Buzz FX Bankruptcy Restructuring

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The following appeared in the Hollywood Reporter on June 27, 1997. The citation is 1997-06-27. Rushes. The Hollywood Reporter.

MGM Distribution Co. promoted Jay Sands, its vp systems and national accounts since 1995, to senior vp operations and administration.

Buzz Image Group of Montreal unveiled a restructuring plan to raise the postproduction and animation house out of bankruptcy reorganization. It has been dealing with CAN$5 million ($3.6 million) in debt stemming from work done last year by the company's Santa Monica studio for the Hanna-Barbera series "The Adventures of Jonny Quest."

KDP Investment Advisors Inc. has placed a "buy" rating on a $200 million bond issue of exhibitor Cineplex Odeon Corp. The investment firm noted it was making the recommendation due to talks with Sony Corp.'s Loews Theatres that could result in Cineplex's acquisition.

United International Holdings Inc. agreed to sell its Venezuelan cable TV systems to SuperCable CA of Venezuela for $10.5 million.

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