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The following took place in 1999, when MLer Ina-chan received an e-mail from J.D. Roth concerning a Real Adventures website. Sadly, it looks like the contest he mentions never happened.

Hello to all Jonny Quest fans!

I hope I can answer some of your questions and tell you that I really want to thank you for being such great fans of the show.

  • What does "JD" stand for?

1. JD stands for Juvenile Delinquent. No, I'm just kidding... it stands for nothing. Just JD.

  • What were the influences in your life that made you decide that you want to have a career in show business?

2. I have always wanted to be in show biz. Ever since I was a kid. When I was 11 I impersonated my dad's voice on the phone to get an audition in NY. My parents took me and 5 people got the part. Sarah Jessica Parker, Ricky Lake, Rick Schroeder, Alison smith, and ME! I have now been in the biz for over 20 years!

  • How did you get involved with the Jonny Quest project? How was auditioning for the part like? Do you know who else auditioned for the part?

3. Getting the part for Jonny was real hard. I had to go on 6 call backs to read with other actors. At the last Call Back, it was between me and a real 13 year old kid. The next day they told me he got the part. I was real disappointed. My wife kept calling me Jonny all that week. I told her to stop because I didn't get the job, and it wasn't funny. She said she thought it wasn't over yet. A week later they called and said the kid didn't work out, and would I do the job. Can you say...............YES! I couldn't wait to get started!

  • What was it like playing Jonny Quest? Would you consider doing another voice over character again?

4. I loved playing the part of Jonny. I mean I grew up watching Jonny Quest---- now I AM Jonny Quest!

  • How did it feel like to see the finished product and hear your voice as a cartoon character?

5. I have been doing voice work for almost 20 years - so I was use to hearing my voice. Remember al of those commercials for lucky charms and cocoa puffs? I was the boy in both commercials for 8 years. I did over 100 commercial spots for them - so I had a background in the voice world.

  • Did you ever watch the 60's or 80's JQ series growing up? If you did, which one was your favorite episode? Who is your favourite character and why?

6. I grew up watching Quest and my favorite character was of course the man! Jonny!

  • Which TRA episode did you find most memorable?

7. I think I have 2 favorite episodes. Alien in Washington ( I love the first couple of minutes) and the other one would have to be the one where Jonny is putting together the Greek statue. ( I can't remember the title)

  • What is your stand on the ongoing, never dying issue with the possibility of whether Jonny and Jessie or Hadji and Jessie ending up together as adults?

8. Jonny and Jess without a doubt end up a couple in their late teens and get married! Who else would put up with him? He is not your standard spandex hero. He is a real kid who is a kid of action. A real world hero. Not many of those left!

  • Are there any amusing anecdotes relating to Jonny Quest that you would like to share?

9. When we would have record sessions, George Segal ( Mr... Quest) would always break into laughing fits. And Robert Patrick would always turn to me, narrow his eyes and say.... Sara Conner? ( From the terminator movie) It would really freak me out!

  • Do you have any contact with any of the other voice actors from TRA or know how to contact them?

10. I have not stayed in contact with the actors from the show. We did in the beginning, but we all sort of lost touch. I would love to see them all again though.

  • Are you currently working on any projects that we can look forward to and that you can share with us?

11. I have a show on the Discovery channel and Animal Planet called ZooVenture. I also own the rights to Mad Libs. I created a game show and partnered with Dick Clark to do a series for The Disney Channel called Mad Libs. I did not host it because of my deal at Discovery, but my company Slam Dunk Productions produced the show.

  • What advice can you give to your fans who would like to take their chances in showbusiness or voice acting?

12. the only advice I can give you if you want to be in the biz is.......... if the need keeps you awake at night - then go for it. Unless you have that kind of dedication, it won't work. You have to want it so bad it hurts. That kind of need comes from your heart. Good luck!

I hope I answered your questions! If you have any more feel free to send them. Let's create a contest, and I will send the winner a signed script right from the show! Let me know what you think.


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