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The following is a disgruntled classic fan's comment in the Dayton Daily News. The citation is Rollins, Ron (1996-10-22). "SEEN & OVERHEARD". Dayton Daily News p. 3C.

Funny, too, cuz the new Spider-man cartoons are a lot better than the old ones: I confess, I've been a Jonny Quest fan since I was about 8 years old, and so it was with considerable dismay that I heard about Hanna-Barbera's new, updated version of the old adventure cartoon. Guess what? It's exactly as dreadful as you'd expect. Violent, badly written and even more badly animated. The old shows had a certain energetic style that didn't make them good, per se, but they were entertaining enough to cut it with a new generation. We won't be seeing much more of the new ones, I bet. Bring back the paint monster, the mummy and the Sargasso Sea frogmen! Sic 'em, Bandit.

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