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The following appeared in the Hollywood Reporter on April 23, 1996. The citation is Hansen, Eric (1996-04-23). Docu, 'Quest' German deals for Turner Int'l. The Hollywood Reporter.

CANNES -- Turner International announced two major deals with German partners ARD and Taurus for distribution and presales. ARD partner broadcaster WDR prebought the prestigious Turner Original Prods. documentary series Cold War: The Television History. ARD is Germany's foremost public broadcaster, a conglomerate consisting of 11 regional stations. The series chronicles the clash between the superpowers between the end of World War II and the recent past and is considered one of the most exhaustive projects of its kind. The 20-hour series has already been presold to BBC. The buyer on behalf of WDR/ARD was Rainer Hoffmann, who had cooperated with producer Jeremy Isaacs on the World War II series in the 1970s.

Turner International also sold the major Hanna-Barbera cartoons fiction production The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest to Taurus Film, a subsidiary of the powerful rights seller the Kirch Group. The Real Adventures is the follow-up series to The Adventures of Jonny Quest produced by Hanna-Barbera in the 1960s. The new production, already presold to RAI, BBC, Seven Network, TV Globo and TF1, features teen-agers facing dangers and solving mysteries in the real and virtual worlds. In the United States, the show will air 21 times per week on Turner stations TBS, TNT and the Cartoon Network. Turner International calls it part of one of the largest programming initiatives in the history of Turner Broadcasting System.

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