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Gary Lionelli graciously took time to answer a few questions about his work on TRAJQ:

1. How were you approached for the show?

I had already done shows for Hanna-Barbara, so I was in consideration to to Jonny Quest. I did have to write a few audition cues though.

2. In composing the new title theme, were you given a finished cut of the animated topographic intro, or asked to compose from scratch?

They had very little time left for me to write and record the theme, so for that reason they had already completed the finished sequence for me to work with.

3. What was the extent of your work, apart from the main theme?

I composed the majority of the episodes as well, especially toward the end of the run.

4. Do you have any clues on why the Rhino soundtrack for Quest never materialized?


5. What's your most prized guitar in your collection? Rarest acoustic instrument?

Hard to say!

6. Are there any lesser-known credits in your career that you're particularly proud of?

The What A Cartoon Main Title!

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