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The following appeared in the Hollywood Reporter on June 20, 1995. The citation is Brennan, Steve (1995-06-20). "Turner, 'Jonny Quest' uncover big toy license." The Hollywood Reporter.

A blueprint for a $ 100 million-plus marketing and merchandising drive for Turner Home Entertainment's new "Jonny Quest" TV series for 1996 slipped into gear Monday with the naming of Lewis Galoob Toys Inc. as the worldwide master toy license.

The worldwide campaign is believed to represent the biggest marketing drive for a cable-based property to date, said Peter Van Rallte, vice president sales, domestic licensing at Turner Home Entertainment.. The Galoob deal was announced by Phil Kent, president of THE.

Apart from the toy licensing, the marketing plans will nvolve a tie-in with a fast-food chain, details of which have not yet been finalized, he said.

The new "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" from Turner-owned Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc. will link virtually every division of Turner Home Entertainment including video and video games, the interactive division and Turner's Bedrock Press imprint for a line of books. Turner Pictures is also releasing a live action movie in 1996 based on the Jonny Quest character.

The Galoob toy line, which will initially feature action figures and role-playing toys such as costumes, will hit retail shelves in the fall of 1996 to coincide with the series' debut.

The series, which begins with 65 episodes in the can, will get a total of 21 broadcasts a week with airings on three Turner channels, Turner Network Television, TBS Superstation, and the Cartoon Network.

"Jonny Quest is more than 30 years old and yet everyone still recognizes it. This remarkable staying power is the essence of a classic," said Galoob Toys' executive vice president of marketing and product acquisition Gary Niles.

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