civilizations, and the Cyberspace of QuestWorld, Jonny and the entire Quest Team come face to face with the most wretched and diabolical villains of the known and virtual worlds.

Real heroes. Real danger. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest will make kid wonder, "What if that were me?"

  • Product Blister Card

Cutting edge imagination has been combined with a maelstrom of inspiration to create these high performance blister cards that virtually explode with the non-stop excitement of the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

  • Hang Tags

These bold, logo driven hangtags are a solid representation of the strength and durability of the Quest name. Whether you choose the standard, more traditional hangtag, or its official "dog tag" facsimile, you can be sure that each and every identification label is certifiably authenticated by Quest laboratories.

  • Product Applications

Throughout the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Jonny, Hadji, Jessie, Race, Dr. Quest, and Bandit travel beyond the four known corners of the world to experience an unprecedented quartet of majestic but impetuous locales; weach one encompassed in an aura all its own.

Aero. Deep space. Wide open skies. Blue Vistas. This dominion screams of warp speed and zero gravity. A cyclone of sheer velocity, Aero is flight.

Hydro. Rippling with the mystery of the open sea, this is the place of lost cargoes, sunken treasures, and forgotten sailors. it is the land of roaring rapids and crystal streams. The elixiir of life; water.

Terra. From cloud-capped mountain tops, to pavement laden cities, to the nethermost center of the Earth, where volcanic thunders burn white hot. Terra is the foundation of our planet. A molten core of fire.

QuestWorld. The vortex. A Virtual Reality of indiscernible circuitry and hi-tech fascination. QuestWorld is a neon battleground of digital logic where man and machine converge as one.

Wired with distinctive colors, textures, and perspectives, each environment is truly its own adventure. Integrate these aspects with your imagination to maximize the impact of the Quest identity.

  • Design Elements

Infrared scanners. Pulsating radar screens. Highly detailed digital imaging devices. for over three decades, the Quest name has been synonymous with two things; adventure and technology. And your designs should be no different.

Undaunted in their desire to overcome injustice and the unexplained, it should come as no surprise that Jonny, Hadji, Jessie, Race, and Dr. Quest are constantly embracing up to the minute, cutting edge technological advancements.

To accentuate this essence of the property, link up the design elements found in the following pages to any of the dramatic character art showcasing the perilous exploits of Team Quest.

Whether mapping the darkest regions of an undiscovered jungle, orbing the depths of the ocean floor, soaring over hostile air space, or navigating the unpredictable circuitry of cyber-space, the Quest Team is never far from one or more of Dr. Quest's ingenious, hi-tech devices. This electronically enhanced equipment is used time and time again to observe and analyze whatever world they might find themselves a part of.

Rich with technologically advanced imagery, the following Fonts, Icons, Borders, and Backgrounds remain faithful to the Quest Team's techno-science integrity and, at the same time, provide the necessary data to keep Jonny, Hadji, Jessie, Race, Dr. Quest and even Bandit locked, loaded, and wired for action.

  • Character Art

At the center of this cybernetic vortex, is the flesh and blood of the real Jonny Quest.

Sentinels of humanity, guardians of technology, and at times, protectors of the entire planet, this exceptional crew has managed to stay sharp and in tune with the hyper-active adventure exploding around them.

Intelligent, charming, and always heroic, these timeless characters remain as much a part of today's world as they did since their inception more than three decades ago.

Immersed in complex, but captivating histories, the new Jonny, Jessie, Hadji, Race, Dr. Quest, and Bandit, each bring a unique but essential component to the heart and soul of Team Quest.

Color Specifications
Each Quest Team member but appear in this size relationship. Quest Team color call outs are strictly enforced by mission control.

  • Biographies

Jonny Quest is the quintessential teen-ager. With an indomitable spirit and insatiable curiosity, he is endowed with a keen sense of justice and the impulsiveness of youth. Resourceful and hungry for adventure, his heroic aspirations often send him crashing into dangerous situations in both the tangible reality and its virtual counterpart.

Unofficialy adopted by the Quest family early in his young life, Hadji Bingh is both philosopher and friend to Jonny, Jessie, Race, and, Dr. Quest. Drawing strength from the spiritual energy of Yogin, he is ready and willing to pull his friends from th crushing jaws of danger. however, Hadji prefers to pursue quiet answers to most problems, following a path reaching far beyond the realm of cyber-space.

A role model for teenage girls, Jessie Bannon reigns supreme. Daughter of Race, she can't help but inherit her father's taste of adventure. A hard fisted scrapper with a nimble, wide awake mind, Jessie remains wary of impulsive acts, careful to analyze every angle of a situation before jumping to any hasty conclusions.

Eternal friend and personal bodyguard of Dr. Quest, Roger "Race" Bannon wrote the book on adventure. A former Navy SEAL, Race displays the raw courage and natural instincts that constantly inspire the Quest Team. An ace pilot, expert marksman, and accomplished horseman, Race is a pivotal member of the Quest family. And he wouldn't want it any other way.

Dr. Quest
Dr. Benton Quest, a renaissance man of complex grace and distinguished intelligence, is driven by his very own thirst for knowledge. His desire to learn more about the inexplicable phenomena is second only to the love of his son, Jonny. A certifiable genius, Dr. Quest, provides the scientific and technological expertise to keep Team Quest up and running.

Wherever the Quest Team journeys, you can be sure that Bandit, their canine companion, is never too far behind. Though his bark is worse than his bite, his courage is unconditional. With an instinctive nose for danger, Jonny's four legged best friend is always the first to follow his master through the gauntlet of adventure.



  • Official Art



  • Logos
  • Other Art
  • Fonts

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