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New Jonny Quest comics series supports TV launch

This fall, Dark Horse will publish an ongoing comics series to coincide with Hanna-Barbera's new animated show The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, an updated version of the popular 1960s animated series created by Doug Wildey. Turner Broadcasting -- owners of Hanna-Barbera -- have made a huge commitment to this show by airing it an unprecedented 21 times each week on three Turner networks -- TBS, TNT, and Cartoon Network.

"The massive exposure Turner is giving Quest, in combination with Dark Horse's plans to direct consumers to the comics, could truly drive traffic into the comic stores. The potential is staggering," said Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson.

Dark Horse's promotional plans for Jonny Quest include two key partners: Galoob Toys and General Mills. A number of Galoob's Jonny Quest action figures will ship with a value pack, which will include the URL for a free Internet preview of the Dark Horse comic. Also included in the pack is Diamond's Comic Shop Locator Service phone number -- 1-888-266-4226 -- for a minimum of 2 million impressions.

The plans with General Mills are more extensive. Their Honey Nut Cheerios cereal brand will offer free-in-mail Jonny Quest comics, available exclusively through this promotion. Each of the boxes extending the offer -- more than 8 million boxes total -- will include the Locator number, as will each of the three comics themselves. General Mills has committed to advertising the program in newspaper supplements and via national television.

"And when all these new readers come into your store looking for the Jonny Quest comics, they won't be disappointed!" said editor Phil Amara. "Even though these are new adventures for a new audience, we're trying to make The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest a sincere tribute to Wildey's groundbreaking original series."

The comics series entitled The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest is written by Kate Worley and illustrated by Francisco Solano Lopez. The series will feature covers by such artists as Phill Norwood, Bo Hampton, and Igor Kordey. Promotion and advertising for the launch begins in June, when Dark Horse will begin running a series of original two-page mini-adventures in assorted Dark Horse titles. Each of the three chapters will appear in consecutive months leading up to the September release of the first issue.

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