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The following appeared in the Hollywood Reporter on December 13, 1995. The citation is Cartoon video begins 'Quest'. Hettrick, Scott. Hollywood Reporter; 12/13/95, Vol. 340 Issue 11, p8, 2p ISSN: 0018-3660.

The new Cartoon Network Video label (HR 12/12) will get a $15 million marketing push for its debut releases of Classic Jonny Quest on March 19. Stuart Snyder, executive vp and general manager of Turner Home Entertainment, which is distributing the new label, said it will be the first and only video release of eight episodes of the original 1960s animated TV series The Adventures of Jonny Quest. The four videos with two episodes each will go on moratorium three months later in anticipation of the introduction of a new Jonny Quest animated TV series, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, from Turner-owned Hanna-Barbera next fall. The new series will be shown on three Turner-owned cable networks, including the Cartoon Network, TBS Superstation and Turner Network Television.

It's all part of Turner Broadcasting Systems companywide Jonny Quest initiative announced in April 1994, revolving around a live feature version of the series from Turner Pictures. A new feature-length animated film version that premiered on TNT last month, Jonny Quest Vs. the Cyber Insects, will also be released on video on the same date. The promotion for the videos includes a $3 rebate offer tied to the purchase of Pillsbury Green Giant Vegetables and planned promotions in the 21 Planet Hollywood restaurants in the United States. The Cartoon Network Video label itself will be touted in a co-promotion with Days Inn Hotels offering discounts on the hotels Family Vacation Club and on 75 million packages of Little Debbie Snack Cakes. Although the Cartoon Network shows cartoons from all of the Turner-owned libraries including MGM shorts such as Tom and Jerry and pre-1949 Warner Bros. cartoons such as the Looney Tunes collection, MGM/UA Home Video holds home video distribution rights to those libraries until 2001.

Still, Snyder said the video label will have access to more than 8,500 titles, mostly from Hanna-Barbera, such as The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear and others. THE also plans to exploit the Cartoon Network brand with branded books and other merchandise, Snyder said.

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